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  1. Today ( 30.09.2007 ) we are announcing the first Bush Wars Mod Release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overview: 1. What is Bush Wars Mod about? 2. Who is addressed with the Mod ? 3. Why open a thread in the BI-Forums? 4. Where can I report Bugs, Issues and other Add-on specific problems? 5. Actual status reports 6. <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>Actual screens/renders</span> 7. <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>Latest releases</span> 8. Latest missions 9. Further releases 10. <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>Support</span> 11. Forwarded Links ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>1. What is Bush Wars Mod about?</span></span> -> Bush Wars Mod informationpage Bush Wars Mod is based on the South African – Angolan Border War (known as the bushwar). It was a guerrilla type conflict which finally escalated into conventional warfare in the late 1980’s. The Bushwar lasted from 1966 until 1989, a total of 23 years, making it one of Africa's longest conflicts. The Bushwar was fought in Northern Namibia (former South West Africa), and in Southern Angola - the so-called "Operational Area" or "Border". Sporadic and related skirmishes against Anti-SADF forces occurred throughout the sub-continent in places such as SW Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia), Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, former Homelands within the current South Africa; and South Africa itself. Operation Savannah was the 1st large cross-border operation of the SADF, and the 1st semi-conventional conflict it was involved in since WW2. The purpose of Ops Savannah was to clear Southern Angola of the MPLA presence, and support UNITA to secure the Southern and Eastern part of the country so it could have a winning change in the elections scheduled for 11 November 1975. Amidst the civil war still raging on election day, and the MPLA having driven the opposition out of Luanda, it declared independence on this day. Portugal recognised the independence and Agostinho Neto became the first President. The Angolans and Cuba often claimed that they had driven the SADF out of Angola. The facts however are that the small SADF taskforce advanced a distance of 3000km's into Angola in just 33 days; and was never tasked to take the whole of the country. The SADF would have been able to militarily take the whole of Angola, but it was not in its interest to do so while the UNITA proxy forces could secure the south. Holding the whole country 3-times the size of Iraq, under prolonged military control would not have been possible under the circumstances either. The SADF won all battles and skirmishes apart from the temporary retreat at the battle of Ebo upon which the Cubans and Angolans place their claims. Both the FNLA and UNITA did not recognise the MPLA declared independence, and with covert help form SA and the USA, the civil war raged on. With the MPLA being backed by the Eastern Block and UNITA by the West, the conflict took on the shade of a Cold War conflict. SA had the secret blessing from the CIA that it will covertly support the SADF operation, but USA ignorance on Angola and Africa, as well as the embarrassment of withdrawal from Vietnam still fresh in American minds, made it pull out of the Operation on 19/12/75 when the USA Senate stopped all anti-MPLA support, leaving SA to fight it alone. UNITA was given a strong foothold with this operation and with ongoing SADF and Western support throughout the Bushwar it remained the dominant freedom movement in South Angola until the end of the Bushwar. The situation in Angola however deteriorated from 1975, plummeting the country into a bitter civil war that lasted until August 2002, well beyond the end of the South African Bushwar. Cuba started sending military support to Angola as early as 1975. The purpose of the growing Cuban support was Fidel Castro's policy of spreading "popular people's revolution" in 3rd world countries, and after his failure to ignite such revolutions in Latin America, he focused on Africa, where the notorious Che Guevara was also sent in the '60's. By March 1976 there were 36000 voluntary Cuban military personnel in Angola. By 1989 the figure grew to 55000, and an approximate total of 350 000 Cubans did military service in Angola. South Africa's reasons for involvement in this conflict, was its fight against the liberation movements of SWAPO in Namibia, MPLA in Angola, ANC and PAC in South Africa, FRELIMO in Mozambique, and ZANLA and ZIPRA in Zimbabwe. Apart from the fact that all these liberation movements were supported by the Marxist Eastern Block, the movements fought to get rid of the colonial yoke in the subcontinent. <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>2. Who is addressed with this Mod ?</span></span> The Mod is really addressed to all the people interested in African Warfare theme as well as those interested in using our add-ons to make African war type missions for the community. We aim to give the community something different as well as an African War experience for the ArmA gamming community. Our add-ons are based on weapons, armour, air and soldiers around the 1980-1989 era of the war. A lot of the models are of actual weapons and armour only seen and used in the Bushwar. We are also making Eastern Block weapons that are not available in the ArmA game eg AK-47, AK-47s, AKM, AKMS, SKS, SKSD etc. as well as older variants of weapons used in Africa. <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>3. Why open a thread in the BI-Forums?