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  1. ok.. found the problem. Made sure all the keys were in the right place, all the .hpp files were in the right place, made sure all the mission files had been tolower-ed. When running mods on a linux box there needs to be a backslash before the semicolon. example: -mod=@cba\;@ace\;@acex\;@acex_sm This solved it! Ace is up and running!
  2. Hi All, I have installed cba, ace, acex, and acex_sm to my dedicated server. I have the exact same install on my client box. I've gone through ace-dev and a few forums to see if there's something I'm missing, but I cannot find any more info. I'm receiving a version error when I try to connect to the server, if I have verifySignatures=1. I have all the keys placed in the directories indicated from ace-dev. These are the sames files copied from the client box to the server box. I ran tolower as usual. If I set verifySignatures=0, I can connect to the server. This leads to the next issue. I cannot get any of the last 2 releases of Domination ACE missions to run. The server hangs up and then crashes when a player quits. I get some strange "error - cannot run local command @ace" I can get a non-ace domination mission to run, but what fun is that? What is my setup missing? Anybody run into an issue like this before? Thanks, Rothgar
  3. Rothgar

    Server Linux 1.05

    I had something very similar happen. I had a huge list of server errors, and then the server would just hang. Up until that point, it was working fine. I think that someone running some mod or addon managed to tweak something, either in a server file or in the mission file. I checked out everything I could, but eventually just reinstalled the server on the linux box. The one thing I did differently before running the ./install again was to copy all the mpmissions.pbos over to the linux box first. It's been running fine ever since. I did decide to set verifysignatures and equalmodrequired to 1.
  4. Rothgar

    Domination pack issue

    I did a full reinstall of Arma2, this time adding all the domination pack missions to the mpmissions folder before running the ./install. I'm not sure what got screwed up, but it is working again.
  5. Rothgar

    Domination pack issue

    Or.. you could do a search on your computer for .pbos and see where the multiplayer missions are downloaded into a user/appdata/arma2/mpmissions (depending on WinOS). Then come back and try to give some constructive advice.
  6. Hi All, I have a dedicated linux server running arma2. I have not been able to get any of the domination missions to run on it. I was able to copy the 7cav version of domination west from my client box's mpmissionscache, which is the only mission I've been able to get working. If I copy any other mission files to the mpmissions directory on the server, login as admin, and try to select a different mission, the server just crashes. "Cannot open file mpmissions\co40_domination.........pbo" "Critical:destroying running thread" I'm stumped.. even copying other domination missions from the mpmissionscache crashes the server.
  7. I've run into an issue which baffles me. If I set a password in my server.cfg file, I am unable to see the server listed on the master server list from my client box. I can see the server on the Lan, and can connect that way. My friends can see the passworded server on the master server list. If I remove the password from the config file, I can once again see the server on the master server list from my client box.
  8. Rothgar

    Linux start/stop script problems

    I had trouble with the arma2server script as well. I decided to just run arma2 as: ./server -config=server.cfg -port=2302
  9. I finished installing Arma2 linux server 1.05 last night. I'm currently running Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit server on an AMD quad-core box. Following the same steps I used to install Arma1, Arma2 went pretty smoothly. All the config file stuff from Arma1 seemed to be the same, or very similar, for Arma2. Kellys-Heros guys did an excellent job putting together the info on setting up a dedicated server. Thanks guys! The one issue I ran into that slowed me down a bit was the open ports created by Arma2. Arma1 appears to kill the process and ports when you start up the dedicated server from the command line (-port=2302). Arma2 doesn't kill any processes and opens up the process on another set of ports, regardless of your -port=2302. I could see my server on the multiplayer master server list, but I would get a ping of 2500 and couldn't connect. As soon as I killed all those old processes hogging up ports 2302 - 2305, restarted the server exe, it worked just fine. And now we play.. :) Cheers!
  10. Rothgar


    A friend of mine who plays on our clan server has this issue sometimes as well. It has something to do a bad USB driver, in his case.
  11. Ok, got it working. One thing to check, is whether the mission file called in the server.cfg is in the /mpmissions folder. It was a big mistake on my part, because I copied all the arma files from my client box instead of the old windows server box. The other thing is the /user folder, which I have no idea where it came from or how it was generated. Again, it was on the old server box but not on the client box. Now I'll try to install the latest ubuntu 64bit server version and try again. Cheers! Sean
  12. Hi All, I'm trying to migrate arma to a new linux box and while the install appears to have worked and the armaserver status says everything is working, I'm not getting a visible server on the client side. I've checked all the port forwarding and I know that is working. I'm hoping to get Arma2 serving on the linux box as soon as the order arrives. The WinXP server shows up on the master list instantly, but when I switch over to linux server I don't see a listing and I cannot connect to the IP using remote either. New box: AMD quad core, 2gig ram, Ubuntu 9.10 server (64bit) Old box: Pentium 3, 1 gig ram, Windows XP Pro (32 bit) Well.. I scrapped Ubuntu 9.1 and did a 8.04 install. I got tss2 to run fine and managed to get the arma server installed and running. However, after I connected to the arma server(running ACE 1.09) I would get the motd and the "waiting for host" message, then it would just keep waiting. Nothing happened after that. I can see the server on the master list (ping is ?) and it'll let me connect, but I still get stuck at "waiting for host" Here's the Log File: WATCHDOG (5526): [sat Jan 30 14:19:03 EST 2010] Starting server (port 2302)... Item STR_03s01 listed twice Updating base class ->Default, by ca\anims\characters\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/DefaultDie/ Updating base class ->Default, by ca\anims\characters\config.bin/CfgMovesMaleSdr/States/Crew/ 14:19:07 Dedicated host created. 14:19:08 Host identity created. ArmA Console version 1.18 : port 2302 - Sockets 14:22:06 sean uses modified data file - CA;@ACE 14:22:06 Player sean connecting. 14:22:10 Player sean connected (id=3157510). Error in expression <server globalChat format['Player %1 is joining > Error position: <globalChat format['Player %1 is joining > Error Missing ; Error in expression <server globalChat format['Player %1 is joining > Error position: <globalChat format['Player %1 is joining > Error Missing ; 14:22:36 Player sean disconnected. Error in expression <server globalChat format['Player %1 is leaving > Error position: <globalChat format['Player %1 is leaving > Error Missing ; Error in expression <server globalChat format['Player %1 is leaving > Error position: <globalChat format['Player %1 is leaving > Error Missing ; NAT Negotiation failed - unable to communicate with the server Any suggestions or insight? Thanks, Sean