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    Question for the ArmA Community

    So is there any servers in Australian Time frames that have more than 2 people playing now guys? Last time I was on it was 200 servers with 100 people distrubited between 60 of them.
  2. Rogueci5

    Your arma multiplayer experiences

    I am a dedicated Multi Play person, love teh Co-Op in this game. Its sad because the game can support what 200 pplayers with Bots if memory serves, and it has been Moded to death. You find lots of servers with lots of players all over them just cant find one with what I call Multiplay 64 would be the standard number for todays games. Single player is GREAT love it, mthere is no real multiplay tho. tis sad.
  3. Rogueci5

    Arma has it lost or gained?

    Well Iconsider myself to be the Average Gamer. I play lots of games, BF, BF2, BF2142,NavyField, Ultima Online the list goes on. ArmA was Great but with all the confusion with patches, I wont buy MODs for games so QG is out and with so many free mods that you need thias you need that, and the fact that I wont install betas has me not played for months, even tho I still want to be playing Multi its just all too hard.
  4. Rogueci5

    BattlEye problems

    $able Thanks for that !!
  5. Rogueci5

    BattlEye problems

    $able may I ask as I have limited knowledge of these things. BattlEye needs to connect to that arma1.battleye server thingy kind of like PB and it checkes every once and a while? This server is located in the US? If so us Australian players who have frequent issues with US connections, will get a lot of failures to contact the master server? So in an Australian run Server with BE running and a ping of 50 to 60ms I may not be able to play? due to constant booting?
  6. Rogueci5

    1.09 servers

    So are you guys saying that the 1.09 patch will not be a complete patch when its released? As in its a beta now and then they will beta it again? I wont put a beta on my machine, no I am not afraid of teh word LOL but I am old and trust nothing and nobody!
  7. This is why I play Co-Op it tends to keep the rif-raf out.
  8. Rogueci5

    Idea: Rambo Buster

    Gee seems Free Choice is out these days. Wont be playing on these servers.
  9. Rogueci5

    Punk buster is rubbish period

    I am playing BF2 dont ask me why maybe because there is no Australians playing on decent games this time of night LOL but I am. Any way I get TKed a couple of times by the same guy and so I swap sides, then hes hunting me down like he has Radar, so I think I will capture his butt on Video and guess what http://img525.imageshack.us/img525....MG] http://img341.imageshack.us/img341....MG] I start up an image cap program and I am then kicked, so I want to pop over and tell them, but no! you have to give your ISPs email well SHAG that, spam city, and dont say they dont. PB total CRAP
  10. Rogueci5

    Punk buster is rubbish period

    Do you get kicked if ZD Soft is launched before BF2? Fraps works fine, as long as it is launched before a game is launched. Must admint I didnt try that, it was late I will check iit out tonight And I cant wait to see the first law case around the argument that "My child Cheats at school because its ok to CHEAT on a computer game!! They (the pc game creaters) do not do anything about it!!! I am gonna sue EA for failure to protect my childs ......................and it goes on! Cant wait its bound to happen
  11. Rogueci5

    Request for official CD Key/ Player ID registry

    YES please god YES
  12. Because this is NOT OPF This is Arma! Different game A whole new crowd of players started with this game, on a personal note, I could not stand OPF Multiplay, made me want to hang myself. I love Arma Multiplay
  13. Rogueci5

    What ArmA Needs

    Hi all Well the main issue with ArmA as I see it today is not cheats, its not patches, its Playing Community. I look over the vast ingame browser and as stated by somebody else in here theres masses of servers, with a few here a few there. We need some kind Company to put up a 24hrs server with a massive connection, that allows known Community Mods to re start etc. And max this game out at 100 players a side and FIGHT Battles! Mods like this are Bloody GREAT-TOW- And I wish Aus was running one. Anybody know a company we could approach as a community? *sighs* just my thoughts I LOVE ArmA
  14. Rogueci5

