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  1. The hat of mountain troops doesn't look very correct. It seems a modification from a soviet hat? The top is too low and the structure of the hat is not right. The ammo pouch need improving since now they just look like a simple box and a little small in size. The eagle in the chest seems a little big. The others look awesome.
  2. Since time of OFP, Liberation team never made us disappointed by the speed and efficiency of their hard work. Every time, they had given us a surprise by the release of their nice Mod. I think it would be the same this time for ARMA2.
  3. The download link is borken.
  4. [quote name= PS: I think the PLA in the Mod needs the QLZ-87 Automatic Grenade launcher as either Squad-based, or stationary weapon. I feel the PLA in game is mostly outgunned by high-explosive fire of the enemy. If you could include that, it would be better balanced then. [/quote] Exactly, QLZ-87s now are equipped in the infantry squad of some elite troops of PLA. In the IRON Army of PLA, each squad has two such launchers.
  5. Maybe you could share your stuff with theirs? I'm afraid the german solider in the screen is really not very nice.
  6. The chinese voices are really awesome and make the combat atomsphere very realistic! Have to say the words and accent of those PLA are extremely authentic.
  7. Hi,Johannes, it that your personal photo in the place of your icon?
  8. A great patch of updation anyway. As to the model scale, i dont think there is any problem on it. Why should the chinese model be in 90% of scale? It's also meaningless to request to change the current side of independent. If you want PLA to fight against any other stuff on independent, it could be easy to do in the mission editor.
  9. It's terrific! Cant wait for beta games!
  10. Vow, very nice, expect these new model soliders very much!! Real mordern US soldiers.
  11. Sorry, it's really not what I want to do. Now wont post any screens in this topic.
  12. Ha, I've also done that long ago. German really got a very hard time to fight against the powerful PLA.
  13. RUDOLF


    Why the british elite troops always use american weapon?? Cant UK supplys their ace men nice rifles?
  14. RUDOLF

    FDF Podagorsk

    This map really deserves the rank of Five Star.