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    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    THIS times 1000. Arma has been a toned down military sim ever since the Flashpoint days. It's not about zombies, RPG survival, Sims emulation, or some sci-fi BS. There are literally hundreds of better suited games dealing with these things. Many of these games are very moddable. Arma is unique. Altering Arma into something that it is not is a bit like trying to retrofit a rear seat and cupholders into a Ferrari to make it feel a little more like the Toyota Corolla that you love. I feel like RHS and whoever is doing the (remarkably similar) Veteran mod are the only organized outfits who actually get the spirit of the game and don't try to turn it into something that it was never meant to be.
  2. I agree with you 100% on everything. I would love it if the game forced pilots to use countermeasures liberally when threat is present or even better when possibility of threat is present. Game makes alot of compromises, and considering the scale, it is totally understandable. Current "high" altitude for flight in Arma 2 is about 1-2km, which is the prime engagement range for for all forms of air-defense presented in the game (with exception of Tunguska, which likes to have more range). Deploying dumb rockets from that height is pretty much impossible, although in real life they would be deployed from 1-2 km if not higher, so in a way game forces pilots to stay low while giving them zero defensive tools. While more modern specimens like F35 don't really interest me, I'd like "down and dirty" attack aircraft, i.e. Su-25 or A10, to have a bit more teeth when it comes to survivability.
  3. RedRage

    RussianArmorPack v4.0

    Cheers Mast! Currently putting the .pbo together (and it's taking forever:eek: ). And some additional info... Tools: To unpbo use http://www.kegetys.net/arma/ Download updated arma package and use cpbo tool. It appears to only un-pbo, so to pack stuff back up I'm using MakePBO found here http://svd.s20.xrea.com/x/tools.html RVmat files go into data/detailmapy dir
  4. Planes are not powerful enough IMHO. We are talking about 30-90+ million dollar pieces of machinery piloted by most "expensive" graduates of military establishment. Fast-movers are already too slow, lack any sort of engine thrust, real countermeasures or evasive maneuvers (well you can do them, it's just that they are useless for all intensive purposes). SU-25 should be a beast for low attack runs, and yet there is barely enough power in the engines for 1 good attack run, before having to "recharge" air speed just not to crash. Most aircraft handle like flying bricks atm.
  5. RedRage

    RussianArmorPack v4.0

    I think you have to un-pbo the whole thing and add rv mats manually. I found the whole thing too confusing on previous release and used the mod "as is". Downside of not loading rvmats is that textures look flat and lack Arma 2 "shiny-ness".
  6. RedRage

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    Lol no. It's photo of a real Su-35BM doing a Cobra maneuver.
  7. RedRage

    Tracer Effects

    Kids? That's rich...
  8. US Secretary of Defece would disagree with you ;) US new COIN doctrine pretty much implies that there will be a Turbo prop plane adopted for CAS missions (most likely Super Turcano). Looks like 'Nam era OV-10 Bronco will be resurrected and modernized as well. So, CAS is going back to the basics with noticable advatages (against weak-AA equipped opponents) - cheap per hour flight time (to compare, Raptor costs 100k/hour to keep in the air and 30 hours of maintenance for every hour flown), longer loiter times, less meaintenance, can be deployed to directly to FOBs with dirt runways, can get in supporting positions faster than helos. Basically, Turbo props are a good middle ground between helos and fast movers.
  9. RedRage

    Tracer Effects

    Why is it unrealistic? As long as tracer itself looks realistic it's all good. Ive loaded C7 with tracer ammo before, it makes the shoots way more fun. Again, it's just another immersion point, that doesn't harm the overall experience if it is overdone. We don't have the ability to utilize all 6 senses behind the computer screen, so if some "gamey" compromises are made IMHO it's completely OK and even welcomed (as long s it it feels realistic)
  10. RedRage

    Tracer Effects

    I agree with the rifle point. Excessive tracers do make the game prettier. Now that is one tough choice with regards to which mod to go with :eek: Vihicle tracers are the best in seen in any game IMHO, but I absolutely love pistolified's tracer effects for small arms as well.
  11. Well, realism aside making a version with a small S-8 rocket pod under one wing and machine gun under the other would make for one interesting CAS plane.
  12. RedRage

    Tracer Effects

    Is this compatible with Pistolified's tracers? Or is this an alternative? Or can the two be combined?
  13. RedRage

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    To illustrate the point with smoky airframes:
  14. One of the top mods on my "Watch List". Proper tracer effects, while such a small touch, adds so much to immersion. Those night explosion effects are absolutely jaw dropping as well.
  15. RedRage

    Krasnostav Airport

    Been waiting for a "living airport" template for while (after a few disastorous attempts to make one on my own). Few questions: Will there be integrated air defenses? Would be interesting to see some sort of "scramble" script - i.e., fighter aircraft start taking off if opfor aircraft is present in the area - is such thing even possible? Any chances for setting up something like this for OpFor as well? Proper air raids between the two could be quite fun.