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  1. BI Studio you guys are awesome for: - making proper quality games/simulations since Flashpoint - incredible support for those games - adding incredible amounts of content for free (or hardly any money) - actually fixing bugs every time you update - loving your own games many other software factories should use you as an example those were my two cents. keep on rocking! :cool:
  2. Pirate.

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    1) Sniper targets on long range seem to "teleport" in ArmA2 (as most players know). Please fix it in ArmA3 if possible. I think it's probably a bandwidth saver but pretty annoying when you are sniping at the long ranges. Solution? Maybe check if sniper is zoomed in and only then allow more positional data to flow to the snipers client? But I'm just a user, I don't speak C++ ;) 2) Try to get semi-realistic friction coefficients on tires (tracks) and surfaces. I want to slip and slide down a 70° grass slope and not drive on it like I'm on rails. Maybe wet surfaces (rain?) can have even lower friction coefficients ;)
  3. Is it possible to turn off crosshairs (weapon cursors or whatever they are called) for each weapon individually? So I keep the lock-boxes in the Javelin but I don't have a cursor floating in the air somewhere over my rifle. Anybody got a scripting idea?
  4. Pirate.

    Linux Port for BI Titles

    This distro should be easy of use. Most of the gamers are not very computer savvy and don't like the hassle of installing WINE or other tools that make games run (somewhat) on Linux. So if there was a distro which is already optimized for gaming out of the box, the gamer doesn't have to be bothered setting up another distro himself. Gamers only really NEED Windows for gaming. OpenGL gives people the freedom to chose whatever operating system they want, and still being able to play games. My assumption is that if you give gamers a free operating system which is optimized to play games, they will use it, because it costs less than Windows. If developers notice that a large portion of gamers prefers to play games on the platform of their own choice, the developers will want their game to run on an open graphics engine so the whole game can be much more easily ported to any of those platforms. So in the end, they reach a larger audience than just the gamers on Windows. They get Apple gamers and Linux gamers as customers too. 99% of the bugs in the BIS engine is not graphics related and my guess is OpenGL wouldn't add a lot of graphics bugs. Besides, they can be swiftly solved because there are a lot of very smart people in the OpenGL/CL community.
  5. Pirate.

    Linux Port for BI Titles

    If there would be a group of coders/gamers that would build a Linux distro specifically designed for gamers, the developers would have to start re-educating their coders to OpenGL and I think that would be a good development for gamers and probably even for developers and publishers.
  6. Pirate.

    Linux Port for BI Titles

    Please BI Studio, use the OpenGL rendering engine on whatever "game 4" you guys have in the pipeline! Your fans would hug you lots! If John Carmack says it's good, it must be good! These are some reasons why. [...]If you use DirectX, you have to choose between using the weak, bloated DirectX 9 or sacrificing most of your user-base to use DirectX 10 or 11. On the other hand, if you use OpenGL, you get faster and more powerful graphics features than DirectX 11, and you get them on all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as the PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, and iPhone.[...]
  7. Pirate.

    ATI 4800 series users

    Problem solved. Got a 525W Enermax power supply and it does the job.
  8. Pirate.

    ATI 4800 series users

    dear hardware wizards, I bought a Sapphire 4890 (Toxic Edition) to be able to run ArmA II on my PC. I had a Sapphire 1950 Pro before. Now after playing ArmA II (or any other 3D game/sim) for about 2 minutes (sometimes less), my PC shuts down and reboots. Like pressing the reset button. My immediate reaction was: PSU isn't up to the job. I had a 1950 Pro so upgrading to the 4890 is a huge step when it comes to power usage. But then I have a Xilencepower 600W power supply. 600 Watts should be enough. UNLESS it can't deliver enough peek power for that little extra juice that ArmA might need to load up textures, calculate effects, etcetera. So is it the power supply or something else? Is it possible that Xilencepower makes shitty PSUs that can't deliver what they promise? Could it be the motherboard not up to the job? I doubt this. My system ran 3D Mark without shutting down. When I dare to start the Furmark bench (not Futuremark) it shuts down instantly. My system: Xilencepower 600W PSU Abit AB9 Pro board E6600 @ 2.4 or 2.7 or 3.0 GHz (I tested the shutdown thing with these frequencies) 2x 1GB OCZ fatality 1066 MHz DDR2 Sapphire ATI HD4890 Toxic 2x WD 640GB in RAID 0 1x WD 320GB some DVD writer no soundcard (I use the AC'97 on board) and yes, a mouse and a keyboard.
  9. With that resolution that might just be possible. Just watch out for that 4850 issue! Also depends on your CPU ofcourse (and amount of RAM). Best thing is to ask someone with a 4850 how many frames per second he/she gets at 1024x768.
  10. Askl yourself this: when was your hardware first released? After that, dare and complain about ArmA2 performance, considering the scale of the simulation, which it is. I understand that people complained about Armed Assault performance when it came out. Even with new hardware it was a challenge to get 60fps on normal settings. (normal means "today's standard") But ArmA II supposedly runs smoother than Armed Assault on the same hardware on the same settings. Adding to that the fact that hardware has gotten increasingly faster since Armed Assault came out, there is really no reason to complain about anything other than the size of your wallet or your concerns for the environment. I think I made my point. This is not a flame but rather a wake up shout.
  11. Pirate.

