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  1. Sorry busy cutting my toenails, much more important.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  2. Wasting your time trying to run these on dedi till bugs & errors are fixed, CH47forget about it, never got straight answer about Arma1 CH47 & still waiting for answer about Arma2 CH47 from SN so it will never happen. Arma1 ch47 is easily fixed havent looked at arma2 version yet to see what he stuffed up this time. ---------- Post added at 01:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:03 PM ---------- If you had read post properly you will see he has ported this stuff without permission so ytf hasn't the creators whinged like they normally do about anyone else ? Double Standards or depends on "who" you are whever you get harassed by the addon gestapo ?
  3. RM Snipe

    UKF Weapons [Port]

    Cheers guys for calling our clan "shit", made a little thank you video you know where to find it...
  4. RM Snipe

    A Toast...

    Wtf is this dribble...
  5. RM Snipe

    UKF Weapons [Port]

    Expect a visit from the addon gestapo... :p @Stemack. Suggest you sortout all the bugs before releasing any more versions,becomes a wank when a new version is released weekly everytime a bug is solved.
  6. RM Snipe

    Campania de Malvinas MOD

    Cheers, I'm aware of their site but it hadn't been updated for a while till now.
  7. RM Snipe

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    Its relevant because not everyone uses SP mode, MP is the most popular & feeds bis's bank acc & ego's. If there is no MP with 1.03 how are the suckers who bought arma2 supposed to beta test all the magicial bugfixs mentioned about MP that are included in the 1.03 patch. i.e stuck on rec. I like alot people wont be installing 1.03 till we can play MP, wakeup bis & get a grip before you totally stuff up your reputation. Get rid of the 1/2wit beta testers you employ would be the greatest advance you could make & find some that actually know what their doing. LISTEN more to the people BUYING your products & definetly communicate more with them so they dont feel like their being ignored or abandoned. A little PR goes along way.
  8. RM Snipe

    RAF Chinook

    Ok mate, looks like it will never be fixed then going on SN's past form with the CH47 & unresolved bugs. btw. I havent had any tex errors with arma2 ch47 just scope uh60, the texs errors were with arma 1 version. I think there should be some sort of QC with "Addons & Mods Complete" so ppl cant release stuff that isnt up to a reasonable standard.
  9. RM Snipe

    RAF Chinook

    y not spend the time instead fixing your dodgy config so ppl can use it without error messages.
  10. RM Snipe

    Campania de Malvinas MOD

    Any News Catito14 ?
  11. RM Snipe

    little white dots, very small lines?

    Well at least we can all stop panicking that its our hardware/software & instead just the usual bis bugs,ffs. Glad I havent wasted my $ buying arma2 if the Demo is this bad. :( The white pixelation I can live with but the constant CTD's in MP is bullshit. :mad:
  12. RM Snipe

    little white dots, very small lines?

    cheers but didnt help. :(
  13. RM Snipe

    little white dots, very small lines?

    Doesn't work for me, was already switched off, will have to keep playing with settings. :(