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  1. r71

    Looking for DUWS Players Age 40+

    I might get back into the game. I have been away from the forums for so many years just to see the poor attitude of some new members. Don't blame you on the age thing. Have any videos of this game mode you made? About to become a member of the big 50 club myself Rsevenone on Steam if you want to contact
  2. r71

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Is the new drone able to go up stairs?
  3. When I try to fly with something hooked like a hunter or pod, the anti torque goes out (broken) Unit: Mi-290 Taru
  4. r71

    Bohemia on the right way with Arma 3?

    I can't get people to buy the game if I cant even host any more. Don't want to pull my hair out at this time to figure out about the ports. Arma 3 is the first version that I did not buy more then one copy for friends. Oh, and the $60.00 cost did not help also.
  5. No Idea about this :( Is there going to be a fix. Was so easy to just click host to play the game with friends. :confused:
  6. Even with max skill their aim is not 100% but they sure do have great vision On a seek and destroy waypoint. I took some shots so I could get the ai to move, then moved to another spot. I moved into a small shack in that yard after the video and it was able to track me down and kill me through the window. This is how I love the ai to act.Ok so just did another test. I did a restart and did not fire this time. The ai starts out in the street near me with a wall between us. I moved away at the same time it moved away on its seek and destroy waypoint that 5 m away from it. I went into a house up stairs and went prone. I watched it for about 5 to 10 mins as it moved all around the city. It did not enter any house as it moved around going out to about 150m. It then worked its way back to my house and went inactive. I got up in a slow crouch walk and moved outside the room on the balcony. The ai was able to track me on just that sound... http://i40.tinypic.com/2u6js4o.jpg Just found out doing more test that the ai can track you off sound for sure from 30m out. (if you slow or fast run)
  7. I have was behind a wall with the ai 20m out and I could see it track me when I moved left and right. They are still able to track you for a bit when you get behind cover. How does it know that I did a change in direction for that short time? Maybe the ai hearing goes up very high for a short time?
  8. I still cant get the chopper to drop as fast as I want. Almost like a ball in water, cant push it down.
  9. Great videos, this is sure to help a lot of people.
  10. I don't think he missed the point there. You do not need to dl anything to remove the faks (no mods) The ability to remove them is built into the game.
  11. Was doing some more test on some town on the coast. I came out of the water from a sub and one of the ai walked through a wall and shot me lol. Looks like the old bugs are in the new game. I can still see that the ai can be great many times but something is a bit off with how they will not react sometimes. This is par of what I was talking about the other day http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179208127 They are on guard waypoint set for combat and I was able to fire and kill that one but the other did nothing about it sometimes. I have also seen them run in place when they get to my waypoint, so I don't know what's up with the ai. I use no mods or scripts, and I did a uninstall and re dl the game and it still acts the same.
  12. What did you mean in your post "no limits on turning"? I have been looking in game at what you say you don't like and I really cant see it. I played Rogue Spear when it came out and was very upset at what UBI did to the Rainbow Six series so I can understand what you might think. I did not like Counter Strike, I told my friends that it was like playing on roller skates. I spent so many hours in OFP I could look at almost any screen shot back then and tell you its location. I really think this is the best movement in animations that could be done with this game engine. I also think it's the best so far since OFP came out. I also have real life experience with firearms and have also been trained by ex FBI and law enforcement officers. I spent many years as a teenager up north in the woods and open fields of the Catskills with a rifle. I can maneuver a hell of a lot better with a firearm in real life than in this game so I don't really understand what you are talking about there. Give me something to test in game and I will have a look and let you know what I think. I have not been playing Arma a lot like I used to so I might not be seeing it. btw I am no fanboy, I do think they need to fix other things but this part looks good. If you have been playing OFP/Arma from day one I really don't think this part is reason to give up. And yes I do know what its like to fire weapons like Arma has. This is one of them http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2myyelw&s=5#.Uje1d37D-Hs Over 1000 rounds with just that one so far.
  13. r71

    Squad.xml not working properly

    I had the same problem, so I had a look at what Corvus_X said. I was going to remake my logo, but I figured that I would give it a smaller resize first to test. It worked but Its image came out a bit of a blur. I did a check on the size of my original Image and everything looked good (128x128 72dpi and comp 9). I figure I would give the old image a shot and convert it back to tga and then back to paa, and it worked. I did not have gimp or texview2 on this computer so I got a fresh dl, maybe something with newer versions?
  14. Maybe I could join you and have a look. I have run so many hour in arma just looking at the ai react. I have never seen them act so odd like this. Its almost if there on super low setting. One of the times the ai that was down the street from the other did not move for about 3 mins. He just stood there like I never shot and killed the other, then after about 3 mins he went into hunt mode for me. One time I was also able to slow run across the street and only get hit once from about 15 yards from the ai. Will have to have another look when I get some better sleep lol.
  15. Where are all the trigger sounds in the editor, was looking to add like a dog bark to a trigger and did not find the sounds all the other games had :( Oh wow I don't even think you can pick like civ car red or blue its just random lol