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  1. Sound is very weak in ArmA3, does not match the visual element of it, not at all. It's like putting 10 year old broken tires on a new shiny car, looks good, but offers a bumpy drive.
  2. Psychomorph

    Action Menu - must do better

    Man, this software is a user experience nightmare. I give up.
  3. Usually I'd say the developer team knows how reflex sights work and the way they were presented in the released footage sofar might be just a placeholder, unfortunately the dots have been painted in the holo sight lense in the previous ArmA releases, too. This might be a small detail, but this is just so wrong. So hereby I vote for an accurate representation of reflex sights in ArmA3, where you don't see the dot if not looking more or less straight through the holo sight. That includes accurate behavior, namely that if you are moving while aiming, the dot actually moves to the direction the muzzle goes to. Regarding the zoom, just a little idea, more for aesthetics than function. So if you zoom in ArmA3 (telling from the footage) and the previous games, the weapon stays while the view zooms in, so it is like zooming in a 2D image. To counter this I thought it would be cool that if when you zoom in, the weapon model actually zooms out a tad bit, it goes with the zoom and moves slightly forward away from the view. The sights still would become larger, but not that much, not according to the zoom level. That would give you a bit of a 3D effect, and make the zoom look less mechanical. That way sights would not become oversized, while you are using the highest zoom level. I think that would smoothen the thing a bit. I don't know if you know what I mean. Perhaps the picture can explain it better. The left picture has the normal, unzoomed view, the centered and the right image have the same zoom level, but in the right picture the weapon model is still further away comapred to the centered image where you zoomed into the weapon just like into the world. Regarding scopes. It's no secret that the way Red Orchestra implemented the sniper scope is really fine stuff. I kind of hoped to see this in ArmA this time.
  4. Psychomorph

    How are the mouse controls in Arma 3?

    I don't have issues with the normal mouse movement in ArmA3, never had, but the freelook still has bad performance.
  5. Psychomorph

    Amazing sounds samples.... but a bad sound engine

    By the way, I saw that Battlefield 4 teaser and the gun sounds is what I'd like to hear in ArmA3. The distant gun fire sound is awesome.
  6. Psychomorph

    JUMP please!!

    Nice one. The problem with this video is that you do not see what movement pace is used before the jump, so it can give people a wrong impression. Since the gun looks held slightly sideways right before the jump, I assume it is the run movement, which makes sense to jump from (momentum+leap), while slower paces shall retain the step on/step over character. Jumping when standing still or walking = no Jumping from faster paces = yes
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    Amazing sounds samples.... but a bad sound engine

    The sound engine is really really (really) bad in ArmA3. A gamer buddy of mine is a sound nerd and I think he is suffering a lot there, lol.
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    New take on Arma's keyboard control......

    I use the controls I am always using in games. When I lay my hand on the WASD layout, the fingers are naturally lying on all the keys that are of most importance and thus are immediately operable - the thumb is on the Space bar and controls the movement toggle, the pinky is on the Left Shift key and operates the duck/crouch. I can quickly access the Left Alt key wit the thumb as it is near the space bar to go prone and can easily access the Left Ctrl key to hold it down for sprinting (though I use the X key right now, as the Ctrl is bugged beyond repair right now). The ring finger is on A, middle finger on W (and S) and the index finger on D. WASD is obviously for movement and instantly accessible as well. I can easily reach out for Tab with the ring finger to use the W and S keys to change stances. F is easily accessible by the index finger to activate things (use key), also X, C, R and G are very easy to access with the index finger for secondary functions. The mouse side buttons control the weapon lowering and freelook. Basically I just lay my open hand on the keyboard and got all important functions covered and immediately usable without finger displacement. I don't get how to use an important action with something like the Z key, lol. The movement pace function is the most important for me in a realistic game, hence it has the largest button (space). I can go prone, duck, start to sprint and change movement pace without even letting go of the direction keys and thus perform them all in mid movement (any direction). I think about to use the Left Ctrl for prone, that way I'd use the Shift for duck and the key below it to go lower in stance (note the logical pattern) and Left Alt to sprint while Space to toggle run/walk (also two movement pace related nearby keys operated with same finger - logical pattern). I was always riding with that control scheme and always will, because there is nothing better for me. Only problem is that in ArmA3 the controls are so screwed that I struggled even with this perfect scheme, lol.
  9. Psychomorph

    How are the mouse controls in Arma 3?

