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  1. SelectThis

    Bell UH-1 Y wip

    Don't be afraid to throw away a model and restart it, especially while learning the trade. I redid the BAS Blackhawk many times before I was happy with it! Keep learning. STT
  2. SelectThis

    OpticsZoom vs. DistanceZoom

    Keep in mind that those figures are for OFP, I haven't tested it in ArmA yet. STT
  3. SelectThis

    OpticsZoom vs. DistanceZoom

    Mag X value to enter 1 0.700 2 0.350 3 0.233 4 0.175 5 0.140 6 0.117 7 0.100 8 0.088 9 0.078 10 0.070 11 0.064 12 0.058 13 0.054 14 0.050 15 0.047 16 0.044 17 0.041 18 0.039 19 0.037 20 0.035 re: distanceZoom, my experience in OFP was that the value that you put in did not necessarily match the "zeroed" distance of the weapon. As mentioned above, the scope texture used would have an impact as well. STT
  4. SelectThis

    OpticsZoom vs. DistanceZoom

    From the original OFP, so will need some testing in ArmA (don't have it yet). Note, in OFP the default magnification level was 2x SelectThis
  5. SelectThis

    Need help .cpp

    For solider cpp, you're missing a }; at the end of the cfgmodels. SelectThis
  6. SelectThis


    don't forget the ; in the model line. SelectThis
  7. If they work properly in Single Player then what you may have to do in MP is to unequip all weapons and mags, then re-add them at the start of the mission. STT
  8. SelectThis

    Question about ballistics in OFP

    AFAIK initspeed is the only one which affects directly affects trajectory. Indirectly, the zoom settings will affect how much the you need to raise the aim spot to compensate for bullet drop. So if zoom settings are the same and constant then just the initspeed. Missiles have more variables eg: initTime, thrustTime, thrust, maneuvrability and maxSpeed. Trajectory not so relevant for a "guided" missile, but for non-guided ones those figures will affect the flight. I think the model (especially the GEO lod) is a factor as well. STT
  9. SelectThis


    It's not so much the EH that uses system resources, it's the scripts that the EH runs. Having to run a script for each bullet that is fired would create slowdowns. HD via dispersion settings was always a compromise solution, hopefully BIS will change the way things work in the future games - eg have two dispersion settings, one for the weapon and one based on the skill of the unit. Might be a better idea to focus discussion in those forums to get the system fixed STT
  10. SelectThis

    Airport Runways

    Last time I tried it, ILS only worked for North-South runways. STT
  11. SelectThis


    Nice work! And i mean "work"...I fully understand the effort that went into this. Good job all. STT
  12. SelectThis

    Muzzleflash visible on ODOL weapons

    Bizarre Binarize! I know you said the cfgmodels was correct but best to go over it with a fine tooth comb (even post it here). Check the p3d names match with the cfgmodel classnames even down to the Capitals and lowercase. Once you run binarize what do you do with the files? I usually take the binarized model out of the "opt" folder and put it back into a copy of the mlod folder, then pack that into a pbo. STT
  13. SelectThis

    Muzzleflash visible on ODOL weapons

    make sure a copy of the cfgmodels is in the folder that you binarize. STT
  14. SelectThis

    How to move .p3d models to a different addon?

    Following on from vektorboson said, you can use a hex/texteditor (my preference is Ultraedit) on both ODOL and MLOD p3ds. The thing to remember is this: For MLOD do not change the number of characters in the path name. eg: Original texture path: data\drevo_dirkate.pac (18 char not counting the suffix) edited texture path mypbo\afolder\texa.paa (18 char not counting the suffix) For ODOL, you can change the number of characters. SelectThis
  15. SelectThis

    AI walk through geolod

    Did you try deleting all the selection names then running a Structure-> Convexity -> Component Convex Hull ? Important to delete all selection names before hand to avoid doubling up. STT