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    Handsignals Command System Released!

    How do you do that?
  2. Patchman123

    Handsignals Command System Released!

    How do you get it to work with FFUR or the campaign mods in the game?
  3. Patchman123

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    So, do I install 1.05 patch first? Does it work with 1.05 patch? Can you install FFUR'85 unpatched first and then apply the 1.37 patch? Will it crash if I install 1.05 patch then the 1.37 patch? Is there an order for it? Thank you. Patchman123
  4. I'd like to have Czech voices for FFUR for the Resistance because they have Czech names and are Czechs by nationality. So, to feel more correct, I was thinking of having them speak Czech, instead of English. Where do I edit to have them speak Czech? I need Czech dialogue for the voices in the game. Czech stuff for the Resistance players. That would be cool to have them speak Czech because it's their native language, you know. Victor Troska speaking Czech. It's more believable than the current dialogue. I need some Czech voices for FFUR and OFP.
  5. Patchman123

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    The AK-74 with the orange plastic magazine is mislabeled as "7.62" when in fact as you know, it's "5.56" caliber. It's mislabled as AK-47 when in fact, it's an AK-74 for the resistance forces. The orange mags can't fit in an AK-47 7.62 because the 74 and 47 are different calibers of ammunition. The M82 has wild recoil that causes it to buck all over the place. The rifle has a muzzle brake on it to prevent it from climbing like that. The rifle has to be readjusted to be effective. M82 doesn't do that at all. How do you adjust the muzzle climb settings?
  6. Patchman123

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    The rifle may have been adopted in 1983, but the Army didn't order large numbers of them until 1986 because they were testing out and supplying the weapon and all the other bureaucratic processes required to issue a standard weapon, which quite frankly, takes a long time. The M-1 Garand was adopted in 1936, but Army units still continued to use the M1903 Springfield, because procurement and supply issues and testing of the weapon was necessary to adopt the M-1 Garand and many preferred the M1903 Springfield rifle to the M-1 Garand and the US Army was still using the M1903 Springfield in the early stages of the war, because the procurement and supply processes take awhile to complete to issue to a large army like the US Army, for example. It's not an overnight thing. The Army likes to prove that things work before they're adopted across the board.
  7. Patchman123

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    In FFUR 1985, The M-16 model used in the game is incorrect because the US Army in 1985 used the M-16A1 assault rifle, which is FULLY automatic and the three round burst M-16A2 did not enter service with the Army until 1986. So technically, the M-16A2 in the hands of US Army troops would be historically incorrect because they weren't adopted yet. http://www.answers.com/topic/m-16#Eugene_Stoner A U.S. soldier with M16A2 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The United States Army did not place a large order for the A2 model until 1986. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/m-16#ixzz1htQkaKJh They didn't start ordering them in large numbers until 1986, so using a fully-automatic M-16A1 from a Vietnam mod would be more historically accurate. How do you import a M-16A1 from one of the Vietnam mods and place it into FFUR'85? http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint#Beretta_M9 The Beretta M9 was beginning to replace the Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol at that time. Most soldiers at the time carried the Colt .45. It takes time in the quartermaster corps to requistion and supply the new weapons. It's not an overnight thing because thousands have to be issued and supplied with the weapon and the procurement process takes months and testing and everything else to test a weapon. The Beretta M9 was not fully in Army service yet in 1985. The US Army mostly used the Colt .45. How would I add in a Colt .45 pistol for a standard US Army pistol. It was the standard US Army pistol in 1985. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint#M16A2 Strangely enough, the M16A1 is completely absent from the game, despite the fact that the M16A2 was only just starting to replace it in 1985 and, even then, was only being issued to the Marines at that time (the U.S. forces in the game are U.S. Army). Why hasn't anyone addressed this in the mod? Why just use Wikipedia? Wikipedia is NOT very accurate as a reference source because in the how to section on Wiki, it says that it is NOT professional, but every day word usage. So it is NOT a scholarly reference source and should be used that way. What Wikipedia does NOT tell you is that it takes several years to test a weapon for combat usage in the future because they want to make sure it works properly and passes all tests and it IS NOT an overnight thing. It takes time to replace a weapon. It took time to replace the M-14 rifle in Vietnam to the M-16 because of quartermaster procurement and quartermaster supply hoops that the Army has to jump through and what not. The M-16A1 Model A1 should be the weapon used in a 1985 mod because that's what the Army used at that time, not the 3 round burst A2, which was not adopted until after 1986.
  8. Ever play ARMA2 and OFP while being a sniper and The enemy instantly knows where you are? Well, I hope to have that changed. The game lacks real sniper physics because you fire at an enemy, the AI instantly knows where you are. The Gillie suit camo is absolutely useless. It does not hide you from enemy eyes, it's just a costume. It has the effect of a Halloween costume, rather than as a serious battlefield implement. Chuck Mawhinney in Vietnam sniped VietCong soldiers at such close range as I am shooting in the game. And he was never detected. When I snipe at such close range, the enemy instantly knows where I am. The ground is rocky and there is nowhere to hide for a sniper. The camouflage does not break up my outline at all. A Ghillie suit is not a silly Halloween costume that you put on to look cool, it's a protective implement that protects you from being seen by the enemy. It's almost as though the computer is telling the AI where my position is. How the hell is the AI soldier able to hit me while he is the prone position and I am also in the prone position and I can't even see him?
  9. Patchman123

