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  1. KorpeN

    Density of the forrests

    I remember back those days trying to drive a ural through the forests of nogova trying to escape from russians. But yes ArmA had less density than ofp and ArmA2 less than ArmA.
  2. KorpeN

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Also get rid of ArmA 2 fatigue system. It's not fun running 5 meters and being exhausted and you cannot control your weapon. I ve played airsoft with full equipment and a very heavy gun and it's not like this for sure. ArmA 1 fatigue system is perfect. Go back in this one.
  3. KorpeN

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    lol FPDR
  4. KorpeN

    Density of the forrests

    Most of the Aegean islands looks like this http://www.foxysislandwalks.com/Sikinos/Chora-Kastro.jpg So it's very possible that this time we won't see any forrests. Thank god.
  5. KorpeN

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Different action keys for adjusting rate of fire and throwing grenades. Also I agree with Zukov in most of his points. Some smaller islands, aas in the box(hire kju for mission making), warfare BE in the box(hire benny for mission making), better accesibility in multiplayer, lagless online experience.
  6. Stop trolling. Or go play with your bots. Both have the same essence. @BIS: Yes it's very clever focusing on coop. It is as clever as the AI of ArmA series. Keep ignoring the PvP community and you ll find 20 servers max running Domi, or evo, or any other insanity-test mission.
  7. KorpeN

    Behaviorism ;-)

    The main reason that people don't answer is that they don't know that / is for chat.
  8. KorpeN

    Domination - Active again?

    is there any way to take measures for as....s like those? They destroying the ultimate coop experience. I really enjoy join a server with my friends make a squad of 5-6 ppl and kill all the bots in the map. But plz do something about this. Like a script or anything. B2UVF-gzePs
  9. Very nice demo. Thnx a lot muni. WE want more from you. I think you are the next top community guy. I love muni.
  10. KorpeN

    Arma 3 engine

    I am very serious. This feature can give us many possibilities.
  11. KorpeN

    Arma 3 engine

    F.....g yeah!! and then you break a bottle of vodka, sneak on your enemies and cut their throats. Yes BIS, plz include breakglass feature in ArmA3.
  12. KorpeN

    ArmA 3 like Battlefield play 4 free.

    in few words. Bump
  13. KorpeN

    180 turn animation for AI

    Your thread is in problem.
  14. KorpeN

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    ArmA 2 is the best PvP game ever. And there isn't more entertaining thing than make strategies, plans so you can win a human enemy which is unpredictable and add more realism for a war simulator. Playing with bots it's not realistic. Maybe these guys who blames PvPers are the ones who get killed before they even connect to the server. Also public servers are not the perfect way to play but still are a solution if you want some quick fun after you return from your job. Organized PvP it's perfect ( I myself played a lot clan matches) but it's not easy for everyone to be in a clan (lack of time, wife, kids) and in coclusion it's no need to be like a doctor's appointment. You must have the choice to play the moment you want.
  15. KorpeN

    Island Lemnos

    Everything is better than chernarus.