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  1. POTS

    Kamov Rudder

    These spin capabilities are the reasons why the ka-50/52 has an almost fixed cannon.
  2. POTS


    looks like something made for people who dont know how to turn off stuff in the process manager. lol
  3. Nothing is forced on. The only forced thing in my catalyst control center is vsync forced off. Everything else is application settings.
  4. So far, we've had bug fixes and AI "improvement" (driving). This is how I think patch progression should go from here on. 1. Performance (most important cause you need to run the game to have fun) 2. Net Code/Multiplayer (Lots of problems with multiplayer) 3. More AI fix 4. General Bugs 5. Performance (optimizations for new cards ect..) ..... Continue IMO, this will get more people to buy the game and be more satisfying for those who have it.
  5. I'm running at 1024x1280 and on normal my fps drops from 60 to 35. On low it goes from 60 to 40. I dont know why. I get about 55 frames average in different situations.
  6. I dont know why, or the difference from the first arma, but AA cost a lot in ArmA2. I kept it as a side issue, but the jaggies are really getting to me, but I cant turn it on or I suffer heavy fps loss. Fillrate is also a monster, but thats understandable. However, there is no reason why AA should consume half my frames on the normal setting. Even on low I lose 1/3 of my frames. I'm running an HD 4870 512mb, and never had this problem in the first arma. I'm currently using the demo.
  7. Guys, I think this might be a loop scripting error. Ever tried creating a loop that cycled too fast? Try it and you'll know what I mean. Dont have a delay in the loop and it will crash. Have a .5 - 1 second delay and you'll notice no performance difference. Have a small enough decimal and you can cap the frames really low.
  8. HD 4870 512mb E8400 3.2ghz Texture detail: Veryhigh Memory: Veryhigh Anisotropic Filtering: Veryhigh AA: Disabled Terrain Detail: Normal Object Detail: High Shadows: High Post Process: Disabled Fillrate: 100% Only leafy trees and towns that hurt me (towns are not as bad only 45-low 50's). Everywhere else, even forests, have great frames (55-60+). Leafy trees give me 35-45, sometimes dropping below 30. If my frames were consistently in the 30's or 40's It wouldn't be a problem, but when I'm doing so well with every other scene and I get a huge drop from looking at a single one of those trees its very noticable. AA is a strange beast in ArmA2. It does help with the jaggies a little, but eats a lot of frames compared to arma. I would feel more comfortable enabling it if those leafy trees didn't kill performance. It would be very unreliable for multiplayer.
  9. Nah, that would be terrible, wreck gameplay. If you dont like it, go back to ofp and download all the gameplay mods.
  10. Pine trees, entire forests of them, grass, all those things have nice and high frames when looking at them. Hell, even towns can get better frames then 3 leafy trees (even though towns are much worse then arma on fps and need lots of work). But for some reason those leafy trees (specialy the orange) kill your frames. When looking at a cluster of 3 leafy trees, your frames can get cut in half (50% loss). That doesn't make any sense, as they dont even look that much better than arma's. I think BIS should take a look into why. Setting grass from normal to very high only eats like 5-8 frames, but looking at a stupid leafy tree eats 50% of your framerate. It probably has to do with rendering leaves behind other leaves, but still, fix them! Other than that (besides lod issues and bizzare AA), arma2 runs and looks great! I'm sure that once the leafy trees are fixed up more, I'll feel better about turning on my AA knowing those trees wont kill me in combat.
  11. POTS

    ATI 4800 series users

    I too have that card and would also like to know. I currently am running catalyst 9.4. I'm wondering if it would be smart to install 9.6? Also, lods are kind of annoying in arma2, as grass sometimes doesn't thickin up when its supposed to, and some tree that seem closer than others that are fully rendered dont render correctly and have that stupid 2d texture.
  12. POTS

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    Is there a refresh rate thing I can modify? In arma lowering my refresh rate from 75 to 60 made the game a lot smoother at lower frames like 45-60
  13. POTS

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    HD 4870 512mb and E8400 clocked at 3.2ghz runs the game ok-pretty good. A lot of inconsistency with the frames. Seems towns affect my fps a lot more than arma did. AA is enabled on demo from settings with shadows. AA seems to have a high affect in ArmA2, more than arma1 did. But fillrate is still a huge killer. Wish I could set it to 110% instead of 125% increments. All in all it was amazing. The environment/graphics, sounds, and gameplay are far better than arma. Patroling on the dirt roads feels like patroling in real life. Reminds me of militia training up in the hills that I used to do. So here is what I'm going to do for the full game when I get it: - Get an HD 4890 1gb 1ghz model. (Supposed to be a fairly decent upgrade from a HD 4870 512mb) - Overclock my CPU to 3.4ghz and see if that makes a little difference. EDIT: I really think that making buildings block out unneeded graphics processing behind them would bring performance in towns back to the level of arma1 (arma1 was better).