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    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78888

    do you coop players all play with 3rd on ALL the time????? for a bunch of people that complain relentlessly about realism and animation speed you must be playing in 3rd to see the anims to complain about them. jeesus H christ talk about hypocrasy
  2. oh noes, the geeky tight knitted cliques of the COOP brigade are gonna have to suffer with what they consider to be shite animations. Welcome to what PvP players have had to put up with for years. Stop crying and get used to it, like we had too.
  3. I have made a mod, albeit huge, but it works as modfolder. it isn't exactly hard to make a backup and try it. The anims DO need a speed change, maybe not as much as this, but i remember when ArmA1 came out that the change in anim speed from OFP to ArmA nearly killed the proper hardcore CTF side of the BIS gaming market, huge teams just upped and quit because the anims were pathetic for our gaming style, and they had a better time played BF2 COD etc etc, hell i even joined em for a long time, but i missed CTI so came back and stuck it out. I think the final should contain a speed bump over the originals but do agree that the current ones do feel too fast. my 2c
  4. any multi GPU system is problematic, SLI is just as flakey as Xfire, IMHO buy the fastest single GPU card you can afford which at teh time of writing is the GTX580, i personally wouldn't buy an pre-overclocked version cuz they aren't worth the extra money, if you want it faster DL afterburner and OC it yourself. If you are going to the bother of watercooling i would do it properly and not some use some poxy one box solution but get a proper block, rad and pump. I'd also lap both the CPU and the block. I also wouldn't spend £115 on a keyboard. Can't understand why your spending 2K+ on anything other than a 1366 system, integrated gfx in the CPU and a £500+ Gfx card???? WHY????? for maybe a lil bit more money i'd take a I7-930, asus sabretooth X58, 6GB tri channel ram and a cheaper GTX580 and have a much better overall system. at the end of the day its your money, you make your choices, you pay for it and you have the end result. Esco
  5. RN Escobar

    Servers benchmark

    Just threw up a CO server on one of my boxes, actually the slower of the 2. Have called it SBS - The longboat house , CO CTI server q6600 2.4Ghz @ 3.02, at one point was quite happilly running multiple instances @ 3.6Ghz 4Gb Kingston DDRII-8500 @ 1008 5-5-5-18 Cheapish asus p5q-VM mATX mobo with G45 chipset lowest i saw was 13, but i reckon with some tweaks i could improve that, had no cpu affinity set and really only saw the use of one core, i'll reinstall FD and set it up and can then give you the comparative results from 1,2,3 and 4 cores being available to the app/service. which will also give a much better idea of what hardware is required, from past experience arma likes fast cores with plenty of mem bandwidth, hence OCing a cheaper cpu gives great results. Esco edit - OS is win2k8 enterprise
  6. RN Escobar

    Doolittle Anti-cheat System

    ask the sahrani life server runners, i think they seem to suffer the most from what i have read on some forums good to have you back though bud
  7. RN Escobar

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    Whilst i haven't played a proper game and "felt" it it would appear that you have nailed it. just to give you an idea of the differences, here is the same FPS benchy with HT on and HT off.
  8. RN Escobar

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    i installed this beta last night, and i have to say i think it is horrible. When joining a server i found it impossible to play due to the stuttering and inconsistent framerates. Tried with all exThreads options and none of them were as smooth and playable as the vanilla 1.05. I don't know if i'm missing something, but i just can't believe how much worse i found the playing experience with the beta. Ran 3 runs of the FPSAnalyser which confirms that the betas in any configuration give a lower and more erratic framerate than stock 1.05. Core Specs i7-920 @ stock 6Gb DDR3 - triple channel Ati 5870 running a 24" @ 1920x1200 (8.702.00 drivers) Patriot TorqX 128Gb SSD Win7 64bit
  9. RN Escobar

    Running Arma 2 Server as a Service

    -maxmem needs an = in there else thats just a broken switch all the way through these threads you have -maxmem 2047, try -maxmem=2047, azs far as i can see you aren't actually running the maxmem switch with this command line argument. If your happy with it, delete the whole -maxmem 2047, if you want to run it sstick the = in.
  10. RN Escobar

    Public PvP gameplay: not quite dead!

    if you want some true PewPew then take a look at the APL Ladders, Leagues and Tournaments in CTF, DM and Siege. Pop across to the website and forums for more info.
  11. RN Escobar

    I want to buy me a Server, help needed

    no you don't need a special cable, however you may well need a special router or switcher. i agree with terox, get a cheap quad, onbaord vga, audio completely not required but pretty much every mobo comes with it. looking at you being in NY clan?? i assume your NA based and therefore newegg is your choice of shop. go for an intel g41/43/45 with an LGA775 cpu, the newer 1156 and 1366 chipsets are very short of motherboards with built in gfx at a reasonable price. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131602 couple it with 4GB of fast ram, this mobo uses DDR3 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131602 then take your pic for a dual or a quad, cache isn't so important go for as fast as you can or a good overclocker if your that way inclined, asus mobo's are more than capable of a solid OC as long you keep the heat in check. YOU DO NOT NEED A XEON, for the most part they are rebadged desktop CPU's with the prefetchers optimised for servers apps (Dbase/fileserving). Stick with desktop components. they are much cheaper and more readily available. then go for a gigabit router/switcher, so you can have the fastest network you can get for your LAN gaming sessions, something like this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833127060
  12. RN Escobar

    Just want to play!

    when you talk about the map i am assuming that you mean the mission, and if you don't have the very same version as the one on the server it will always DL the mission to you, you do not need to do anything regarding missions. Islands and Addons are a totally different story however, they are not complicated in what they do and how they are used. Read the wiki, the use of addons and the required changes to the startup parameters/command line is explained in detail. The negative feelings towards mods and addons within this community are caused by 1 mod, ACE2, its great but the fact that the content of the mod changes on an almost daily basis causes issues, not just for players but also server admins. you update the client side info for 1 server, then you find that the next server you join hasn't updated so you can't play on it. It is a pain in the tits i won't argue that fact. However these rant posts about mods and addons are wearing thin, get an addon sync tool, find a good server that updates regularly and run the sync tool before you start your game. its not rocket science, takes 2 minutes to update. Esco
  13. RN Escobar

    Installed ACE , can't join ****

    yeah, my post probably wasn't a good one, but i get so annoyed by these questions time after time after time, the wiki is their its shows you what to do, its not even like its complicated. i think this does need to be stickied, a huge post with loads of graphics, show them step by step. if they haven't ever added -mod= are they still running without -nosplash? it just defies belief sometimes. p.s. sry to the OP Esco
  14. RN Escobar

    Installed ACE , can't join ****

    can't work mods? pull the power cord out the back of your machine and go buy a console, you'll never have to worry about mod folders ever again. simple really bye, you'll not be missed
  15. 19 FPS at mission start, wow, that horrible. CPU affinity set? Using anything like FireDaemon to lock the process to selected cores or letting the OS move it around with free abandon inducing micro-stutters as the the cache is moved from CPU to RAM and back again? What other servers are on this shared box? and if the box isn't shared why the hell are you running the server on a Virtual machine? What are the resources actually allocated to your VM area? its great to bragg about the box, but i get the impression that it isn't solely yours so depending on what other servers are also running from your shared box you may never get the results your looking for. A big Dbase will hammer the storage system, as an example. as it stands there are just too many variables to point the finger of blame at the server settings as the cause of the problem. Esco