    Now that you say it, I have a little bit deadzone around the center. I think the negative accel may come from it, but the higher mouse sensitivity (compared to the default) was there without deadzone as well and the horrible intense mouse smoothing, too. It's still an alpha, so I reserve my opinion and think the game is good basically, but I just think that there are things that BIS will simply never get right. Either they lack the understanding, or certain things are of lesser priority for them (making games is not easy after all), but a tactical/realistic game I am waiting for will prioritize other things, such as a movement and shooting system that feels like second nature. ArmA3 will be a great game, but my wait for THE tac-sim will continue.
  10. Psychomorph

    How are the mouse controls in Arma 3?

    Default mouse movement has no acceleration that I can tell, but the freelook has a lot of negative acceleration as well as lots of smoothing.
  11. Psychomorph

    What the first thing I should do when I get Arma?

    A bit over-exaggerated, but in general I agree. This game needs some things to happen before you can fully enjoy it. It's not like other games where you can just go online and have fun.
  12. Psychomorph

    The guns you miss (until they get modded back in)

    M effin 4. Pimped AK copy/based is always beyond cool, with rails, holo sight, front grip, flashlight, camo paint.
  13. Psychomorph

    Rifle slings

    Thing is. The current "move gun to back" animation is somewhat lengthy and it is no wonder that it cannot be performed while on the move, because it's like you need two animations. A very simple and quick "gun to chest" animation would only require a minimalistic animation and could probably be done while there is this running/walking animation going on. I think it would do more good than bad actually. Well, pulling the pistol would be another animation, but I think it would be doable.
  14. Suggestions This is a very long text, because I chose to explain why I suggest/request the things and what is the thought and the logic behind them. Obviously, due to the sheer length and heavily sophisticated content (:p), I chose it to be a fresh new thread, despite the threat. So get yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy the read (I poured my soul in). :pet5: VIEW POSITION & FOV/ZOOM I would like to have an option to adjust the view camera (left/right, up/down, forward/backward), of course within limits, and set the level of zoom-in. Left/right I like the 1st person positions of the weapons in ArmA3, but I would like to change the view position a bit to have the rifle slightly closer to the center, in order to have that "shouldered rifle, eyes just above sights" feel. Up/down The sights on the weapons vary in size, ideally the view should automatically adjust vertically in order to have the sights always below the horizontal view center, but in case it doesn't, I would like to tweak the view camera height to have an optimal solution. Even if the view adjusts according to the sight used in the final game, I still would like to have the option to adjust the view height in order to get the right feel. Forward/backward This one is especially important for me. The ability to move the view back and forth would technically be nothing but setting your own default field of view (FOV). The default FOV in ArmA3 is okay, but I feel a bit constricted, it is too narrow at times. You can zoom out by double tapping the Minus key, and get a nice wide field of view, but it is a bit too much, because there is too much screen tear (fish eye look) and it is not the most practical view to deal with the distances. Good for CQB though. I would basically like to have a compromise, a FOV slightly wider than the ArmA3 default and narrower than the zoomed out FOV. Being able to move the view back and forth would enable me to do that and the weapons look nicer that way (not that much cut off). Examples of more centered weapon views: example1 example2 Zoom-in Being able to additionally set the level of zoom-in would be nice, too. Sure, you want the max zoom, but what if you play a custom mission with CQB and shorter distances, you may still like to zoom in for accuracy, but not thrown out of balance by excessive zoom, so you could adjust the zoom quickly for this particular mission. The settings above should carry over to vehicles as well, please! ZOOM-IN / ZOOM-OUT Please allow to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. The way it works now is that the zoom-in and zoom-out keys are toggle keys. That means you use the zoom-in key to zoom in and the same key to zoom out. Same goes for zooming out. This is extremely difficult to handle with the wheel right now as you want to scroll up to zoom in all the way up and zoom out all the way with the scroll