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  1. Hopefully, this is the right section, as ArmA 3 is out of the Beta. Well, here it is: the text snippets with info about Altis, the word "Antic" is used often, but instead, it should be "Antique". Not a biggy, but somehow rubs me the wrong way.
  2. 8 Digit coordinates

    Nope, you're wrong. A square with a side length of 100 meters is in fact 10,000 m² big. Might not look like a huge area on a flat field, but as soon as it's in an urban area, it's too large to be of any real use.
  3. The sounds might seem so familiar because that's staged footage with added sound effects. As most of these sound samples come from libraries, chances are they used the very same sounds as ArmA 2.
  4. External Hellfire Racks

    The Hellfire is a fire and forget weapon (HELicopter Launched FIRE-and-forget), and one of the tactics used with it IRL is the so called "ripple fire", which basically comes down to fire, tab, fire, tab, etc and is used to engage multiple targets in quick succession. Concerning TOWs: IIRC, they are not used on AH64s, but on AH1s.
  5. PMC AEC islands released!

    Why not call them by their real names? Everon = Krk (Croatia) Malden = Lefkada (Greece) Kolgujev = Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
  6. Helicopter Taxi

    AFAIK most helicopters (including the Blackhawk) don't have driven wheels. To taxi, they have to be towed.
  7. Confirmed Crytek have Purchased Bohemia!!!!!

    Just look at the date. April Fools Joke
  8. Confirmed Crytek have Purchased Bohemia!!!!!

    Just look at the date. April Fools Joke
  9. Sorry but I need to know

    BF2 to ArmA is like apples and oranges. It really depends what you are after. If you just look for quick MP action, go for BF2. But if you are interested in a very verstile and realistic (in some aspects more than in other shtough) game that offers everything from Deathmatch to cooperative missions that take several hours to complete, a solid singleplayer experience and due to the editor an infinite number of Missions both MP and SP, then you should take ArmA into consideration. Both games have flaws though, and ArmA is still quite rough around certain edges, but those will be, unlike in BF2, ironed out eitehr by the devs or by the community.
  10. UN Troops

    And the Blackhawk
  11. NATO 5.56 ammo clips

    And always remember: THIS is a clip: and THIS is a (or rather three) magazine:
  12. Grenade Launcher Sight

    With the 3d ironsights not linked to the camera, leaf sights should work, like in real life, and not inveresed. The best implementation of these sights is on the Panzerfausts in Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. When you hit a key, the back of the weapon is lowered, so that the sights line up for a greater distance.
  13. Where are the girls? Part 2

    Thank you, so I call her a "Czechs woman"? Roger that sergeant dumbass. You call women from the czech republic "czech women". Don't be so quick with handing out the rank "Sergeant Dumbass" in the future.
  14. Well, topic says all. Enjoy http://www.morphicon.de/downloa....torrent
  15. Infantry, prepare to be amazed

    Looks nice! Do the reflex sights work like they should now?