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  1. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Messenger, ICQ or something else

    I use MSN Messenger and Skype.
  2. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Huygens set for Titan encounter

    NASA TV streams.
  3. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Heavy Earthquake in Asia

    Here's an animation of the tsunami. Tsunami animation.
  4. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Long exposure time and shaky hand makes that effect. The smaller ISO-setting the longer exposure time you need to get a properly exposed photo.
  5. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Instant messenger's

    I mostly use MSN and Skype.
  6. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Here's one I took a while ago.
  7. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Guess the name of the game

    Rick Dangerous and Sopwith.
  8. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Christopher Reeve Dead

  9. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Richard Burns Rally

    If some of you haven't noticed the demo has been out for couple of days.
  10. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Richard Burns Rally

    If you got black lines on the road then you just need to disable AA and AF.
  11. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Richard Burns Rally

    I feel a difference between the cars. Xsara is very stable on my hands and Corolla is quite difficult to drive compared to others.
  12. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Richard Burns Rally

    I recommend Logitech Momo Racing. It costs about 100-150€.
  13. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Richard Burns Rally

    Now do it with realistic damage and harder difficulty level.
  14. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Building a small studio

    One active amateur musician here.
  15. R. Gerschwarzenge

    Richard Burns Rally

    I've been playing this for a couple of weeks and I must say this is the best rally sim on pc. This feels like driving a real car compared to the hovercraft physics of Colin McRae series. I wish the stages would be longer though.