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  1. Russian aviator

    Su-24 Fencer addon

    plz make SU-34
  2. Russian aviator

    Su-24 Fencer addon

    make an su-34!
  3. Russian aviator

    Marine One Heli and VIP Face Pack

    Please add Stalin's face to face pack! that would be great!
  4. Russian aviator

    Stalin (request)

    This is a request! Could someone make Stalin or Hitler as addons? (or even their faces) plz
  5. Russian aviator

    Myasishchev M-4 ("Bison")

    Looks great! That bomber is just what ofp needs!
  6. Russian aviator

    Secret agent

    In 4 weeks! omg. I wanna cancel then my place (bodyguard) sorry
  7. Russian aviator

    Secret agent

    If this mp mission will be tomorrow (or today) then i wanna (or can, cos tomorrow ill go to SOVIET UNION!!!! (russia)) be bodyguard Ingame name: Aleksi
  8. Russian aviator

    MERCS Safe

    Cool! bank robbery...
  9. Russian aviator

    Couple of new addons

    Sorry for digging this thread but, if Footmunch is making new version of Tu-22m3 i got a little present : http://www.milavia.net/aircraft/tu-22m/tu-22m_pic2.jpg TU-22M3 armed with FAB-100 or -500!
  10. Russian aviator

    Vespa Pack

    WHEELCHAIR?! (great addon csj)
  11. Russian aviator


    EricJ, that looks like S-47 Berkut. BTW good job!
  12. Russian aviator

    Best add-ons list

    FDFmod!! OMFG OMFG! MIG-31 By Timanas [APS]Gnat's Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier
  13. Russian aviator

    Cessna Citation

    Awesome!! Only thing i wnat to see its little better cockpit otherwise grreat!
  14. Russian aviator

    Addon Research Topic

    If someone is making Antonov An-2, i got a REAL! engine startup sound... PM me or Email me if you need...
  15. Russian aviator

    Addon Research Topic

    If someone is making Antonov An-2, i got a REAL! engine startup sound... PM me or Email me if you need...
  16. Russian aviator


    If someone is making Antonov An-2 right now, i got REAL! engine startup sound... might be useful... PM me or Email me please
  17. Russian aviator

    RKSL OFP to ArmA

    Hows Il-76 progress?
  18. Russian aviator


    seems i cant find it... maybe you can post a link to addon resources thread...
  19. Russian aviator

    Power lines & Antennas

  20. Russian aviator

    New Civilians

    There ya go! (first addon in the list)
  21. Russian aviator

    Carwars 2

    Very veird looking buggy, but i think it will be tons of fun lmao
  22. Russian aviator

    SCAR'S SU-30 and LEOPARD 2 A6

    Great Su-30 but too much missiles, when i shooted 2 (i dont remeber, not air to air but air to ground) 1 missile was there all the time and there where wasnt missile it shoots missile out of its missile racks. Should be fixed
  23. Russian aviator


    I remember that FDF mod has Igla launcher in Empty/Objects (Finnish Defence Forces)/AT Weapons Box... Search and you will find it...
  24. Russian aviator

    AI Runway

    Could someone tell me how to make AI plane taxi on runway. Someone has already maded one, but i want to make my own airport. So you put (lets say MIG-31) on runway and it starts to taxi on runway, and takeoffs? AND I DONT WANT HEAR setvelocity [0,0,0]
  25. Russian aviator

    AI Runway

    Can you write me that config?