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  1. Pringles

    Webcam head tracking video

    So you don't need the LEDs those are just to enhance it, or??
  2. Pringles

    ArmA Addon request thread

    How about a M/CH53 and M2 Bradley
  3. Pringles

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    easier wayt to verify someone is cheating ... that's million dollars wish would You like to see game improvements or BIS spend 12 months just on anticheat solutions ? You can't try reinvent wheel w/o either huge staff, time and $ How about a spectator mode, easy way to record time demos etc etc Similar to methods in other games, that's all that you really need. I'd rather see them keep improving the game and leave PB and SecuROM (I'll leave that for another day) out of the game. People will still cheat, people still cheat in Q3, RTCW:ET, and BF2 which has PB, people still cheat in CS/CS:S which have VAC. Meanwhile all you're doing is adding another layer of software akin to SecuROM/StarForce which in the end don't really do much to stop anything.
  4. Pringles

    Improve Mouse Resolution

    no problem with mx1000
  5. Pringles

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    No. PB is a very invasive method to something that can be solved easier by better game security (fix the id generation for one) and perhaps a easier way to verify someone is cheating and a community run banlist.
  6. Pringles

    Realistic Ballistics

    Hey NWD would it be possible to add a mildot calculator that you can bring up like the compass or something and just put in the mil dot height and it automatically does the (height*1000)/mil=range. Perhaps combined somehow with the range cards if necessary? One could also add common heights for objects in meters to use with the formula on a range card. I know, I could grab a calculator and do it myself, but it'd be much easier to just have it in game.
  7. Pringles

    Realistic Ballistics

    Thanks so much. Your add ons are amazing. Before I installed these add ons I couldn't really play because I always miss, I think the dispersion was too much, I don't know. Now I can do really well and have a blast with the ballistics, sight adjustments, range finder, and scope fix. I only wish you could always have the range finder equipped.
  8. Pringles

    Working GTLD II Rangefinder

    any way to stop the blue text spam that comes with the auto init?
  9. Pringles

    Realistic Ballistics

    I don't see your range cards in the ballistics file, how do I get them into the game?
  10. Pringles

    ATI Hotfix won't.....Er.......Fix

    see if this link helps http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=28636 I used to have to use similar hacks to get newest ati drivers on my notebook, luckily their standard drivers started working, so I don't have to anymore...
  11. Pringles

    Sick of this BSoD that ArmA causes...

    have you tried disabling eax and stuff in the advanced settings of audio?
  12. Pringles

    3rd Version-Skaven's Racs

    None of the download links seem to work for me...
  13. So I was trying to fix it by means of maxmem switch, and other settings but I was out of ideas. Then I tried one thing I hadn't yet, I switched my AGP aperture setting from 64mb to 128mb. I played 8 hours yesterday without a single CTD. If you have an AGP card it might be worth trying. My system specs are... P4 2.53 533fsb Asus P4PE/GBL SoundMAX onboard audio EVGA 6600GT 128mb 1GB PC2700 I know it probably wont help everyone, but it may help someone...