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    How I get the M-107 to fire faster in FFUR? It fires like a bolt-action rifle instead of a semi-automatic rifle. When you fire it , it has a bolt-cocking sound. The M-107 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It normally fires like this.
  10. Patchman123

    FFUR World War II Mod

    Hey guys, I was thinking of creating a World War II mod with FFUR/SLX effects and various World War II addons from different people on the website. I would really like to use SLX wounding effects for the soldiers in the game and replace all the stock addons with World War II addons. Or replace FFUR material with World War II addons. Replace LAW soldier with a Boys Anti Tank rifle soldier for the Allies AT Rocket for a Bazooka using the anti tank rifle from FDF mod for a base. MG-42 for a SAW soldier. MG-34 for the M240 Machine gun. Replace the Mi-24 helicopter with an ME-109, SU-25 with a Ju-87 Stuka. The Resistance shall have captured German weapons. The Cross of Lorraine shall replace the FIA marking on the tanks. The The German soldiers will be equipped with a Mauser Karabiner 98K rifle. The officers with an MP-40 submachine gun for the East faction. The German Panzer IV shall replace the T-80 tank, and the Panzer III will replace the T-72. The Panzer II will of course, replace the BMP tank. The Shilka will be replaced by a German flak truck with a Flak 38 cannon. The M163 Vulcan will be replaced by an M16 (no relation to the assault rifle) with a Quad .50 mounting. Can this be done? I would really, really to merge all the World War II mods into a supermod that the whole community can enjoy because I feel that the modern warfare mods have been dare I say it, Done to Death. The Allies will have the Vickers .303 for a heavy machine gun. We will divide the mod accordingly, just like the old FFUR mods did with desert warfare, Asian conflict mod, etc. Eastern Front will have Germans against the Russians. Mediterranean will have the Germans, Italians, and British slugging it out in North Africa. The Axis will replace USSR for a faction. The Axis will have the MG-42 tripod mounting. I want to have the WGL assembly process for the MG-42 machine gun as well. How do I use WGL coding for an MG-42 addon? I would like to please use that. I am looking for someone to provide Polish voices for the Polish soldiers fighting for the British forces as the Polish Forces in Exile. I am also looking for people that will make skins for them. The Polish soldiers played a significant, but forgotten role in the Allied cause as some of the toughest and experienced soldiers they had. They should be put in there so that people will remember the sacrifices they made for our freedom in World War II. I am looking for Italian voices for the Italian forces and Japanese voices for the Japanese. I want to use FFUR Russian voices for the Russians. I want to disable the unrealistic everyone has a radio voice. I want to use the hand signals mod for the game to communicate. I am looking for German voices from Invasion 44. I also want the stock game campaign to allow these addons to be used, just like the FFUR mod. I would like to some of WGL mod's content relating to reloading the Bazooka and Panzerschreck anti tank rockets. These were usually crew-served weapons and not reloaded alone. I am looking for new animations for the bazookas. I would like to incorporate all the FFUR/SLX content into these World War II addons. I would like some help with animations and coding. My idea for the Eastern Front mod is to have the T-34 be the stock game's T-80 tank and the KV-1 serve as the T-72 battle tank. The T-28 tank shall serve as the BMP tank for the Red Army. The German addons will be the same, of course. The Red Army officer shall have the PpSH submachine gun for a standard issue weapon. The machine gunner will have the DP model 1928 light machine gun. The night vision goggles shall be removed because they were not invented yet until the 1960s and replaced with binoculars. The Black Op will be replaced by commandos on both sides and the Germans shall have the special Wermacht commandos that they had raiding behind enemy lines. The C-47 transport plane will replace the CH-47 for airdrop missions. The airdrop mission in the Red Hammer campaign shall have a C-47 drop those troops for historical accuracy to replace the anachronistic helicopter that wasn't invented yet, of course. THE Ju-52 transport plane will replace the Mi-17 helicopter when dropping airborne troops in the Spetnaz part of the tank seizure mission. The tanks will consist of Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks that the resistance must seize from the Germans. The Ju-87 Stuka shall have the Jericho Trumpets diving siren to terrify enemy troops, just like in real life. I would like Thunderbird84's permission to use his content for my World War II supermod and Solus's Permission for his SLX content and WGL for use of their coding content for my machine gun setup mod. How do you combine these into a single mod? I would really REALLY, love to see a World War II mod that at least rivals Red Orchestra in size and scope. Is it possible? Guess we'll find out. I want realistic bullet wounding effects and not this stuff in I44 Mod where soldiers live after being shot in the chest with a Mauser bullet. In real war, if you got hit with a bullet like that, you went down HARD, and stayed down and didn't get back up. Those things are lethal against humans because of the internal damage they do to the human body. COC Artillery for the German officers. I would like artillery for both sides to direct artillery fire. In World War II, they HAD coordinated artillery fire, though not like the GPS type in COC mod because GPS wasn't invented until the 90s. Resistance will depend on the geographical location of which theater the mod takes place in. For example in a 1944 French mod, the Resistance will be French. Eastern Front will be Soviet partisans. Mediterranean will have Italian resistance fighters. Resistance fighters shall be rearmed by Allied secret agents from the OSS. James Gastovski will be an OSS officer helping his dear friend Victor Troska fight the German, replacing Soviet occupation of Nogova. Nogova will be a resistance movement. I will use Desert Everon, Kolgujev, and Malden for my North Africa mod set and the Jungle versions for my Pacific mod against the Japanese. I shall make new islands, like Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Pelilu for the various World War II island battles fought on these Islands that cost many lives to take during World War II.
  11. Patchman123

