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  1. RIP free mods. Monetization will divide the community. There will be accusations, there will be modders hiding "how they did it" from the others, free content being pulled from the web and all sorts of community drama all while the modders are being robbed 75% of the revenue they bring. The reason ArmA series do so well is because they're sandboxes with nearly unlimited content made over the decade. Its stock content is nothing worth mentioning over the grand scheme of things. If you bring a paywall to this sandbox, you'll just choke out the content in long term. It's poison for the community and the game. I hope BIS stays out of this.
  2. Rak

    Marksmen DLC wanted changes

    Apparently the technology is just not there. I'm hoping for ArmA 4.
  3. Dear diary, it's 2015. BIS forums still don't allow images over 100kb. I will report back in 2020.
  4. I played this a lot just after the release and it got me excited about how great ArmA 3 will be, in regards of teamwork oriented PvP. I took a break of about 2 months and came to see the PvP servers that dominated the release have all been disappeared and Domination/COOP/Wasteland plague took over the server browser again. I honestly don't know how people like to spend 3-4 hours fighting against the brain dead AI. I suggest that we pick a designated "official blitzkrieg" server, favourite it and keep it populated at all times.
  5. I don't think there is anyone in this forum who wants worse flight models(current) for the helicopters. The rest are just die-hard BIS defenders or trolls. Does BIS care though? Clearly not. They've always been more interested in better graphics and animations, not more simulation.
  6. You know your "infantry simulation" is lacking features when people suggest features found in mainstream games.
  7. The OP is talking about subtle graphical effects to achieve more life in the game that is always present. Also adding "civilian life" to missions take a lot of effort to make it believeable. Mostly you don't get anything but having civilians standing around like idiots, doing the same animation on the loop completely oblivious to events in the environment, or at best crawling in the middle of the roads. Not something I'd call "atmospheric".
  8. I'd recommend having balance tested and fun maps in the official pack, rather than everything out there. Unbalanced maps could lead to players being turned off.
  9. There's no reason not to get Win8 if you're getting a new computer. If you already have Win7 there's no reason to upgrade either.
  10. I think the 64 player version is too large. We don't need to use the whole map, it just makes this mission feel like Domination/Evolution. Please make a smaller version where both teams can get to the frontline on foot in reasonable time.
  11. Please keep the Domination/Warfare/Evolution infestation away from ArmA 3. It's time this community embraced proper public PvP instead of coop.
  12. Lots of people bought into the hype and bought this content-poor Alpha, and they have no idea what to do with it. Yesterday we had a lot of griefers on our server too, too bad we had great teamwork going together with complete strangers until that point.
  13. Rak

    Any news on weapon resting ?

    This is the third iteration of OFP and we still don't have these very basic features of infantry combat. I wish they didn't do all those gimmicky diving stuff and worked on this very needed feature instead.
  14. Do people even read those "HEREZ MY PC GUYS" signatures? I thought it became uncool in 2005.
  15. Rak

    How good is the AI...?

    It's definitely better for me, in terms of behaving "non-robotic" unlike ArmA 2. They move around more fluidly, no more zig-zagging. They also seem to have problems with recoil so no more insta deaths. It's definitely a great foundation and a big improvement over ArmA 2.
  16. I played this for straight two hours yesterday, it's absolutely a blast in ArmA 3! Much better than those simple TDM scenarios circulating around. Please keep working on it, you have an early start so this could be "the" TDM mission if you manage to spread it around.
  17. Rak

    Need some advice deciding on headphones

    I recommend the G35's. My short review of it would be: Pros: - Sound quality is excellent. Not only for gaming, but for music and movies too. Given, it's not a 500$+ audiophile headphone with sound reproduction out of heaven but it's as good as you're going to get for 100$. It doesn't have a "thumping" bass(which I don't like) but mid and lows sound great. - It's sturdy if you treat them right and looks rather plain but in a good way. - Mic quality is excellent. Especially if you're on TS or Mumble a lot, your friends will appreciate the difference. - Ergonomics. You can mute your microphone by raising it(comes in super handy) but also with a button on the left earpiece. There's a red light at the tip of the microphone telling you if it's on or off, so no more "did I mute myself?" doubts. Also, you can program the 3 additional buttons on the left earpiece. I programmed them for music stop/next/previous functions. And the last but the best of them all is the volume control scroll, which makes controlling the volume super precise and easy. - Long cable, it's hinderance for me but if you love your cables long, then you'll like it. - Sound quality, seriously. Cons - Not really comfy (it gets uncomfortable for me after 2 hours). - 7.1 is just a gimmick. You'll be disappointed if you buy this for surround, it doesn't work and actually confuses programs. I disabled it. I highly recommend it if you currently have an onboard soundcard and looking for a better sound upgrade(my laptop's sound card is horrible, so I opted for a USB headphone instead). If your soundcard is decent, I'm sure you can find a better sounding Sennheiser or AKG with regular 3.5mm jack.
  18. Except the only real "fault" of Windows 8 is it's new start screen, and it won't be going anywhere. Otherwise it's superior to Windows 7 in every other way. Microsoft will not give up it's foothold in the tablets for desktop users.
  19. Well, there goes my hopes for the sequel for one of the best but underrated RTS' ever.
  20. Looks great! I'll hold off until ACE compatibility is introduced though, I can't play ArmA without all those improvements :) One question though, do the vehicles have FCS? If not, will they have one in ACE compatible version?
  21. Rak

    AI Improvement

    Oh wow, he dodged pretty much every question there. "Maybe", "Not so much" or straight "No"s. TBH I don't think AI will be improved at all, even Ivan Buchta admitted in one video that they dumbed down AI's cover searching to allow them to keep up with the player. It seems to be BIS is only focusing on graphics and animations for ArmA 3, not "gameplay features".
  22. Rak

    Distance blurry

    Make sure your 3D resolution matches your interface resolution.
  23. Windows store, they're closing the system. Microsoft gets a 30 percent cut form software sold through it's store. It's about the changes to the PC economy, not because Windows itself is such a bad OS.