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  1. PaveQ

    suspend dedicated server?

    One option, if you have control over server hardware, might be to suspend whole server and operating system. Haven't tested this, but it should work. Of course its extra inconvenience.
  2. PaveQ

    Linux server beta

    Fuctionality of tolower.c could be replaced quite easily with simple perl or better yet, shell script, dropping need of gcc. Shell script would be better, since there wouldn't be requirement for perl. Tested with debian etch, seems to be working...
  3. Here is the feature request for vista support. Go and vote.
  4. PaveQ

    Evolution - Single Player

    In newest mp-evolution one can recruit with radio menu, without leaving one AI to the base. Are you planning to include this?
  5. PaveQ

    ASUS G1S Notebook woes

    I think there's not much dx10 effects to enjoy with that graphics chip.
  6. PaveQ

    before buying, i have a question

    That system would run arma very poorly, if at all...
  7. PaveQ

    Evolution - Single Player

    Use boats? I think you always have access to boats and hummers.
  8. PaveQ

    Evolution V3.0

    I think exact opposite, slow pace of new releases is slowly killing the interest to the mission. Of course it's always nice to see new features, bug fixes etc..
  9. Would not that work if the server has kickduplicate=0; ? Of course I didn't say it would be legal to do so.
  10. PaveQ

    Evolution - Single Player

    Afaik that was exactly case with earlier evolution MP version, until new patch fixed the issue with createvehicle and allowed despawning to work.
  11. PaveQ

    Evolution - Single Player

    Do you know if it is possible to add a save game option to the MP version too? Myself and a couple of friends like to play the MP version but we can never get more than one town cleared before we have to quit and that means starting again from the beginning. It would be really nice if we could save our progress and restart with the same settings. Failing that can the SP actually be played with 2-3 people? I will download the SP version now and give it a run . You can't actually save mp games. What you can do is to run arma dedicated server, and keep it running in permanent mode. When you quit playing, just keep dedicated server running. EDIT: A question for kronzky, how did you fix the save game issue? Did you just store vars in arrays, or did you somehow fix that by other means?
  12. PaveQ

    Evolution V3.0

    I got few questions about radio tower and reinforcements. From where does the reinforcements come, nearest SLA controlled city? At what point they come, is there any hint when the reinforcements are on the way? Are they spawned, or taken from another city's pool?
  13. PaveQ

    Evolution - Single Player

    There seems to be problem with vehicle respawn, it worked for while, but at some point stopped working. Vehicles just don't respawn to base anymore. I think town depopulation should be deplayed about 15 mins from last visit in the town area, because every time they populate, units will be in different places. Of course I leave one AI to some corner, but sometimes he might die, and anyways this is not pretty solution. I had ambush mission where I set up ambush near town border, and it populated/depopulated few times I think. Somehow when I ambushed the convoy, the general just walked there. Maybe because the town was empty? Also, I got this error constantly, I think I got it when paraiso repopulated. Also I found two empty T72's there, is that normal? I have saved the game there, in case you want that save game where this bug and non-respawning vehicles problem are present. Minor cosmetic thing, the fireplace near mission building is not present in your version, but is in MP evolution. I don't care, just pointed out. Btw, if you try side mission and fail, you can't no longer try it. Is this supposed to happen even if you fail? Also, A-10, the spy plane is useless if you play with veteran level... maybe add normal markers there, instead of only revealing the units? One hint for paraiso, go with AI guys and sniper rifle to south of paraiso, up on the hill near the factory. There you probably can see infantry group or two, and get it quite easily. Sometimes you even can see the radio tower there, and shoot the guards. Anyways, thanks for the great mission.
  14. PaveQ

    Evolution - Single Player

    A-10 still had ammo in beta 0.5, and radio call to save is accidentally named as suffle. But.. no respawn? Is respawn even possible in SP like in MP?
  15. PaveQ

    Evolution V3.0

    Please increase timeout for side missions, least ones on northern island. Now it feels way too fast..