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  1. Not without a lot of work, the DSAI scripts are tied into quite alot of others unfortunately.
  2. RED

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    By each campaign player you mean all your friends? You only need to turn it off once for every computer, and it will work for all campaigns, unless they have it switched on by defualt.
  3. RED

    NIMOD Dynamic Weather

    idk, is that how things generally happen in r/l? from my general memory, weather tends to be relatively consistent within a given day, not changing drastically very often, and especially not within short time intervals... You obviously haven't visited England... Excellent addon guys, I started OFP again just to try this out.
  4. RED

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    I'm not part of the ECP team, it has nothing to do with me, I just just curious
  5. RED

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Not needed, no, but common decency dictates that it would be only fair to ask..
  6. RED

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Looking good thunderbird84, but have you asked for permission from the ECP team?
  7. RED

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    To be honest I wouldn't do it that way. Just run a sript checking the array (ECP_internal select 138), then after a set amount of time, delete the first element: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> _timeer = 50 #start ~_timeer ?(count (ECP_internal select 138)) >1: delete ((ECP_internal select 138) select 0) goto "start" Or something like that..
  8. RED

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    I change true to false and send all ECP settings on my Dedicated Server. Unfortunatelly weather is still random when we playing a missions. I want disable random weather on my server. What i have to do? This option (in quote above) doesn't work. Sorry for my english. You need to remove the // before the line in question: ECP_public set [19, false]; @djukel: The database you have will be the compressed version so it will not be very easy to find what you are looking for. But if you want an array of all dead men use (ECP_internal select 138).
  9. RED

    FFUR Incoming HUGE RELEASE !!!

    Looking nice guys RED
  10. RED

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    The new ECP will not work with the EECP as it was designed for ECP 1.071 :P RED
  11. RED

    Military/War Songs

    One by Metallica: RED
  12. RED

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    I just tested as Grif said and didn't experience a CTD, is it a particular unit that it crashes for? RED
  13. RED

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    No the ECP was never planned to include artillery support etc, I am unsure where you got this info. Units will communicate with other friendly units in the area and use support that way though. As for minimum requirements for ECP, ask Zayfod, he tests on a pretty low spec computer. I would say that the minimum specs are not that much different to resistance, but obviously the faster the CPU the better! All the other questions would be best directed at Kur. RED