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  1. Renagade

    Wolfenstein: enemy territory

    Hmmmmm I have just been looking through one of the cds off a games mag and found this and thought it awfully odd for someone to release a free game another thing thats odd is it forces u to install punkbuster instead of it being optional. Now normally i wouldn`t think any more of it except that ravenshield has just got a new patch which has just got punkbuster and some ppl have been questioning just what else punkbuster gets up too asideincreasing ur ping and the empassioned speech from this guy doesn`t make matters much clearer heres the post ps, does enemy territory have a flamethrower like RTCW in it?
  2. Renagade

    The Iraq Thread 2

    Weren`t the iraqi police not that hot under saddams rule,let the US soldiers blow em to bits for all i care
  3. Renagade

    Yet another cd-key suggestion

    The cdkeys are in the manual unless u mean cdkeys u searched,man i got a load of them so i can work around the stupid thing where u can`t play lan unless u have more than one copy OFP although my other players all got OFP now
  4. Renagade

    The american dream

    It depends if it meaningful work or just plain crap that u work to the bone for while someone else reaps the rewards I`d give it all for a shot at the bigtime
  5. Renagade

    The american dream

    The american dream in a  few  worse - to have it all and i`d mopve there right now if i could( plus some start up cash  ) ps, i don`t like shift  cops with guns though
  6. Renagade

    Config file for uk 512/256 adsl settings

    well if it was half life id of capped the bandwidth that each player could use so everyone gets an even share a nd the server won`t lag out but i don`t know about OFP,sorry
  7. Renagade

    Famous  leaders biographys

    I found some books on churchill and napoleon in my search for stuff,there wouldn`t happen to be any norwegian ones i should look out for
  8. Renagade

    The Iraq Thread 2

    I realy hate that silly phrase Now we`re talking about this stuff did u guys over there get t he news about one of our weapons inspectors killing himself,or getting hit if ur one for a conspiracy
  9. Renagade

    What is this gun?

    The nades knocking about can`t be good. Has anyone made a shotgun which fires a blast of pellets at t he same time instead of them streaming out really quickly ?
  10. Renagade

    Famous  leaders biographys

    I think its just in germany and surrounding areas but elsewhere u can freely to copy it from what i`ve heard What was the link amp removed ? One paragraph that could be applied to today was at the end of the book Anyway if mein kampfs a load of bable what`s maos bible about then?
  11. Renagade

    Famous  leaders biographys

    then how can u comment on the book if u have never read it? ps, i think u meant to say demented instead of diluted
  12. Renagade

    Famous  leaders biographys

    I haven`t got that far into it yet,have u read all the way through it?
  13. Renagade

    Naga fish found by us service men 1968

    Hopefully we might find a megaldon sometime in the future Interesting site too
  14. Renagade

    Famous  leaders biographys

  15. Renagade

    Berlusconi goes europe !

    hush,he got the trains to run on time