</span></span> We decided to create a Mod thread in the forums to create a better exchange with the community as well as to get more detailed and serious feedback from you. Our goal is to fix and perfect our add-ons by way of feedback from the community. We want everyone to have fun playing with our add-ons in ArmA and maybe for some of you to make missions. Therefore we need you. Up to 400 eye‘s see more than 8 would to help us fix all bugs. ( seeing more at chapter 4 ) We also need some talented modellers which have some experience with modelling. We know that the community isn‘t that huge but more help means we can create more add-ons quicker and better and meet the higher standards of ArmA. ( see more at chapter 10 ) We won’t open a discussion thread. The reason is that we think there is nothing to discuss but if you have suggestions you are welcome to offer them at our Mod Forum under the following link: Bush Wars mod forum <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>4. Where can I report Bugs, Issues and other Add-on specific problems?</span></span> We will appreciate everyone reporting their issues and problems with our add-ons in this thread. A better solution would be if you post your feedback, suggestions etc. in our Home Forums. You will find our Mod Forum with the following link: Bush Wars mod forum We will collect all serious entry’s and will adjust/fix the particular add-on/s. <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>5. Actual status reports</span></span> If you search for the most recent news about the mod and its activities please visit our Homepage: Bush Wars Homepage We ask that you please be patient with the Mod Team, If you don’t find a new update about the Mod every week it does not mean that Mod isn't active. We’re working hard in the background to complete the add-ons and the mod. <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>6. Actual screens/renders</span></span> -> Bush Wars Homepage "The Pumas are taking a bit longer than I thought. I will release 2 versions. 1. The AS330 PUMA version in Fire Force/COIN configuration with an FNMAG mounted on port side and capacity for 12 soldiers and 3 crew. 2. The South African uprated version of the PUMA named the ORYX in a CASAVAC/Search and Rescue configuration. Capacity 6 soldiers, 4 wounded, 2 crew. (Injured can heal at heli as well as arm and rearm)." -> more about it bigger solution "The shown Map is just a placeholder to get a view on the topography of the area. Berghoff is also going to donate some African trees, shrubs, bushes etc. for our map." -> more about it <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>7. Latest Release</span></span> <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>Alouette II beta</span> _5MB _v.1.5 <span style='color:darkred'>_required Pilot + Star Pistol</span> _download: Alouette II beta <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>Alouette III beta</span> _15MB _v.1.5 _4 Versions : C-Kar, G-Kar, SOM, Search&Resure <span style='color:darkred'>_required Pilot + Star Pistol</span> _download: Alouette III <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>8. Latest Missions</span></span> -> Bush Wars Mod missionspage <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>The Burden I:</span> _by NBSVieiraPT _42 Kb <span style='color:darkred'>_required Alouette II beta , Pilot, Star Pistol</span> _download: The Burden I <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>Delivery:</span> _by Rellikki _1 MB <span style='color:darkred'>_required Alouette III beta , Pilot, Star Pistol</span> _download: Delivery <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>9. Releases</span></span> <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>Star Pistol 9mm</span> _1,98 MB _v.1.5 _download: Star Pistol 9mm <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>SAAF Pilot</span> _11,6 MB _v.1.5 <span style='color:darkred'>_required Star Pistol</span> _download: SAAFPilot <span style='color:DarkSlateGray'>GUI:</span> _1MB _v.1.5 _download: Bush Wars GUI v1.5 Beta <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>10. Support</span></span> -> Bush Wars Mod recrutingpage As we mentioned before the biggest help is if you report the issues and bugs found in our add-ons to the forum so that we can fix them and finalise the add-ons. We also need some support/members to actively partake and assist us with the development of this Mod. What we currently searching for the following. - 1 skinner ( retextures of existing ArmA add-ons to Angolan military colour schemes ) - 1 coder/scripter ( to develop Scripts/configs specific to Bush Wars Mod ) If you are interested and have O2 modeling experience please email us at bushwars@hotmail.com <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>11. Forwarded Links</span></span> Bush Wars Homepage Bush Wars mod forum Bush Wars Mission Page Bush Wars Recruting page …………………………………………… Armed-Assault.net Topic Hx3 Topic (German) ArmedAssault.info Topic Mapfact Topic (ger) Regards, your Bush Wars Mod Team.
  2. Hey Q, thank you for the mod and as always it shows your passion for the community. Keep it up!
  3. Raptor