down. MOUSE SENSITIVITY It would be very good to be able to define mouse sensitivities for various views. A separate mouse sensitivity for: - normal view/sights - the freelook view (affects freelook in vehicles) - scope - deadzone DEADZONE This subject is especially important for me, but may be difficult to comprehend for some. I would like to be able to define the way deadzone works, not just increasing and decreasing it, but a bit more sophisticated. The Unreal Tournament mod "Infiltration" has a very nice deadzone. It works in a way that you can move the gun only a bit to the sides and up, but are able to lower it much more. This is actually realistic as in real life you use to lower the muzzle, but not sway the gun all around in front of your face. What I would love to do is to define how much deadzone there is to the top, the left, the right and the bottom. That would enable me to set the up/left/right deadzone to zero (instant turn around as without deadzone), but some deadzone to the bottom, so I can lower the muzzle and move the gun out of view. This looks very sexy in the 3rd person also, you can try this in ArmA3, see how the gun is lowered but the torso remains steady, only I would like to have the unnecessary deadzone (top and sides) removed. Watch an . Except that in this video there is too much sway to the gun.An example of how you could easilty set the deadzone in the options. - You move the bars to expand the deadzone into that direction. If the bars are at the center creating a square, than there is no deadzone. You can always go back to the original bar above the cross, which will reset the deadzone and use the one defined there. - The deadzone mouse sensitivity setting is deactivated if it is set to "zero" and is shown as half-full (let's be optimistic). You increase or decrease the sensitivity from there on. The X/Y speed is carried over from the main mouse sensitivity settings. On the other hand, you may prefer to have a faster sensitivity with the vertical freeaim (faster muzzle lowering) and normal horizontal sensitivity for whatever reason. Then a X/Y deadzone setting may be an option, too. As said in the previous point, it would be great if you could also set the mouse sensitivity for the deadzone gun movement separately. If you implement this feature, I will kiss your feet! MOVEMENT CONTROLS I've been battling the control scheme in ArmA3 untill I gave up. First, what I need to do is to set my default movement speed in the options, be it walk, tactical or run (turbo excluded). That means if I spawn I want to walk by default. Right now you are limited to how you can set up the controls. I would like to define exactly between which movement modes I toggle and which are hold key functions. Allow us to bind a key to each movement mode separately. I would bind the "space bar" to the WALK and to the TACTICAL. Since I spawn with walk as default, I would use the space bar to toggle to the tactical and then back to walk. Further I would like to set the space bar as a hold key to RUN. In short, I push the key for toggle between walk and tactical, and hold the same key to run. This is the most intuitive and controllable set up for me. People could easily customize their own controls by assugning separate keys to each function. You can have key1 to toggle walk, hold key2 for tactical and use a 3rd key to toggle to run, or however you please. No limits. Also critical for me is the movement mode that is enabled when I quit running/sprinting. I mean if I run or sprint and either release the key if it is a hold function, or if it is a toggle, toggle it off, than I will be dropped to whatever movement mode I was using before I started running/sprinting, but that may not be a good technique, because in the heat of combat I may forget what movement mode I used before and releasing the key (or toggling the fast mode off) may take me back to walk, which comes unexpected. In short, I would like to set the movement pace that follows once I release/toggle off the run/sprint, which would be the tactical pace for me personally (by my twisted logic I want to get the next fast pace after run/sprint and tactical is obviously faster than walk). Others may have a completely different movement control scheme and need to define what movement follows their fast pace movement action. This is quite essential for me, to fully enjoy the gameplay, so I hope we will get some more say in how we define our individual controls. I see suggestions to use the mouse wheel to scroll through different movement modes, I welcome that and would like to try if it was available as an option, too. STANCE CONTROLS I always preferred the separate crouch and prone keys, but Ghost Recon introduced a different scheme, where you use a "stance up" and "stance down" key setup (stance down to go to crouch and further