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    OA compatible with 1.07?

    cheers guys
  2. JFYI: i tried running at 150% and 200% as suggested, and turned the settings down to High from Very-High, the game was quite smooth at 150% (subjective) at 150% and only slightly choppy at 200% (subjective). I might be able to get away with it.............
  3. Hi all, I have A2 working flawlessly. I installed OA (using the check-disk option rather than online authentication), and for some stupid reason it just sits on the BIS splashscreen forever when i start the game up using the desktop icon. If i start the game by closing the Blu-ray drive and using the Auto-run the game starts fine. Why is OA acting like this? Regards R p.s. not happy about this online authentication business, so I seriously hope you continue to provide a patch that removes the disk-check six months down the line.
  4. R3MF

    OA compatible with 1.07?

    when i installed OA it told me that the Arma2 install (with 1.07) was newer. what does that mean? does it mean that there is no need to install the 1.52 patch?
  5. cheers, yes, i am planning to get the HP ZR24w if the performance is good enough.
  6. hmm, interesting, cheers. and from this i will be able to genuinely discover whether one card can drive three monitors..........?
  7. sadly, getting a second card is out of the question as the VaporX cooler is so big that a second card suffocates the first given that there is only one slot between the two 16x slots on my 890FX board. tell me more about this 150% and 200% resolution thingy, how do you run the resolution at more than the available monitor resolution? cheers both.
  8. Hi all, This is an Eyefinity question, i have a 2GB AMD 5870 card and two 24" monitors, and i understand that Arma2/OA code is better performing these days, would the performance be good enough for me to consider getting a third monitor for Eyefinity gaming? Regards REMF Phenom X6 at 3.6GHz 8GB of DDR3 1600 128GB Crucial C300 SSD 2GB 5870
  9. give it to me on a disk, and i'll buy it. i like the fact my game is not account dependent, i wouldn't want to change that just to get some DLC.
  10. R3MF

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    are there no horrible registry entries? if it really is as easy as cut-n-pasting the install folder then creating a new shortcut i will be delighted.........
  11. R3MF

    New Beta Build 71195 Up!

    cheers for the info.
  12. R3MF

    New Beta Build 71195 Up!

    will this be corrected for the final patch? as a user of a six-core AMD chip I would like Arma2 to use all those cores if possible.