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  1. Yes absolutely amazing work Kju, as far as something else is concerned to work on would it be possible to Jimmy the secops and the ambient combat modules so that they are semi functional. Other than that and maybe including what I have asked for you have performed miracles with all the BI series to get them functioning in arma 3 with all the engine limitations lets hope bohemia interactive will give this mod the support it could use also.
  2. Jingle

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Invasion 1944 has some flamethrowers in it very nice too.
  3. Jingle

    Warfare BE

    Played a modified version of 2.073 yesterday with 24 ai each side ran it for 12 hours no problems, no slowdowns and no issues, thumbs up for hc, and omg I gotta admit the ai are awesome. Btw played it on my own machine single player running dedicated server from same machine.
  4. Jingle

    Post Apocalyptic Units

    Awesome work icewindo - original and very well thought out nice work.
  5. Jingle

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Work in Progress

    To sound cheesy -impressive most impressive :p
  6. Yes it does work with AiA tried and tested, thanks to the man above:)
  7. Jingle

    Can I order my team to use laser sight?

    If you mean the laser attatchment it might be through the command menu by individually selecting the unit and pressing 6 for action it may have enable laser, alternatively if you put them in combat mode it may work also.
  8. Jingle

    In-Vehicle Leaning

    Can see it being useful in choppers, and for sticking your dogs togue out the window while drivin at high speed, nice and unexpected feature.
  9. Yep looking good my favourite tank too - be nice to have a british tank ingame first for a change.
  10. Yep get the errors too:\ but yes great to have some more russian units.
  11. Yep played on elite difficulty, ai are super soldiers - but great for increasing your reflexes lol, especially scary when they are firing grenades like mortar rounds after you snipe a few off from a hidden position lol, but very immersive, to quote - "The hounds to the hunters" from red october :). On another note I suppose that is why we have artillery :).
  12. shame there is no crinkle map feature in mapping tools (scrunch map up then flatten out ) - instant micro terrain lol would be great for all previous maps in the arma series. But defo looking forward to duala - will be cool with some scuba missions:)
  13. Jingle

    Arma 3 cars config guidelines

    Very gracious of you pettka, you have openened the doorway for many new vehicles into the arma 3 world.
  14. Jingle

    Mi-28 W.I.P.

    Looked at this baby myself - would be an invaluable chopper for the russians, heh still remember using it in cti in ofp :D http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/screenshots/File/47506/9
  15. Jingle

    Improve CURRENT command AI system.

    At least if you are gonna include the fak then make it at least realistic as far as the length of time it takes to patch up yourself so you can carry on, my point is combat is brutal just think it would simplify things to leave it in the hands of the medic (not saying you didnt patch up the wound but taking that action out might make people think twice/ and or free up some resources ingame.)