to prone, stance up to go to crouch when proning and then further to standing). This was hard to get used to, but I did eventually and wonder if I would prefer that in ArmA3. An option to do so would be a good way to find out. Also, using the stance up and down with the scroll wheel up and down function should be definitely possible, too. STANCE ADJUST It would be really great if you could actually set what keys you want to use for that. I would try the scroll wheel. Even if I would like to use the zoom in/out with the scroll wheel, holding down the stance adjust button would override the default scroll wheel function obviously. If the stance up and stance down scheme is used by someone (as suggested above in the STANCE CONTROLS part), then they could use the stance up and down keys to adjust the stances. Would seem intuitive. CARRY vs. LOW-READY POSTURE This may be somewhat hard to understand for some, but when I play realism games, I always do a little bit of roleplaying. In ArmA, when I am moving through the woods without sight on the enemy, I put the rifle down. I also use the freelook to look around. All this because I hate it how silly it looks when people twitch around with the rifle glued to their cheek, BF3 style. The carry posture in ArmA3 is great for this, but it is obviously a very relaxed position. The character walks with only one hand on the gun and the body stance is quite relaxed, too. This is good for patrolling around and walking around in the base, but seems off in the field. A low-ready like posture - where the rifle is still held with both hands and the muzzle is pointed about 40 degrees down, still directed forward toward the enemy - would be much more fitting. This should not only be cosmetic, as switching to the ready (muzzle forward) would be faster from that posture compared to the carry. The general body stance of the character would keep that combat posture (minimal view camera shift when toggling between the low-ready and ready) and you would be able to adjust the stances all the way. When lying prone, the weapon would be obviously in view, but the muzzle would still be pointed down as much as possible. When clicking the fire key, the rifle would be brought to the ready position (like it is now with the carry position), but aiming the sight with the aim key would bring the rifle back to low-ready. Why that? - If I get close to enemies, I bring the gun to ready by the appropriate key or by tapping the fire key, but when I have ranged combat and it is not necessary to keep the gun at the ready all the time (unobstructed view), all I need is to aim sights and I can do this by raising the muzzle from low-ready quickly and lowering it again. This system would not alter the way things work with the gun at the ready and remember, this would be an option the casual ArmA player would not need to use, but the immersive realism gamer would appreciate. The current carry position in ArmA has the crouched carry about the way I imagine it for low-ready, to avoid confusion, the crouched carry should be held really sideways (about like this), very relaxed, while the low-ready would be obviously held more combat ready. The low-ready should be set-able as default. When I spawn in the base, I do not want to have it pointed at everybody. I always need to push a key to lower it (actually two keys, as I need to toggle to walk from the default run). What about having the weapons in the carry position automatically within bases (or within the spawn circle). So leaving that circle would bring the weapon to whatever position you have as default. Also, allow to use the carry posture when laying prone, too. The rifle would be basically held sideways (muzzle to he side, the weapons side facing you). The problem right now is, that toggling the carry position will make the character stand up and put it sideways, which means death in a firefight). Each function and position should have its equivalent within every stance, which brings me to the next point. PRONE MOVEMENT CONTROL As I said, every action should have it's equivalent. When I walk, I move slow and have the gun pointed forward, I would like to do the same when I crawl at the slowest pace (proned equivalent to walk). What that means is that the character holds the gun with the one hand, pushes it forward and lays the elbow in the ground for support, then he moves the other hand forward and lays it on the ground, when having both arms stretched out he pushes the body forward. You basically crawl very slowly with the gun pointed forward. I have actually seen footage when snipers (with ghillie suit) would slowly crawl forward by just pushing the rifle forward which always points forward. Less gun movement, more stealth. The tactical pace and run prone equivalent would be obviously more dynamic, with the gun sideways. The