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  1. Pillage

    troopers bugs

    I was thinking the textures looked a little fluorescent. Perhaps more like this... Regardless, really good (and speedy job). Do you wanna live forever!
  2. umm, I'm aware it (the video) was released as a 'teaser' however having never seen/played the original and therefore having no nostalgic feelings for the game that vid told me shit all of what to expect. WOW, there's a game coming that has a boat and a plane AND a missle... Don't misunderstand me I am always keen for anything that come from the offices of BI but as I said I have no idea what this game is.
  3. Pillage

    List of Textures Used

    Thanks for the response Planck but... damn... that's what I've been doing all along. I'd just hoped there was a neater way of dong it.
  4. Pillage

    List of Textures Used

    I was wondering what is the best (read quickest/easiest) method of finding the names of all textures (.paa/.pac/.rvmat/etc) used by any given ODOL model?
  5. Pillage

    As Samawah

    ...for those 10 civilians lucky(rich) enough to own VBS2 Look forward to it icfhoop, as I'm not one of the aforementioned 10.
  6. Pillage

    Spanish Army mod pack 3

    Third attempt from arma.info seemed to finish properly but still resulted in a corrupted ffaa_im_vehiculos.pbo. I await your separated packs as I have everything else and won't d/load it again. Regardless, good work for what I've seen so far in my 15 minute test.
  7. Pillage

    Spanish Army mod pack 3

    I've tried from arma.info twice today the first one failed @ about 26mb in, and the second with about 60mb remaining. However, I'm blaming my ISP.
  8. Pillage


    Your English is OK but here's a translation "Can/will you include the ability to drag soldiers such as that from SLX?" From the SLX Readme In other words they are free to implement it if they choose to. I recommend doing so with credit.
  9. Pillage

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    I'd like to congratulate MethodMan not only for the 4 nice shots but for the fact that it was his first post despite registering his account 6 years and 10 months ago.
  10. Pillage

    Schmalfelden, Germany Map

    Try basing it/them on one these 100 or so then... CLICKY... I don't know about civilian emergency services but the military side of things should be covered at least by the Bundeswehr Mod edit: As for Schmalfelden, good work, Loving the wide open spaces for tank battles.
  11. Pillage

    MI 24 : Who wants it ?

    Check four posts above yours...
  12. Pillage

    Advanced Combat Environment

    3rd person and crosshairs are hardly a matter of national security. He had a question, I answered it. Ask a different question and you may or may not get an answer.
  13. Pillage

    Advanced Combat Environment

    Crosshairs and Third person are up to the individual user or server Admin. Having these on or off will not be forced by ACE. Edit: In SP I quite like having 3rd person but for MP I prefer not. ACE also gives the end user (currently) three camera positions for it, selectable via a config file.
  14. Pillage

    Mount & Blade: PC RPG.

    Yeah wicked! I've owned M&B since about v0.751 (or something), and to any who haven't played it, it is the finest example of mounted melee combat I've ever played. Go forth, download, enjoy. This game is awesome. (where is a sword swinging emote when you need one)