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    GC 2008 Press Coverage

    In America's Army grenades are extremely aimable and can be accurately bounced off surfaces to go around corners or obstacles. In ArmA I'm lucky if I can get a grenade any distance away from me before it blows up much less aim it through a 3rd story window to bounce into an adjoining room which I can easily do in AA.
  2. Pirin

    Significant TrackIR price drop

    Got my coworker to order one and he loves it! Shipping was way way faster this time, two day shipping only took two days.
  3. Pirin

    USEC C130 Hercules

    Turrets on planes have caused too many problems from what I've read.
  4. Basically: Start from your run.bat in the ArmAExt folder. Enter the Editor Pick your island Place your Rob the Builder Preview the map Use Start 3DE action menu to start the 3DE editor Start a new Project Load the new Project you just created From the Data Pool button at the top, drill down using the menus just below to place your items (INS key to place an item once it's where you want it) Once you're happy with the layout Save your Project At the bottom of the 3DE choose 'Save mission file' Abort the mission preview Exit the Editor Exit the Game From Windows go to your missions folder, usually (C:\Documents and Settings\windowsuser\My Documents\ArmA Other Profiles\YourPlayer\missions) and create a new mission folder. For instance myProj.intro for a mission on Rahmadi. From the ArmAExt/Files folder copy the sqm file you just saved to your new myProj.intro folder and rename it as mission.sqm So it'll be myProj.intro\mission.sqm now instead of myProj.intro\myProj-intro.sqm or something. Load your normal game Enter the Editor Pick your island Load your myProj.intro mission Change the player back to a playable unit instead of Rob Enjoy! There's more to it, but that's the basics.
  5. Pirin

    Micro AI on 2nd CPU ?

    There are already separate cards available for physics. NVidia boards even allow you to use a 2nd video card as a physics card instead of video. With those options available, why would you want a CPU core to be dedicated to physics?
  6. I'm up for the English one at 2230 CEST. As I understand it, that's 6 hours ahead of EDT? (What's GMT vs CEST?)
  7. Pirin

    USEC C130 Hercules

    Will there be room for paratroopers or only the cargo system proxies? Or both?
  8. To ensure they'll actually land and not hover over the ground, place or create an invisible Helipad where you want them to touch down.
  9. Pirin

    Desert Bradley

    I noticed a few things. The targeting reticle seems off. Rounds for both guns are hitting about 1/2" down and to the right. When using manual fire as the driver, it's about 1/2" up and to the right from the aiming dot. Also reloading times are odd. I can switch between HE and AP rounds in less than a second. And when depleting AP rounds it switched to HE rounds with no delay. I was doing continuous firing the whole time. The commander's chair shows an M242 as a weapon with 0 rounds and gives an aiming reticle, but no weapon control. You can hit another Bradley with AP rounds exclusively in the TOW launcher and after 14 hits the whole thing explodes. Doing the same vs treads takes 24 hits. Two M136's take out the Bradley. A BMP's AT-5 puts the Bradley to Orange everywhere, but operational. 4x AP rounds to the BMP knocked out it's tread and forced crew out.
  10. Pirin

    OFM Uhao

    I saw one online last night.
  11. Pirin

    1-30 C&H Avgani Iraq

    If the Bradley was included in the GWL Pack, why was it giving errors saying it couldn't find it? It looks like you guys are updating the GWL pack frequently, maybe some people are using an older version of the mod collection?
  12. Pirin


    I'd posted the updated link on Page 13.
  13. Pirin

    1-30 C&H Avgani Iraq

    The vilp_jeep is from your inclusion of the Desert Bradly. It's part of that pack. Here's it's config.cpp: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class CfgPatches { class vilp_jeep { units[] = {"vilp_jeep"}; requiredVersion = 1.0; }; }; This is what happens when you use every mod under the sun to make a mission. Make missions that don't require mods at all, or can use them optionally. Or just a few.
  14. Pirin


    Hmm, good point. Personally I've always just removed the old version and used the latest version of whatever mod I'm interested in. As a user that hasn't really even been a conscious thought for me, but for someone not in the IT field, I can see that might be a problem. Especially for a dev trying to trouble shoot a problem with an older version.
  15. Pirin


    Who’s to say they are losing public interest? Are you in the possession of quantitative data supporting such claims? I highly doubt that. I know for me personally, given the extended development times of lots of amazing mods that I simply don't believe any will be released until they are finished. Take the C-130 for example. Multiple groups have finished, working, viable C-130 addons. Multiple groups have said they are going to release them. What do we have today? Nothing. To someone that was really wanting to use a C-130 that's kind of depressing, right? So rather than get all excited and expecting of these amazing new addons, I just tell myself "Well, nice concept there" and get surprised when/if anything ever gets released. Personally I think the main problem is "perfection". Rather than release a good base and add on from there people are holding back their work until the unattainable point where everything is exactly perfect. The company I work for is building a computer program and we're doing it in stages. Each and every stage is complete and usable. Now, it might not have every feature of the end product, but each stage is complete with a certain set of features. If AddOn makers took that approach I think you'd see a happier community. Lets say you wanted to make a B-2 Bomber. Step 1: Make a B-2 model that flies like an A-10 as a replacement pack. Release it. Step 2: Make a B-2 model that flies like a B-2 and has properly animated features and weapon bays. Release it. Step 3: Make a B-2 AddOn which includes customized weapon systems, data systems, features, sounds and multiple skins and whizbangs and unit markers and whatever else. Release it. Now, it wouldn't be perfect from the beginning, but it would be out there. Playable. Enjoyable. Each new release would be a huge event which totally changed the game playing experience and worth waiting for. Feedback and testing would be available for each step of the way on a scale that a small development team couldn't match. Eventually it would be perfect, but you'd have a happier community, less stressful devs and just about the same timeline from concept to perfection as you would have had you never released anything till you were finished, but you'd be able to use it all the way along. Keep in mind I'm not trying to single out any specific mods or developers or telling anyone how to work, just saying if I had the skills to do this, that's probably how I would. So yeah, count me as at least 1 quantitative data unit that loses interest in something that "never" gets released.