sprint would basically be the way it is now. PRONE VIEW CONTROL & TURN I love the way Ghost Recon does the prone turning. Your mouse turning is limited to each side, so you cannot spin around on the ground (which is ridiculous really), to turn further you would use the side strafe keys + mouse movement to rotate, while side strafe alone would make you crawls to the side. Extremely well done. Only thing that was really missing there was the ability to turn your head to check out the sides, that was really missing, but ArmA does not have this problem. There is another subject that sometimes puts the prone in games to ridiculous. When you aim too high and look like a snake (ugh). I suggest to limit the upward view movement severely, BUT, aiming higher than what is acceptable for a full prone, would actually make you roll on the side (like that side prone position that you can adjust in ArmA3 now) and you could move the muzzle up, until the moment where you aim that high, that you roll further on your back. Now then, when lying on your back, you can actually move the view further down until you get up and end up in the sitting position (that one you can also adjust now), facing the opposite side of where you were looking in the prone position. You could always roll on your side or your back and back to normal prone and cover most angles and not look dumb while doing so. Next time someone is sneaking up on you from behind, you would not end up lying like a helpless fish, nor would you start performing break dancing spins on the floor, but act as cool as it gets. THAT WOULD BLOW MY MIND! A problem may be backpacks, but we can have some few compromises now and then, can't we? FLEXIBLE AIM KEY I would love to be able to set up the aim the way that holding the aim key will aim the holo sight and clicking it will aim the scope. In addition to that, holding the aim key while aiming the scope would hold breath, but when holding the aim key to aim the holosight would not hold breath, unless you set it up that way. You could set another key to zoom+hold breath as it is now with the holo sights, but that's the point, to shoot at disatance you need to control breath and with this system you would not need to do it with the holos, because switching to scope is so easily doable. TURNING FAST WITH WEAPON AT THE READY I'd love to have that little effect, that if turning fast would temporary lower the muzzle and get it back up very fast when the turning motion ends. In a realism game I don't like these generic mechanics of twitch shooters, where you turn around lightning fast with the gun glued to your cheek. You can turn around very quick in real life (much faster than gamepads, lol), but you'd not be able to swing the gun around, but would rather lower it and snap it back in to ready when you stoop turning. So the ability to turn would not be affected and you could fire fast after turning, but slower turns would be encouraged by having the gun steady at ready. BINOCULARS Most games let you switch to binoculars and have them in your hands, where you can use them by using the aim key, and you know what, I agree. Some people may prefer to have an insta use of binoculars. Let them set it that way in the options, but allow them to "unaim" them with the aim key. INSIDE VEHICLES One thing I always wanted to see in a realism game, to be able to lean, level up and duck inside vehicles. It freaks me totally out when I am trapped into that stale sitting position, not being able to lean to look out the window when there are vehicle parts in the way (especially when you have tiny windows). Freaks me out. Imagine you are sitting at the gunner position, if you could lean to the side, you'd be able to look out of the front window. Same with the duck and raise. Want to see what's in front of the car (for instance when you got the vehicle nose up on a slope), make your view raise slightly. When under fire, duck down. You could use your infantry controls to use the lean and duck. Some may argue that you got the 3rd person for vehicles, but some servers have it off for realism and I generally prefer to stay immersed into the 1st person. I use 3rd person only because of the limitations of the vehicle 1st person. When driving vehicles off-road, I'd also like to hear gravel hitting the bottom sounds and when there is no roof than hear the passing by wind noise, which also goes for sitting on a MH-9 bench. Little nice details add some enjoyment to the game. HUD STANCE ICON I go further, not just an icon. I would like to have a full 3D animated and textured soldier icon of my own character in the corner of the screen, showing all the stuff that I actually do and am outfitted with. I mean if you reload your gun, you would see it on the icon, adjust a stance and you see it on the icon. That way you would have full awareness