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  1. Schoeler

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I beg to disagree. I live in the desert and I am surrounded in real life by the very same species of Washingtonia Robusta and Phoenix Dactylifera, many if not most that are the same size or larger, and they do indeed sway in a stiff breeze. In a light breeze, you are correct, the fronds just wave around.
  2. Schoeler

    ofp.info Interviews BIS (many unseen pics!)

    That's not sunlight, but a flash from an explosion or a muzzle flash. Look at the shadows of the barrels of the tank cast on it's body, they go perpendicular to the light source on the side of the tank. Those are the ambient light shadows, so the bright light is from another source. Notice only part of the turret is lit, but the whole side of the lower part of the tank is reflecting light. Definitely not ambient light there.
  3. Schoeler

    Latest screenshots available

    Look at that picture a little closer though. Notice the raised bumps on the grass. That's not the standard BIS grass carpet from OFP, that's actual vegetation. Also, look at the tracks left by the tanks through it. Another improvement over OFP. Considering these are older screenshots being released just now, I think we are all in for a surprise. Since when has BIS ever shown us their hand so early in the game? They always hit us with a big surprise right before its actually released. I think when they do finally tip their hand, we are just going to be shocked by what we see.
  4. Schoeler

    Latest screenshots available

    Did you guys notice the terrain detail and the vegetation from those aerial shots? Looks pretty good compared to OFP. Also, was that a road, or a stream in the one shot? If that's an actual flowing stream, we're in business. Small waterways are going to add a lot to realism. Imagine streams, rivers, rice paddies, etc... Smaller terrain detail might mean being able to implement realistic trenches and earthworks as well. I'm getting excited all over again.
  5. Schoeler

    Body Armor

    I neither can see the weapon used, nor is the range close. Close range is 10 - 15 m´s. It was from a Dragunov sniper rifle. I remember seeing that when it happened. Modern U.S. body armor will frequently stop a 7.62 round on the plates, which are now ceramic and not steel by the way. That guy got up and returned fire afterwards, so the newer body armor is a whole generation removed from the stuff used just five or six years ago.
  6. Schoeler

    Who will continue work for ArmA?

    I'm modelling 3WX stuff in the current O2 exclusively in hopes of releasing it for Armed Assault. Good stuff is on the way as soon as I get my hands on the proper tools.
  7. Schoeler

    A4- Skyhawk re-release Public Beta

    The scooter has always been one of my favorite Navy/Marine Corps aircraft of all time. It's just a beautiful little workhorse of a plane. Nice job! It would be great to see someone do a Blue Angels skin for it.
  8. Schoeler

    Nogova Nature Replacement Pack

    Well, some leaves are greener than others. Certain plants have waxy coated leaves that make them bright and vibrant compared to others. I think dulling down leaves to make them match up with other overly dull leaves in the game actually detracts from the reality. We should aim to make things look more real, not more uniform.
  9. Schoeler

    Nature Pack - Tropic

    Berghoff, I have a lot (dozens and dozens) of tropical vegetation textures I was saving for a 3WX project down the road. As long as your nature pack is publicly released and can be included in our plant nursery for mapmakers I'll send them to you.
  10. Schoeler

    The Biggest OFP Question Of All

    You mean one with buildings like these? I have to study for the lsat exam, but after october 1st, its open season for 3wx and we are aiming for an iraq feel to our first island. If anyone is interested in helping out, drop me a pm, I could use it.
  11. Schoeler

    WOOSAA, look what me find

    Wow, absolutely amazing. It makes me want to work harder on creating realistic environments to go with these projects. You know what would really rock in that video? If someone did a cigarette smoking animation. It would have been spooky cool if the Russian soldiers standing around watching the interrogation in the beginning were taking drags off of cigarettes and then flicked them away or crushed them under their feet after the execution as they began to walk off. Someone should think about adding this.
  12. Schoeler


    I've got O2, 3D Studio Max 6, Speedtree, Xfrog, Onyx Treestorm and NatFX.
  13. Schoeler

    Nature Pack - Discussion

    You can create an alpha channel quickly by selecting all, copying, pasting into a new selection of the same size, then inverting the image, then go to channel mixer, select monochrome and slide all the sliders to the max to make it black and white. Then simply create a new channel in the original image and copy and paste the alpha into it. But, by using an offset color, if your alpha is a bit off, it will pick up the similar color in the image and the eye can't differentiate between the alpha and the actual texture.
  14. Schoeler

    Nature Pack - Discussion

    What was meant by using a two color alpha is to use a green that is slightly offset from the green of the foliage for the leaves and a brown that is slightly offset from the brown of the trunk as your alpha channel colors and it will eliminate the "glowing" edges you are getting. This will save you a lot of time from hand editing your alphas to correct the problem. Listen, if you are serious about this project, I can give you speedtree for 3D Studio Max and a crapload of professionally done textures from Marlin Studios and ImageCELs. Also, I have Xfrog and textures for that application as well as a range of RPC 3D textures that are readily converted in photoshop. The only thing I ask is that the finished products go into the 3WX Nursery inventory upon completion for the community to use at their will.
  15. Schoeler

    Artillery? Yes or No

    Artillery would make the game virtually unplayable if there aren't folds in the terrain, trenches, foxholes and shellholes to hide in. If you are going to implement one, you need to implement the other. This problem could be solved if they allowed us to create terrain variations down to the square meter instead of the monster size differences that are allowed in the current game.