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  1. What does it matter if they used M-16 again? Modders would grab the M-16, "correct it" and then hand it back to us on Armaholic anyway, might as well let the Developers make cool things that they've never made before...
  2. I don't think you guys are excited enough about the possibility of a playable Europe/Moscow in Arma 2 and this mod, er... new game. :P
  3. Rakov

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    I already own Arma 2. How is Combined Arms packaged? Could I infact buy it, keep Operation Arrowhead and give the Arma 2 portion to a friend to play?
  4. Rakov

    ArmA 2 I/O analysis results

    Is there a definitive list of the most used streaming files to place on the RamDisk? I used the "RamDisk for Dummies" list earlier on in this thread, but recently I got some stutter and I'm wondering if there is some file missing...
  5. Rakov

    Patch 1.05 Stability Survey

    Having CTD's in regular vanilla campaign where I had had none before unless I tried something crazy with settings.
  6. Rakov

    Will there ever be a manual?

    Hell, pull a Lock-On and slap a nice cover on it and sell it for 20 bucks. (the 300 pages mentioned earlier)
  7. Rakov

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    All this talk is for practicality and usefulness right? Putting Arma files on a RamDisk of actual RAM is till faster, over all, or am I missing something?
  8. Rakov

    can anyone answer this ?

    Ah, because you're writing a "sucks for me thread", I'll put the obligitory "Runs great for me!" post. BTW, which games were as big and ambitious as Arma? I'd like to try them...
  9. Any special considerations for how the patch gets installed for us Ramdiskers?
  10. I just reinstalled JA2 and my sons say "WOW!! I love this game!" which is awesome as they come from an age that has amazing graphics sounds and abilities. If you go to the JA Bear site, they have a 1.13 patch that allows you to get the graphics all the way up to 1024x768!!
  11. This really did make things smooth.. (after I tweaked my bios, which did not like my new upgrade to 8gig) But the nice and easy tutorial really worked... I'd like to try this in some of my other sims... but is ARMA pretty much unique in its passion for HDD, as opposed to say, Rise of Flight or lock on... etc...
  12. Rakov

    ATI Adaptive AA?

    I have a 4850x2 and anything other than FSAA = 0 is an unplayable performance hit. I am using 9.11 drivers.