of your body and actions while in 1st person, but this would be optional, of course. I can even imagine that ambient light has an effect on the icon, so you would even get an idea of how lit you are. Of course, it would never go pitch black, you'd always see the details, but a darker icon in a low light environment would also make it more comfortable to look at it, it wouldn't stick out too much. An option to scale that icon would be good, and the ability to use it at the left or right side of the screen Icon at right Icon at left INTUITIVE FREELOOK This has me bothered from an aesthetic, realism gamer point of view. It is okay to turn full body everywhere you look when you got the gun at the ready, but it looks a bit strange when you are carrying the gun low. What if carrying guns low (carry/low-ready, but also sprint) would make you turn your head around freely? To turn the body where you are looking at, you would need to use the forward move key (tap it to turn torso, hold to turn and move toward that direction, obviously). If you want to turn your head when moving, you would actually do it the way it always worked in FPS games, by side-strafing (or forward + side strafe for diagonal movement). The head would be looking where you look at, but the body would be facing where you move to. This would not affect you in a negative way. You can still use the freelook key, when standing or moving and since the weapon is held low you would not see anything weird in the first person, but it would make the (casual) gamers behavior unconsciously look more authentic, without him to do anything or even care. APPLY BUTTON & KEYS INFO Why not having one in the controls menu? You could change settings and save them, without leaving the current menu (which "continue" does). Example Maybe hovering with the cursor over the binds in your controls menu should blend in a little information field (like you have it in the video options) with information regarding the purpose of the key bind in question. Would help the noobs. MISCELLANEOUS The usual suspects, make rifles being put on the chest when you select a pistol, grenade, rocket launcher and let it be pulled on the back when going prone. The grenade throw, holy mother of CoD... get rid of it ASAP!! Cool idea! You got that flying over Stratis background, but it's day. What if I'm gaming at night and want to get in the right mood? Allow us to have that fly by Stratis at night in night vision mode. Give us a little button, let's say at the top, which can be toggled no matter in what menu you are. Also, this background makes the game load slower initially. Let us deactivate that resource hog and I want this beautiful background Thanks for reading (or scrolling down).
  15. Thanks, for the positive replies. I'm glad the post was understood for the most part. Quite strict your superiors. I agree, there is more or less one way to hold a rifle at low-ready, so I think the soldiers would looks less like a copy of each other, because the current carry looks kind of individualized and every soldier does it the same way, which stands out as a bit visually unnatural. The way it is right now is a no go, but I agree that I do not want a return to the classical "rifle at back, prepare grenade, throw it, automatically grab another grenade, then deselect it to grab your rifle, etc". I think it is good if the rifle is still held with the left hand, but I'd suggest if you select the grenade, the rifle is slightly lowered, the grenade selected and held in the hand, than you click the fire key, the pin will be pulled and grenade thrown. After that you snap in back to ready. Like this I see I was not very clear on this one. The so called forward/backward view adjust (FOV) would affect both, the aimed and unaimed view, because the view is only pushed back or forth, the sights would remain centered. The left/right & top/down view adjust would only work for the unaimed view, as it would allow you to move the view horizontally and vertically. A gamer buddy told me he doesn't like the generic hip looking weapon position in ArmA3, because having the rifle shouldered looking past the sights should look different. I'm okay with the way the weapon is in ArmA3, but would prefer a position that I consider more realistic. Comparison --- I made a little demonstration video to explain some things. The first part shows a fast turn and the lowered/raised weapon during the process. It should work faster in the game and work more dynamic than as what it may look in the video. After that you see the slow view turn with the weapon steady, note you got no deadzone to the sides, but then there is deadzone to the bottom, which allows you to lower the sight when aimed and than quickly acquire the target again. Pay attention to how realistic the 3rd person (shadow) looks.
  16. Psychomorph

