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  1. Radius

    Am I overheating my GPU?

    Do you have a proper case? With high end GPU's it's very important to have a case that properly channels the air over the GPU's to help cool them or thermal issues will occur.
  2. Radius


    Last time I played was for 1.5 hours and I found 2 survivors. Wasn't an issue though as I was just running and gunning for zombies. I was bored... But it is hard to rescue them as a single player. MP is far more fun because you can get 4 or 5 people clearing the area while 1 person rescues everyone. That's how we do it anyhow.
  3. Radius

    ArmA freezing after a few minutes

    Agreed. NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR CASE OPEN!! They are specifically designed to keep the air flowing over the components. Remove the cover on the case, fry your system. I've seen this in the past quite a bit. Although 83 degrees C is a bit low to cause thermal issues, it might happen. I would suggest a bunch of case fans and make sure some are blowing over the video boars AND the motherboard chips. That's the biggest concern actually, a lot of people these days think CPU temps are important, but they aren't as important as mother board chips anymore. A standard heat sink on the CPU is good, but make sure all addon boards and the MB itself is well ventilated.
  4. Radius

    ArmA vs SLI

    A dual core will probably still benefit the average gamer. Just because ArmA doesn't support it doesn't mean it' useless. Other processes will run more efficiently on the lesser used pipeline so it's all good.
  5. Radius

    ArmA vs SLI

    I got SLI working after a while, I am running dual 8800GTS's 640MB cards. The trick was (and I forget where I saw this) you have to create a profile for ArmA in the nVidia manager and turn on all the options you want. But this won't get SLI working completely, you then have to modify the global profile and turn off the sync to refresh option and then turn on SLI. Those two things in the global profile BTW, that's the important part. Then it works! It did for me anyhow. It drastically increased my performance.
  6. Radius


    About the survivors, I find them annoying this time around now that I've played it a bit. Now that they have guns they are less likely to come with me. Whenever they see zombies running around they just chase them down and get killed. I suspect this is all part of the normal game AI though as regular soldiers do that too, but it's way too hard to keep a group of civilians alive when they charge a horde of undead and don't come back when called.
  7. Radius


    I tried this for about 20 minutes on my own and I have to say, great improvements! I find this one much harder as the zombies are not in tight groups and run around at random. Much harder to survive! I will give this a try with some friends in a few days, I think they'll be impressed. Great job!
  8. Radius


    Well I sat down last night and played myself for a while to try and clarify the zombie thing. What I think is happening is vehicles are spawning instead of zombies. For the first hour or so the game is going fine, but after a long while the vehicles start piling up. Some are randomly destroyed from time to time, but overall they just accumulate. After a while that's all that's left anywhere I check, piles of cars and trucks. The zombies stop spawning at that point. It might be a resource thing, too many units after over an hour of play so it won't spawn any more. I tried destroying a few cars to see if the zombies would come back but i can't destroy enough of them quickly enough before more spawn in their place. But it's an easy way to get $50 per kill, I just take out the vicious zombie cars.
  9. Radius


    We just tried this LAN (2 player, just a test) and I dunno if these are true bugs, but here goes: 1) if you put a guy in a truck and drive to the base and try to collect your reward, they are not removed from the truck, they stay there forever. 2) We both died at the base to the west and we respawned. We then made a run for the base again to get some more military weapons. However, no more zombies spawned and we got bored. We then shot up vehicles and lo and behold, we got money for each "kill" and the message popped up saying we were killing zombies for $50 each. Otherwise, it's a great mission! We love it!
  10. Radius

    Just want to be 100% sure

    Excellent, exactly what I wanted to hear! Thanks muchly!
  11. Radius

    Just want to be 100% sure

    I have the North American Atari release of the game, but in the stores the add-on isn't here, at least that I can find. I've seen a couple of threads about getting the UK version and I want to know if that's alright for the Atari version before I shell out the cash. Will it work? Thanks!
  12. Radius


    Love this map! You did a great job on it. A couple of comments though, stuff I found while playing a LAN game: 1) The radar bug as mentioned above, you're aware of that one. 2) Playing OPFOR we can't seem to recruit anyone at all, is there something I'm missing? I'm also curious about the enemy calling reinforcements, do I have to destroy all radio towers to stop that, or does it just keep happening until we take a town and move on to the next? Thanks!
  13. No, I'm not asking for a serial. I was on a server the other day and the FADE message came up. So I'm wondering, does everyone get that message when two people are pirating, or was I the only one to get it meaning someone was using the same serial as me? Because if they are, I want justice... I am not getting my game messed up by some idiot with a serial gen proggy. At any rate, I'm hoping everyone got the message and someone isn't using my serial.
  14. Radius

    Desperate Measures

    Cool, thanks!
  15. Radius

    MFCTI Capture the island

    You know, I can see that now that you mention it. Funny how I never really noticed before. Thanks for the info!