    Light Machine Guns sink into the ground

    Well. here's daylight footage of a machine gun sinking into the ground.
  12. I noticed while playing OFP and ARMA 2 that the light machine guns will sink into the ground as if it's like quicksand. The whole gun will just go right through the ground like a ghost through a wall. This is a bug because weapons with bipods do not sink into the ground like because it IS physically impossible to do, unless there's :biggrin: quicksand. Even then, you'd sink into the ground. LOL. You can point the gun into positions that are not physically possible in the prone position. You adjust the shoulder height for the gun, not sink it into the ground. In light of this, I'm hoping that Bohemia Interactive will correct the problem of the sinking Light Machine Guns. It is physically impossible to point the gun at the ground and shoot yourself in the prone position. The bipod does not hold up the machine gun at all. An LMG is NOT a shovel. This is a strange error I noticed with OFP. You cannot kill yourself like that with a light machine gun in the prone position. Nor can you kill yourself, shooting the ground in front of you. The bullet would go through the ground.
  13. Patchman123

    rocket launcher bug in Operation Flashpoint

    How about this video of an Eryx AT rocket that does not explode when pointed at the ground? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGfGa3hYuSE&feature=related Rocket fired at the ground and does not explode at all. What about this one?
  14. Patchman123

    rocket launcher bug in Operation Flashpoint

    [YOUTUBE ][/YOUTUBE]Watch this video.
  15. Why do rockets detonate when fired from a rocket launcher in OFP and Arma2 when the rocket is pointed on the ground directly in front of the user? This is physically impossible because a rocket needs a certain distance to arm the warhead in the rocket to be able to detonate. This video illustrates my points. Already, grenades harmlessly bounce off the ground when fired in a position much like this one. Realistically, this would not happen at all. This a bug I discovered that no else seems to have discovered in Bohemia Interactive games. The rocket should not detonate when point at the ground like that. http://science.howstuffworks.com/rpg3.htm The force of the built-up gases throws the grenade out of the tube at approximately 384 feet per second (117 meters per second). The abrupt acceleration of the grenade leaving the launcher triggers a piezoelectric fuze that ignites the primer (pyro-retarding gunpowder mixture). This then ignites the squib of nitro, thereby activating the rocket propulsion system (sustainer motor) to carry the grenade the rest of its trajectory. This happens at 11 meters distance. I am pointing at less than 5 meters. The rocket would just sink into the ground like this. No I do not enjoy killing myself here.