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  1. Try to forward UDP 2304 also. At least the arma linux server is listening on 2304 UDP and not on 2303 UDP, so why would the windows version. Make sure ICPM echo request are answered and not dropped by your firewall.
  2. Torrent Mirror
  3. yes i am v1.60.87589 It seems you don't run ace on your client when trying to start the mission on the server.
  4. This is from you server log? :confused: Imho the client will receive this kind of message if it does not not run all required mods.
  5. I am using this in my "arma2oaserver" script:
  6. I use a quoted string. OTHERPARAMS="-mod=@cba;@ace;@acex;@acex_usnavy;@acex_ru;fallujah"
  7. Make sure all filesname are lowercase too. *nix is case sensitive. Use tolower in your arma server folder to convert file and foldernames recursively. It will work, but i suggest you don't run the server using root privileges.
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    Roger that. :) http://dev-heaven.net/issues/27426
  9. viper.cless

    AMT v 1.4 Release

    Outstanding work! Thank you guys. The Gepard 1A2 Tank is awesome :D
  10. viper.cless


    Same issue here using ArmA OA 1.60 and latest ACE version 1.13 build 522.
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  12. torrent mirror:
  13. Thanks, I used the rar package and the signatures are valid now.
  14. There seems to be a signature issue with the 1.55 COMPAT patch. I got kicked for wrong signatures of acre related files like acre_main.pbo, acre_api.pbo, ... Can anybody confirm this? Or is my acre installation broken? In the servers log file I found several messages like "Spieler Viper: Falsche Signatur für Datei @acre\addons\acre_api.pbo" which means "player Viper: wrong signature for file @acre\addons\acre_api.pbo"