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  1. Rob

    Zil-131 pack v1

    Looks nice!
  2. Rob

    Is artificial intelligence possible ?

    i can't be assed to read the entire thread, but have you guys ever heard of "robots"? I've seen so many robot programs where they would give the robot the ability to do certain things, but have a blank memory and they had to learn to figure things out themselves... I personally call this "THINKING" and "LEARNING" another way of putting it, AI
  3. Rob

    Xenus-semi competitor to ofp2?

    Looks like a complete copy of SOF and with a bit of the nice vietcong vegetation
  4. Rob

    Army/navey  (uk)

    I'm thinking about joining the Air Force here in california, but computer intelligence, networking and programming more likely
  5. Rob

    Metal gear solid 2 substance out on pc

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (interstat @ April 03 2003,00:41)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I have Splinter Cell on the way from ebay, some have said its better than MGS. Played MGS on the PS thought it was very over rated, most of the disc space was took up with annoying video scenes and radio messages. may see if MGS 2 is on Kazaa ir Bearshare, rather than buying it.<span id='postcolor'> I completed Splinter Cell ages ago, and i can tell you its more worth while than MGS2.
  6. Rob

    News sites, live feeds etc

    reuters.com has to be the best video footage of the war so far in my opinion. Boy the last time i posted here was about 5 months ago lol
  7. Rob

    A web game that is more productive than most

    i gave up after waiting 2 mins for the page to load on DSL! thats pathetic... Still the highest ranking online game atm is Starsphere
  8. Rob

    What would a real soldier do

    i got through after the third time, and my bro was on it for more than 20 lol... The one you have to mainly look out for is on the roof. When you are facing the car, there is a building on your right which you can go up into the top level. The enemy sniper is just on the other side of the wall to your right, so when your going through the town you have to look for him because he constantly bobs his head up and down. Other than him theres one right on the other side of the town in a window, which is quite hard to see him as he's surrounded by mostly shadow, but you get the hang after a while.
  9. Rob

    What game should i get?

    yeah i would save the money too. As soon as i saw the topic i was like, save your money mate. I already have about 400 bucks saved up so far and i need to keep going to get a car. But i think UT 2003 is a shitty game compared to u2 by far, bf1942 is the shittiest game ever, mafia is ok though it does get very boring. I would get splinter cell for my first choice. But i already getting that so no worries there. If your looking for a flight sim then check this game out: a nice pic
  10. Rob

    100 reasons why ofp will survive longer than cs

    Thats easy, in simple terms. Ofp gives you simple editing abilities and the extent of the game is almost infinate, though the biggest thing people look for in a game is "freedom" Who wants to be stuck in 1 room or be on a reall nice map through another game to just be stopped be some invisible force feild? Why is it the the majority of kids playing this game seem to be 13? And CS is old and sucks, people just don't know how to "move on"
  11. Rob

    Splinter cell

    They're hoping to set for christmas but it may be January for all we know, they have changed the date about 3 times
  12. Rob

    Splinter cell

    I have been going to the official site for weeks now and have watched like every video they released and if those of you that have good net connections i suggest you watch them because some are up to half an hour long and the developers speak a lot of good things. One of the developers said that his friend that tested the game was going into a kitchen at one point and threw a grenade in. Without thinking he ran in straight afterwards, and you know kitchens are full of nice tomatoes and lettuce and KNIVES!, well the grenade went off, food all over the walls and without them knowing they even scripted it into the game one of the knives from out of the rack came flying towards him and SLICE, straight through the head, game over lol It was cool to listen to
  13. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    I KNOW WHAT A TRAINER IS! but i think it was something to do with the connection... But it was because i had psp7 running in the bg that it f'ed up big time. And it only started doing this after i redid my hd because i whiped it and started again because it was f'ing up but now its even worse, and i completely erased it so it shouldn't be having these problems unless its something i'm loading. But i'm using the same things i did before hand and i had no probs This will not work on others computer because the probability of them having psp7 and have a fucked, Lan networked computer, is quite slim.. And trainers are downloaded and applied... This isn't a trainer
  14. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    could you give us a link plz? lol would help...
  15. Rob

    Official ofp stuntman thread

    i tried using some of those and they weren't nearly as good as the old "print screen"