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Nice one ;) Thanks for this addon which again shows the variety of possible approaches applied to this game. Lost World anyone? http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=8926
  4. Will someone write an clear and easy tutorial, how to use the tool ? Maybe helpful for the newcomers. Like the old brssb ones.
  5. Raptor

    100k Sales Soon!

    I think one of the indicator for the sales is the usage of the mp-part http://steamgraph.net/index.php?action=graph&appid=107410q33930&from=1365014348 In comparison its abit lower to ArmAII:OA. eg, current players 3,994 on http://store.steampowered.com/stats/tr.player_count_row So I think the sales arn't that high. I presume the sales arn't higher than the sales of ArmA2 driven by dayz.
  6. Raptor

    100k Sales Soon!

    That arn't that huge sales... remember the 1 mio sales in ofp times.
  7. thanks for the clarification, looking forward to it.
  8. What does the logistics and resupply module include?
  9. Raptor

    German Armed Forces Mod

    *fingers crossed* It would be also awsome to have full functioning poineer units with a working crane to unload the vehicles ^^ or even an armoured vehicle-launched bridge. The fact that GalComT now is employed by BIS could maybe bring these features closer to us. :)
  10. Raptor

    German Armed Forces Mod

    @GalComT Looks great. What do you think, will it be possible to setup a proper loading-management with the new engine (physX etc.) ?
  11. Raptor

    3D Editor (Real Time)

    Hey Chris, don't thank me, thanks goes to JonUkutube and RPS for the hints and the documentation. I've just forwarded the message ;) There is also a vid on the RPS site: by MrNomofica Actually its just a frame, maybe somebody or BIS take pity on current status of the tool and enhance it's functions. ---- Btw. there is a theard with much more infos about the usage in the editing-forum. So for further questions better use this theard: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150961-Using-inbuilt-3D-Editor-for-map-making
  12. Raptor

    Future of 1.05 Beta?

    March 12th : Tuesday March 21th : Thursday Don't know when the weekend starts and ends @BIS but these a normal workingsdays in europe. Beside the fact it takes nearly two weeks for an official statement. The lack of communication implements as hugh desintrest on the side of BIS and it's understandable that the users/ower guesses the game wont be developed/updated anymore.
  13. Raptor

    3D Editor (Real Time)

    Hi, okay its now revealed: by JonUkutube http://www.reddit.com/r/arma3/comments/1af3x6/arma3_alpha_3d_mission_editor_how_to_access_it/ by http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/03/22/beyond-the-alpha-have-fun-in-arma-3/#more-146807 Now only we can hope that BIS will update the editor to a fullintegrated tool for ArmA3.
  14. Raptor

    Arma3 Videos

    I've spotted a really nice comparison video between ArmA2 and ArmA3 (just scenes, no german language): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBHIojaWHeQ
  15. Raptor

    3D Editor (Real Time)

    I think it's just a remnant of the old 3D Editor from ArmA2. Maybe someone of the community will adopt the current version and enhance its functionality? Beside the fact that we don't know how to access the editor atm...
  16. Raptor

    3D Editor (Real Time)

    You mean something like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxwQTI2uQYo
  17. Raptor

    JUMP please!!

    regarding jumping: http://splicd.com/W8xcv51C2ug/320/378 It would be possible, thought.
  18. maybe Igor is a new login for the terminal? - jerry - melteme - igor Related to Harry Larkin, Joes/Tom's father: - Larkin Aviation is founded by Harry Larkin - 2013 / 06 / 17 - Harry Larkin, father of Joe and Tom, dies
  19. Good find! Updated the page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma3_ARG_2013 keep going guys, Patience is needed
  20. @ all I've edited the WIKIpage with the latest clues and detections: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma3_ARG_2013
  21. Thanks for note TonyGrunt, updated the page. :)
  22. documented here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma3_ARG_2013 Maybe you can link to the page on this thread as well? All new informations listed there. I hope I don't overread some important infos. small notice: I wont be able the update the page within the next days so maybe someone have a look to it or collect the new informations for me.
  23. updated the WIKI-page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma3_ARG_2013 something missing?
  24. hey there, I set up a Wikipage: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma3_ARG_2013 feel free to contribute to the pages