    What ArmA Needs

    Congrats on the kiddo! Got two myself and boy do they eat all your spare time. huhu, grats! Same here, 1 elder 2 1/2 years old, + 2 newborn twins not even 2 months. Not much time for ourselves Congrats on the kids!! Get used to the no time part, I just got my life back 21 and 18 yrs old mine are and both out of the house
  15. Either a 1. Meeting engagement mission made up for me please: I see a lightly forested, undulating counrty side, with around 100 troops a side, with some  soft support vehicals, and maybe a chopper or two and perhaps some aromur moving in well after the engagement has started as support. Or 2. A Defend Mission where a Platoon is well entrenced and are assaulted by a Company sized force. This time I see a now where to run case, say in a canyon the defenders are well equiped wiht heavy MGs and have at least 2 entrenched tanks i.e. Hull down and unable to move, the Attackers are are not so well equiped but do have some fast attack vehicals and heavy air support. Or maybe you could do both I have had a look around these boards and a few others and theres lots of stuff out there, I have downloaded a few but I have not come across anything like above. I would like something I can dive in and play straight up, no mucking about no waiting on rides, I dont have hours I can play so that why I am asking. I have no idea if that would be hard to easy to make, but I would be very thankful to anybody who could assist, and I am sure some others would enjoy the above as well.
  16. Rogueci5

    Do the Mission makers take requests?

    Thanks for the help guys
  17. Rogueci5

    Single Player Meeting Engagement?

    GAU-8 Thanks mate, I may have a look at it in the future, but from the past games I have played with it takes a bit of time to make a good one, times a bit tight at the moment froggyluv your right mate a nice mission like that would be great, I have printed your suggestions and will have a look at them tonight ya know I didnt even know Evo had a SP included Thanks again guys great help!!
  18. Can somebody or bodies please name one GOOD massive Meeting Engagement for a person to play in Single player mode please? I have spent and hour looking and Gee by gum, there are 50, 000 mods out there. Thank you in advance guys. I need Lost of good and bad and tanks and palnes etc
  19. Rogueci5

    What ArmA Needs

    Back again all sorry about the delay to reply to my own thread Anyway, I think some of you got my point, some got onto AIs? And some offered some good servers My main point (and yes as somebody stated its far too late now) is ArmA Should have had Masses of Players playing PvP on Dedicated servers, and I don’t mean clan servers, I mean servers simular to the ones offered by Nova World. I wanted to see mass gun fights across the land scape, over flights of choppers and tank engagements, I wanted 20 guys running beside me as we out flanked an enemy held position, I wanted to lay in the grass and lase targets to the warts, I wanted to hear the VOIP chatter as players died and new stratgeic targets were relayed, I wanted to be knifed by that sick sod who crawled the last 500m on his stomach up to our sniper position. That’s all I wanted, ArmA Could have done this, gees back in the DFLW days on Nova (for those who played) Servers were packed out 32 a side. ( that’s huge back then for the young ones). Yes ArmA is slow but with 200 Real Players playing the map would be rather small *sighs* Its such a sad shame. I do accept financial reasons would not allow this but it’s such a waste.
  20. Rogueci5

    Hi pings

    Is it GameSpy that the lobby runs through in Arma? I never look now as they run so many lobbys. Anyway in Aus you can get huge pings in the lobby but great ones once connected.
  21. Rogueci5

    My specs seem fine but...

    Dont buy it, put up with what you have for 3 months and get the nxt one as the 8800* will be old news.
  22. Rogueci5

    My specs seem fine but...

    Dont buy it, put up with what you have for 3 months and get the nxt one as the 8800* will be old news.
  23. Rogueci5


    I didnt read all of the threads but You do know that the game was designed with Single Player in mind as the Primary type of game play. And Single play is very very good IMO so why uninstall? And Multi play is what YOU make it
  24. Rogueci5

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    Have you played BF or BF2? Maybe AA? or anygame usnig PB thats considered a gmae worth hacking in to win? Its not working long term LOL That a fact.