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  1. Because sound, much like music, is subject to personal taste I've started work on a sound replacement addon that will replace all hand-held weapon sounds. I personally feel alot of the current sound samples lack alot of ambience when heard in-game, and are not always balanced very well for sound range or volume. I aim for the following with this addon: - New sounds for all hand-held weapons. - Sounds that are as natural and realistic as the engine allows. - Properly balanced sounds that are not too tinny, too quiet or too "hollywood" and over-the-top.
  2. I'm mainly focusing on hand weapons. I find the current vehicle sounds are pretty good, not to mention they involve alot more sound samples than the 2 or 3 a weapon would use. Unfortunately I've been flat out at work and haven't had much spare time to spend on the mod. I'd like to get something out there but I want to make sure its a quality release thats done right. I'm still learning the nuances that are specific to how ArmA 2 handles sound compared to other games, and it makes things harder than it should be sometimes!
  3. Thanks for showing interest guys! If all goes well you should be seeing some of the new sound samples with the next update. It is a bit challenging at times as I am not always in constant contact with the devs due to timezone differences to get feedback from them, but I'm confident the work I've done so far should bring some significant improvements. So far I've done new sounds for the following effects: -New Kar98k gunshot sound + new bolt action sound -New Mosin-Nagant gunshot sound + new bolt action sound -New MP40 gunshot sound I've focused on the sounds that I felt needed the most improvement first. My main aim behind all the new sounds so far are that they are as realistic as possible, while also being distinct enough so you can tell one weapon sound from another. I also spent alot of time mixing the gunshot sounds to make sure they had a decent reverberation / environmental effect which helps improve the immersion that you are actually firing a gun outdoors.
  4. Yes I have reported this on the official forum as well. The developers acknowledged it as an issue.
  5. I will be aiming for sounds to be as realistic and immersive as possible in the RV engine. :)
  6. Hi guys, I have some good news. Panzer_baron at AWAR has been in contact with me and I have started some work on helping to create some new sound samples for Iron Front. This is under the recently announced community mods program, which if you have not read yet can be found here: http://forum.iron-front.com/showthread.php?358-Iron-Front-Liberation-1944-Modding-possibilities-Announcement Unfortunately I cannot give any sort of timeframe as I am only doing this in my spare time so work and personal life do come first, but I have been prioritising working on new sound samples that hopefully address current community criticisms and improve the game experience for everyone as much as possible. Panzer_baron has been very helpful giving feedback and answering technical questions, and the team at X1 / AWAR will be testing any new sound samples before they make the final decision to include these in a future patch.
  7. I can see this potentially solving quite a few issues. The main one I can think of is AI shooting heavy machineguns while standing or kneeling that should only be shot while prone. A script could be setup to force the AI to go prone when it detects an enemy within a certain range while also maintaining line of sight. If it loses line of sight it goes back out of prone and back to its normal behaviour.
  8. It probably will make it harder for unexperienced modders, but I think the experienced ones who are interested in Iron Front will take up the opportunity. Its not all bad, take this as an example: You make a new tank. You show it to X1 / AWAR. They think it'd fit perfectly in the game. You might not be very good with doing the configs or even textures but you're a great modeller. You work together with X1 / AWAR and provide them with an excellent new tank model and they help you out with the configs and texture work. The tank gets added in a patch. Everyone downloads the patch and gets to play with your new tank model. You get lots of recognition and praise for it. Everyone wins. I don't think some people will be able to understand, but its just out of X1 / AWAR's hands as they don't own the engine and can't offer the same freedom Bohemia can. However I think this compromise will still lead to a game that will grow with the community's help over time for everyone.
  9. Phazon

    Weapon Resting?