    Windage and bullet weight

    Good points kt178! +++ The windage is probably too much realism for most players, but bullet drop and damage decrease over range is very important.
  12. Depends on how "wide" the target is you are calling for. If the target takes only 0.1 degrees on the azimuth, I would be very precise with my bearings. If the target is a couple degrees wide, like a car on a few hundred meters distance, just "south" would suffice.
  13. Pirate.

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    First of all congratulations gunterlund21. Could you show us how you attached the sensor to your monitor? Did you use another TrackIR before? And how easy do you get used to running/driving/flying in one direction and looking in another? Is it not slightly disorientating? Thanks in advance.
  14. Jump around like a little girl, after which I will realise my crappy graphics card will probably not reach 10 fps in medium settings, after which I will check these forums for benchmark results after which I will go internetshopping :)
  15. Pirate.

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    firstly: Sorry for the late reply Isn't it a possibility that the guys over at BIS created a fictional HMMWV model that has never been produced? Maybe even intentionally? They are using features of several different versions/models and combining them into a new one. Maybe even adding some never-been-used features aswell. That may not be realistic, but it might just do the job well... The good thing about not starting from scratch and building a vehicle that doesn't resemble anything existing could be saving time. Don't reinvent if you don't have to. Same reason why they used a part of the Czech Republic and not a fictional country. Evolution takes time, better copy and existing an evolved product than start your own evolution and go through many design generations until the "optimum" product is achieved. An additional benefit is that if a vehicle is based on an existing one it is immediately recognized, even if it's not nuts-and-bolts accurate to the real deal.
  16. Good thinking Matt, I think blackforest is one of those people who's worried that he can't beat the latest 3DMark records... Tip to everyone with a budget: wait for the ArmA2 benchmark results to come out after the game is released. Only then decide what hardware to get. All these speculations are a waist of forum space. And so is my post if you think of it...
  17. Pirate.

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    To me it's not important if the models are 100% accurate. If the exhaust isn't in the exact right place or the camouflage isn't inch-perfect, it all doesn't matter to me as long as the vehicle fits its intended purpose. That is the applied armor acts like it should, the camouflage works, the handling is as realistic as possible with the physics engine, you can fit the right amount of passengers and the guns work like they do in real life. If then the exhaust is in the wrong place, so be it! That doesn't make the vehicle less useful in the virtual battlefield.
  18. Pirate.

    Knife in ArmA 2 ?

    Maybe you should stay far away from military simulations... knives are for cooking.
  19. Pirate.

    "Sara.pbo is missing" error

    I have the same problem (also with X64). I think they should fix the patch so it runs properly on X64 systems <edit> Just being logged in as a user with administrative rights doesn't solve the problem. Rightclick the file, then Run as... select the administrator account in the bottom and type in the correct password. Then hit Enter </edit>
  20. Pirate.

    Problem patching german download version

    Here's what happens to me: patch from 100 to 102: problem recognized: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=55947
  21. Pirate.

    Latest screenshots available

    I hope every vehicle can do what it can in real life. Not more, not less.
  22. Pirate.

    Any other (ex) Battlefield 2 players?

    There should be a form of respawning obviously. I'm curious to see how they solved it. Medics shouldn't be able to revive someone to send him back into battle, that's just stupid. Medic: "There you go buddy, go back and kick some ass! I'm sorry I couldn't stitch up that hole in your belly this quick!" Soldier: "No problem, I can fight like this!"
  23. Pirate.


    if SP campaign is dynamic (like it will be, right?) then it will be fun to play more than once.