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  1. the colour of the older units wer better than these and these models have skinny legs a bit the ones b4 wer better but its a great addon and thanx a lot for it hope we can c more updates sooon
  2. the hezbollah infantry u have miles they are not bulky at all the ones u released back in armed assault they wer 100% very accurate the helmets the clothes the pasgt vests they wer amazing and if people will complain let them complain or let them do the work to see how much time it take to make,miles try the russian faces it will work fine coz hezbollah are Lebanese and they do not have Taliban faces the faces on the Chechen rebels will work also on them and the takistani faces also coz we need them badly,i already made some hezbollah units from the takistani special brigade units but urs with the gear they have they are more accurate
  3. kmmiekat use reshman province map and fayushkabur map as well
  4. congrats on the release miles the mod is amazing thank u lobo team,miles there is a problem with the armor of the tanks it seems all the tanks get destroyed quickly from one rpg round and one kornet missile,in real life the mk4 or mk3 have very well armour at least to damage it but not to blow up the whole tank hope u can fix this,and will the achzarit and the new hummer that namman2 showed in the pic will they be in an update thanx
  5. nodunit and franze are u guys gonna add flares in the next update and plsss release the israeli air force saraph version if its already done coz in the picture way back in the forum it looks nearly done
  6. Raafatah64

    Dslyecxi's 'Paper doll' Gear Menu

    we need this for altis plss
  7. miles any updates about the addon last time we spoke u told me everything was ready hope everything is well with the lobo team
  8. nodunit and franze lovely addonn when u guys are gonna release the IAF saraph version is it already made
  9. yes they work with the latest beta version and they show in blufor blue and then ull c idf
  10. red soldat copy this to every unit in the init:removeallweapons this; this addMagazines["30RND_556x45_Stanag", 15]; this addweapon"arifle_TRG21_F"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Aco"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight" and ull have the weapons with ammo with them hope this will make u play the mod
  11. thanx for the lovely pics namman2 cant wait to try them in game any news or update on the pack miles its been a while
  12. aplion iam not getting sounds to the m4 only the mp5 indeed is there a fix for this thanx great mod
  13. Raafatah64

    AH-64 Pack

    franze what about the idf saraf model will u guys release the other versions after the release since they dont need work after u guys finish with this
  14. Raafatah64

    The Recoil Fix Mod [Alpha]

    nikoteen thank u soo much now the game is more playable thanx a lot