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  1. RUKH

    Arma 3 first impressions

    I love the new movement setup and weaponhandling, as previously mentioned the sounds need some tweaking for distance. I will need a new GPU as my 8800GT is getting older than Keith Richards.
  2. I love it!! But I will have to get a new GPU this week, my 8800GT is getting pretty tricking old edit: was meant for A3 thred
  3. How can that be? There are 1-2 pixel wide crosshairs on all other optics.
  4. I visited your link but I could not find where to vote.
  5. Damn! I was just sitting infront of my computer thinking of this! Yesterday I set up an ambush with claymores (clacker) and was going to open up on them after the first was set of....it took me 5 seconds to hit AUTO and I accidentally threw smoke on them while buttonmashing my way to a "hot" weapon. It is really not intuitive to use "F" for everything, if I where in a real ambush I don't think that I would accidentally throw stuff instead of shooting. Edit: Can't grenades and other equipment be put in the mousewheel sidemenu?
  6. Thanks guys! Does anyone know if the wind gauge arrow can be switched on at all times? If not...can the ACE's make it a on-off switch instead of a timed button. Or is it to simulate the sniper doing the "lick finger" gauge? :D
  7. I'm all for it, I ordered from germany the minute it was released and when I found out it would take 5-7 days to get it here I ordered the DL version...also german. We should not be punished for trying to play a game as early as possible and the language mod is not working properly when used in conjunction with mods such as ACE. Free the beast!
  8. Is the snipers digital "wind-o-meter" present in the game? Or have I totally overlooked something?
  9. I had to pay 760$ for an emergency veterinary visit last night...this has better be the pickmeup I need :D
  10. Haha, guess I missed that one :D
  11. Nice looking stuff! I was watching a History Channel documentary on the battle of Long Tan in '66 (intense) and i was wondering if anyone is doing any Nam-era diggers?
  12. Don't get me wrong....but I love looking at the rifle models. But why is the front post sights on most of the weapons crayon-sized and the rear peep so anemic polygonwise?
  13. RUKH

    Holo gunsight...utter pap?

    The parallax issue on the holosights and NVG that goes black when zoomed in are really annoying ingame, infact they are bordering on being gamebreakers when you feel you have to resort to scoped weapons just not to be fooled by the poor sights.
  14. Originally Posted by randir14 View Post Btw who is the girl in your avatar picture? I belive her name is Reon Kadena. And no...I don't have her number. :)
  15. My range calculations are not as reliable as I want them....what length are the men/soldiers generally in ArmA? I enter them as 1.83m. (1.83 x 1000 / Mills) Btw. Bipod/prone "sway" should be lower in ArmA...range estimation is hard as hell sometimes.