    I find it almost impossible to rest it on fences and the like. I might of done it once by accident while spamming the shortcut key for it. Other than that it only seems to work guaranteed while lying prone.
  10. I'm glad they decided to tweak the sounds to get some more oompf out of them, but I'm getting a crazy distorted sound when firing the MP40 on my PC now. Its like its been overboosted too much, I don't know whether through the sound config on the game or the sound sample itself but now it just sounds horrible. :( The sooner we can make some sound addons the better.
  11. You might need to place the "Functions" module down as well as its used by a few other modules for whatever reason. Also you should sync all modules to whatever your player character will be.
  12. There is an Environmental Effects module thats in the editor that seems to create some dynamic effects like morning mists and such. There is also a weather module that adds things like actual 3D clouds in the sky.
  13. Phazon

    Just place my order (DVD)

    No problems. There has been alot of negative buzz going around about Iron Front but almost all of it is associated with the campaign being buggy. That and the fact we are still waiting for official finished dedicated server packages. Other than that there is plenty of new things to play around with and enjoy in the editor.
  14. Phazon

    Just place my order (DVD)

    The only advice I can give you is there are a few bugs around, particularly with the campaign, at the moment. A new patch is set to be released very very soon hopefully followed by more in the future to squish bugs just like BIS did with ArmA 2.
  15. If you guys want to see something new and cool with the AI in Iron Front, try use the new Tank Riders module. Just place it on the map and sync it up like you would any other module, and create a group consisting of one tank and several men (4 men if its a Panzer 4, 6 for most other tanks except the StuG for some reason...) and give it a simple move waypoint. Now watch how the men board the tank and sit on the back and ride off into the distance. The men will dismount off the tank automatically if they enter combat, or if the turret swings towards them. They should reboard again once its safe.
  16. Phazon

    Just place my order (DVD)

    Hi Fenrisulven, sounds like you are a fan of the RV engine like I am so you should not be disappointed. The infantry and vehicles are very detailed and there are lots of unique models to represent different ranks and services. The maps are also very detailed, including most buildings being enterable. The two largest maps are 16km x 16km and 8km x 8km respectively, with another 5km x 5km map and a small map thats just 1km x 1km. The mission editor is pretty much the same as ArmA 2's, so all the same types of missions that were made for ArmA 2 can be made for Iron Front.
  17. There isn't much need, the 1.02 patch for all versions (including Steam) should be out today or tomorrow hopefully and bring everybody on the same page at least where multiplayer is concerned.
  18. Well the longer they let us wait the longer its going to take for all the good addons and mods to arrive. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that very few people would still be playing if they were stuck with the stock version of ArmA 2. I've personally had to stop work on my sound mod now, as I can't even test out the sound samples that I'm making.
  19. You clearly do not understand how the RV engine's addon signing system works, or even seem to be aware of its existence. Servers can choose to check addon signatures and only allow certain addons to be used. If someone changes the files within an addon, it causes a mismatch in the signature and the player will not be allowed to join the server. The problem you are describing has already been solved by BIS long ago.
  20. I think I wasted hours today trying various ways to get the game to load up a sound mod I've been working on as well, I thought I was doing something wrong but I guess not. They better sort this out soon.
  21. Phazon

    1.61 patch question?

    Ah ok, well it looks like another patch is coming soon so lets hope they picked up on it and fixed it.
  22. Besides the campaign which is probably the best campaign I've played before in the ArmA engine, there is still the editor with which to make an infinite number of missions. There is also AI versions of the Blitzkrieg multiplayer missions which you can load up locally on your PC and play on your own which can be quite fun as well. The AI has been tweaked specifically as well, particularly the infantry which make good use of their WW2 weaponry.
  23. It does not use PhysX, however there are a few custom scripts and modules used that add a few more physics features using the existing physics in the OA engine like you mentioned. These features include helmets that can be shot off, weapons get dropped by units when they die and there are quite a few destructable pieces that can be blown off the vehicles when they explode / component fails / vehicle gets run over. The vehicle handling is very similiar to ArmA 2, it might of been tweaked a little bit for WW2 vehicle performance but it certainly still feels very familiar.
  24. New run animation is to cater for the new ability to shoot while running in a forward direction. Its very inaccurate in terms of weapon accuracy but its a nice feature that wasn't in ArmA 2. I believe there is a bug with the sound config for it though because the footsteps play very quickly compared to the actual animation. Trying to get a dev to confirm.
  25. Phazon

    1.61 patch question?

    SenChi, is the footstep sound bug I mentioned a known bug? I think it might of been caused by the 1.01 patch and only occurs with units using the new run animation with the rifles/submachineguns/MGs. I believe something is wrong with the sound config file for the new animation.