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    How to disable HDR?

    In the config file, try setting HDRPrecision=16; I used this for Arma1 and again for Arma2 and it seems to help reduce the extreme light to dark to light to dark to light to dark to light to dark... yah, I am not a fan of the HDR effects. For Arma1, setting of 16 was supposedly going to give you a small hit in performance. But I never noticed it. Even if it did, I didn't care because it made the game more enjoyable and less agrivating.
  2. Yes, I also liked this in the FDF mod so I added it to my own non-public released mod for me and my buddies. Dude, your code looks very very much like the OFP FDF version. I think you might want to give them some credit!
  3. I would like to know how much support there is for requesting an OPTIONAL server setting to crCTI that would allow group respawn. This is where you can respawn into an AI squad member instead of starting back at the base. Keep in mind the intent of this poll is to show that this, group respawn, is desired by more than just a couple people. Â And this is for an OPTIONAL setting. Â We aren't asking for it to be one way or another, just an option... for you hardcore CTI players that dislike the unbalancing issues this could present. Thank you in advance for your response. Â
  4. I gave up on getting help from anybody at the crCamp. soooooo I learned how to add group respawn and, well, I added it. Thanks to the community as a whole for providing the file tools and examples of so many different scripts. btw, I fixed JIP for the current version of crCTI@PONG with beta 1.07. I love you guys who told me to go play with myself, er I mean, to go play MFCTI. Those are some pretty witty comments and are so helpful. Wow, what a great bunch of responses.
  5. PONG

    Server settings on a 10/10mbit

    Oh, I should read more carefully... I was changing the setting in the server.cfg file in the root directory. Guess all those years with Opflash messed me up. I should have modified the settings in the Arma.cfg file. Found the link in another forum post, but anywayz here is the link http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Armed_Assault:Dedicated_Server Damn, guess I will need to retest my settings. Will report back with some settings... wish me luck
  6. PONG

    Server settings on a 10/10mbit

    I have been testing server settings on my LAN. It's funny, I can't seem to get the damn units from jumping/warping. This bugs me cause just about any other FPS performs excellent on LAN. To start, I tested the default settings and then the recommended settings for 1024mbit connection, then I doubled, trippled, 10 fold, 100 fold, the MinBandwidth. I did several test matrix adjusting Maxmsgsend, maxsizeguaranteed, Maxsizenotguaranted and of course minbandwith. Also tried chaning MinErrortoSend from the default to lower, and increasing lower numbers. I have a gigabit capable LAN. The host machine is an AMD 4000 with 2gb RAM. Using #monitor and testing normal sized missions, I can maintain 35 to 45 FPS. Just for fun I set up my primary pc, a core2 duo running at 3ghz, 2gb RAM and tested for jumping/warping units... same result. And yah, it was always dedicated. Running patch 1.05. My LAN IS communicating at 1gbit. Never did get Opflash to run any smoother (non jumping units) so why should ArmA be any different? Anyone have good settings for a dedicated server on a LAN?
  7. PONG

    Screen turns very bright (HDR issue?)

    ah yah, didn't see this post earlier... check this http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=62265 Changing the HDR precision worked for me
  8. At first I thought it wsa just how the game was supose to look. Â When looking towards the sun, it's very difficult to see things... Â as you pivot around the effect from the sun goes from extreme bright to too dark, to extreme bright to too dark... Â it's driving me nuts. Recently, we had a lan party. Â looking at other displays I saw that the sun effects on the other pcs were nowhere near as annoying as mine. Â Mine makes it's almost unplayable when looking towards the sun. Exactly the same MB in my friends pc, except I have a 8800GTX running winXP and he has a 8800GTS running Vista. Since most peeps only have one pc and may not have the chance to see it on other pcs, I think this problem is still realativly unknown. We checked all graphics card settings to make sure they are the same, made sure all ingame graphics settings were identical, even used the same monitor... I have had this issue with the last 3 nvidia driver updates as well as game version 1.01 through 1.05 beta. What is going on? Is there a way to disable or reduce the sun effects? I'm sorry but I HATE this new effect. 8800gtx (every driver version, even the beta) winxp pro eVga 680i 2gb corsair something SyncMaster 226bw
  9. Changing the setting worked! I haven't noticed much of an FPS drop. Thanks
  10. PONG

    Official CrCTI @ArmA BETA release

    Hello again. This is a link for an intersting crCTI poll... Group respawn request for crCTI thanks, Pong
  11. How about that, ATI delivers... For how long have we waited, I'm not sure. But now here it is and I like it. The latest driver update for the 9700 finally fixes the annoying flashing textures problem. So if you have an ATI card, (just about all of them had this problem at one point) and you see flashing textures and shadows... don't dispair, download the catalyst 3.1 driver set from ATI and kiss those problems good-bye. Good bye! ,Smitty
  12. PONG

    Ofp and radeon 9700 pro

    well, it's near the end of Janurary... still no fix. So the fix which was mentioned before, is suppose to make it into a new driver release. Wow, sure didn't make it into 3.0a on the 10th. I don't know why I still check the forums... habit I guess. I haven't played OFP for some time now, mostly because of this problem. I could have, but something about this really annoys me. I could turn off T&L... I could get back into it and love the game. I could just accept the problem... but I don't have to. There are plenty of other sims to get into and enjoy. Who knows, maybe I will shutdown the pc for once and do something real. Yup, I think this issue is the cause of my breaking point. I can no longer be a slave to Ati and their driver issues. Why did I spend so much on this freak'n card? Oh yah, that's right, I got it cheap from someone who couldn't play BF1942... he sold it real quick and got back his 4600. Come on FX, I am waiting for you. Help me, sooth me, leave all these driver issues behind. As the Ati stock prices drop, I laugh, but cry because I was fooled into thing they turned things around, thought they could be more like nVidia. Sold off my shares at a loss and put the money into micron. Oops. Live and learn. Is this off topic? Maybe a little. But this mess of a message is a reflection of the turmoil caused by my hatrid of the 9700 and Ati's inability to adress some stupid flickering textures. Really, no reply is needed. Unless I missed something?
  13. Are they 'interfacing' correctly? How do we know this? Maybe the last ATI driver release helped make the 8500 more compatable with a 'strange' method of rendering. Regardless, it don't work none too good. Just like my english. Any helpful suggestions out there?
  14. Mowgli, I too have a 9700pro and have the flashing texture problem. It pretty much sucks. I had a geforce 3 TI500 and it ran okay. Got a good deal on the 9700 and said, "hey why not." My friend has an 8500 and previously had the same problem until the last driver update from ATI which did fix the problem for him. Why can't ATI or BIS figure out what is wrong? Or does somebody know already and just doesn't want to comment? I too tried just about every frigg'n setting to reduce the texture rendering problem. No luck. Only option right now is to either put a different card in, or send enough emails to ATI that they realize there is enough users playing Opflash that it is in their interest to fix the damn problem. Since it was fixed for the 8500, I still have hope that the next driver release from ATI will fix the problem. Until then, it's either low detail or rediculous FPS for a 400 dollar video card. Merry Frigg'n Christmas