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    You wish to manually eject a failed round sooner or later.
  17. Psychomorph

    Movement Speed

    I'd rather interpret it as "walk, jog, run, sprint". The jog is like a slow run and the run is just faster paced, while sprint is the individual maximum performance. I have big problems with the controls and was cracking my head trying to set them up as I need, but failed. I sort of tolerate the way I have them now, even if they are very unintuitive for me. I am influenced by games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Infiltration and Thief when it comes to movement, because those did them really nice. First, I want to set my default movement mode, which must be WALK for me, because run by default freaks the living hell out of me. I want to work my way up from there. Second, like in GR and R6 and Thief I want to hold down the run key to run. Third, since unlike GR and R6 ArmA3 has a middle pace, the tactical (something I always wished for GR, R6 and Infiltration, because SWAT3 had it all along), I'd like to be able to toggle to it (from the default walk). Fourth, when I hold down the key to run, releasing it should always put me to tactical. The same way it works in Infiltration, if you sprint from walk or jog, you always end up jogging after you release the sprint key. This is quite logical considering that in real life it is natural to slow down from a sprint to a slower faster pace, than to make a full stop, which burns more energy. Gameplay wise it means that you don't have to remember whether you were running or walking before you started sprinting, you will always know what will follow after the sprint and are prepared, whereas if you don't know, it is often an unpleasant surprise and unexpected. The trick is, I'd like to do all the above with the same key. My movement key is the space bar. So I start the game with the walk as default speed, use the space bar to toggle between the walk and tactical, and hold the space bar to run. After the run I'd end up in tactical, as expected. Same goes for sprint (turbo), it behaves like the run (hold to perform, go back to tactical when released). This would be the absolutely most intuitive and realistic movement scheme for me. In ArmA3, the above is actually possible, but it requires you to do some movement key combos to enable it, and it doesn't work well anyway. So when I start as a runner, I need to use the first key to toggle to walk, a second to set tactical instead run and use the first key to toggle walk and tactical from then on. I can set run as hold action on the first key, but I can run only when the movement is toggled to walk, because if I toggled to tactical, holding the first key does the opposite and slows me down to walk. I'm not sure if it is correct, so maybe it wont work for you to reproduce, and that's the point, it is friggin rocket science to set my controls up the way I need them, because an unintuitive system, that makes no sense to me is forced upon me. A real nighmare. Would be nice if the movement thing was done more flexible in ArmA3. 1) Allow us to set out default speed 2) Allow us to bind keys to walk, tactical and run all separately. If you bind the same key to, let's say, walk and tactical, defined as toggle (not hold), then it will work as a toggle between both movements. Set the same key as a hold key function for the run and you will be able to run was long as this key is held and keep toggling between walk and run when pushed. You could also set run as default movement, toggle to walk with a key and hold down the same key to use the tactical temporary. 3) Allow us to define what movement follows a hold key. This is a complicated subject, as it changes with the way you set up your controls. Since I want my run to be a hold key, I want to use the next fast movement when key is released, which would be the tactical. If someone uses a scheme where he toggles between the walk and run with a key and holds down the same, or another key to use the tactical mode, than he might prefer to keep using the movement mode he was using before he started the tactical (be it walk or run). So, basically give us a way to define these things for ourselves. Simple thing, but since we talk about Sgt.Clumsy... I mean ArmA on there, it all gets complicated. :D
  18. Psychomorph

    Influx of casuals to Arma

    Let's be serious. The only way to actually really play ArmA is with a closed group on a closed server. On public it's organized chaos with the objective being constantly completed without mission restart, or if you get into a good game and catch up with your team after a 10 minute jog, you get killed by a noob who says "ohh, I thought this was free for all". ArmA is great, but it is really just a (mostly chronically incomplete) platform. The community makes the game and you need to find your place. The BF3 noobs do matter not on there, and if they do bother you, then you are doing something wrong. BF3 noobs on this forum, matter not, too. Alright then, now to find a group to enjoy game. Where do we start...
  19. I skipped on ArmA2 because of the clunkyness and was glad to hear BIS improves the things, though I'm a realism orientated player and I too find that ArmA3 is a bit too fast. BIS needs to slow down every movement (especially the crouched ones) a tad bit, also make moving up and down hill much slower and far more tiring (including much less stable sights/muzzle).
  20. Psychomorph

    Silencers - Why do they exist in ArmA 3?

    @FiberOpticRabbit: It came through as if like I meant suppressor with supersonic has no difference. A supersonic crack is obviously much more silent than a bang of expanding gases (plus crack). I actually meant to say that silenced guns in general have less far traveling sound and it is harder to make out the source of the sound. I'm no excerpt on the subject, like some others are on this forum, and did not mean to act all smart-a**, just wanted to say that there is a very good use for silencers in the game if done right (that includes affecting AI). In fact I think they would be very good, as real life proves their effectivity.
  21. Psychomorph

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    This gets me extremely excited. I call myself an immersion gamer, which is part of why I am a 1st person + Mouse fanatic (PC gamer), because moving the mouse to move your view is one of the closest accurate representations of looking around as you do look around in real life. TrackIR surely does a big step forward with this, but unfortunately I did not try it yet. The Rift, however, is like a whole new dimension. A 1st person perspective on a monitor has limitations though, either you have a wide FOV or can see far, never both at the same time, which why ArmA is big with zoom. I hope the Rift gives you a very true to life image and FOV, so that zoom should be entirely removed from ArmA when using the Rift. This is like a revolution. Look around, move the gun with your hand/s (mouse or gun controller). Can't wait. gonna spend a fortune to get this if necessary.
  22. Psychomorph

    Silencers - Why do they exist in ArmA 3?

    The videos posted in this thread perfectly illustrate how simple the whole silencer business is. Silencer+supersonic ammo = rather insignificantly more silent than unsilenced, but still has a reduction effect. Silencer+subsonic = as silent as it gets. Using silencer+supersonic may be of use at night with night vision to remove the flash (I guess suppressors are rather used). Silencer+subsonic should have a clear effect in the game, it is much harder to spot where the sound comes from if near enough (reduces AI's abilty to spot sound sources). On larger distances the sound simply doesn't travel far enough. So, in a military environment, silencers have their good place. [/captain obvious]
  23. Psychomorph

    JUMP please!!

    An ex special force person, who is an official advisor of a game in development, said that during operations they used to jump all the time, in full gear, over dead bodies, and smaller obstacles and such. Fact is, if you want to get over a smaller obstacle while running away from bad guys, you do not want to stop and "V" over it and than start running again, nuh-uh. Solution is, if you Turbo/Run "V" makes you leap (including over gaps, Run has a weaker leap due to less speed), at the slower paces you stop and step over the stuff like it is now. Very realistic and logical.
  24. Psychomorph

    Arma3 gameservers spotted

    Hoooold on... does it mean someone is still using the default windows theme?
  25. I see OPF and ArmA not as a simulator, but as what I call a "simulator-game". Kind of a hybrid, that has some simulation traits, but is still a game with a story, details that are necessary for a game but not a simulator, etc. It is mostly a game of course. As for the statement that CQB was never intended in OPF. That might be true, but fact is that there are buildings in the game and soon or later you get close to them and it would be good if the game did it well enough. Also as seen in OA, CQB is more prominent in the modern day warfare than it was in the past maybe, so BIS can adapt to it. Thing is, when I ask CQB, I mean proper movement and weapon handling, which I really don't think is hard to do, I don't see why it would. But if CQB means offline AI to be programmed to perform proper CQB with commands and schemes, than things get tricky. As said all I want it the individual (human controlled) CQB element to be present. @Rye: Your PM box is full.