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    Development Blog & Reveals

    This misses the point. How about w is tactical walk and ADD avatar is not the first thing greeting a new player? Besides if someone surprises me in urban environment my first instinct is to strafe and shoot. Not having D lower my weapon by default would be nice for strafe. On a side note: all new mice have 5 buttons. 5 buttons is also the maximum supported without slowing down mouse reaction. One of those side buttons is probably your push-to-talk but one is left for other things. I think 3 button mouse is obsolete by any standards right now. Mouse wheel was not a standard from the get go, anybody remembers a true 3 button or even 2 button mouse? :cool:
  2. Panda_pl

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I did not play the demo but from what I am seeing one thing really pops out a lot. It's the rifle sweeping up and down when controls are in hands of new player. Perhaps jogging should be the default option and run should be accessible once you lower the weapon manually, since if you are in combat there is really no reason to run at slower speed (you will either chose to have weapon up and ready or move at sprint speed). Lowering and rising the weapon 20 times a minute is really irritating and it happens automatically when you go run/stop/run/stop. If animation system allowed I would suggest a timeout before lowering weapon while running, so it does not happen each time you make 2 steps. As for the lack of smoothness of camera acceleration: short of decoupling the camera from animated character there is really no helping it. If you watch helmet cam footage it does not really look like BF3 either, on a side note.
  3. Panda_pl

    Reusable weapon attachments for modders?

    1) ArmA is not about weapons. 2) bandwagon ahoy. 3) there is no such thing as small task or easy fix. Tasks that span across several areas (artwork/animation system/GUI/rewriting weapon handling code) almost definitely are not simple and need coordination and testing. All tasks and jobs have a tendency to expand and linger on.
  4. Look at the helicopter at the very end of the clip. You can clearly see his rotor wash pushing the smoke from rockets he is firing. :O
  5. Panda_pl

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I'll just note the guy was constantly transitioning between run and standing still. The game looked more fluid when the player used combat jog/walk to move. The constant rising and lowering of weapon is irritating and so is running into objects... If you kept sprinting for 2m just to stop and start sprinting again any AAA title would look and feel clunky.
  6. Panda_pl

    Reusable weapon attachments for modders?

    Seeing as sights have different height I'd assume so.
  7. Panda_pl

    Weapon posturing

    @Psychomorph That's some interesting point, however I do think ArmA3 level design (*ekhm*) will involve far less "verticality"... Besides what I was talking about is how you keep the weapon when you are not aiming, since I believe floating zone decreases when you aim and zoom in. Perhaps the upper boundary of float zone should be middle of screen, since rising weapon higher to have it occlude the view too much is useless anyway, you would never do that intentionally. Or have it separately adjusted.
  8. Panda_pl


    The thread just went full circle again, or was that in other thread? The problem with drop down weapon is that once you go prone it hits the ground and fills up with dust. How would you then crawl with rifle underneath you? The problem with moving rifle from front to back when going prone is this will make going prone slower and get you killed on so many occasions. The game cannot give player absolute control over where his rifle is like he has IRL and the game has no way of reading your mind to know whether you want to get to your handgun faster or be able to go prone fast while holding the handgun. On a side note many will prefer the one point sling because it allows you to swing the weapon behind you when you perform other tasks since it's basically just hanging off you. With 3 point sling moving the weapon to your back is harder and there are more straps to catch on other parts of your gear.
  9. Panda_pl

    Arma 3 Action Menu

    A list of commands taking up entire screen will probably fit any command needed ever, grouped into categories for quick access. This would also allow you to do things like drag and drop troops to assign them to vehicle positions or place them in squads or use selection windows with scroll lists or pop-up dynamic lists. Command rose is usually 8-12 commands per level so it will end up being multi-layered and placing commands in circle makes it harder to search for one you want. If commands are in list like in Swat4 you can just search for first letter and locate the command faster.
  10. Panda_pl

    Weapon posturing

    I think I would solve it by adding some weapon slow lowering behavior when you are using weapon floating zone. But then again if you use floating zone you can do that manually. While playing ArmA2 I would lower the rifle a bit all the time by myself so I don't see the problem. I prefer more awareness to magic CQB aim. Am I the only one who did not push the slider all the way left for more CoD feel?
  11. Panda_pl

    Development Blog & Reveals

    There is no other method. You can tweak the effect to be more or less subtle as a whole but not make it more selective. SSAO is not actual AO, it just adds a halo around objects. It is supposed to pretend to be actual Ambient Occlusion while being cheap edge-detect-alike effect. If you look at Cryengine tech presentations you will see it's the same thing
  12. Post processing means it just blurs the rendered frame in places of high contrast. It's a poor man's AA for engines that cannot support proper measures. If you compare the picture the difference is obvious and PP is a step back from normal AA we already have.
  13. Panda_pl

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Just for fairness: you could equally correctly say it's based off FN-FAL, SCAR and G3. I think you are limiting your creativity. ;) You can find clues of many weapons in the design, ACR is somewhere down the list. :)
  14. People have been arguing for decades abourt which factors matter them most when damage to human body is considered. Some say permanent cavity size, others will say the temporary cavity size etc. Whatever formula ou use is still highly doubtful and unfounded and you will probably find calibers that are an anomaly... So why not at least keep it simple? It does the job. Bullets hurt less at long range, seems fine. I think devs mentioned realistic body armor, so if I am not mistaken things could get interesting.
  15. Panda_pl

    Development Blog & Reveals

    You misunderstand. Collision model is how collisions are calculated and resolved. How stuff does not end up inside other stuff. It usually uses some sort of boxes that are either generated automatically or created by hand. The boxes are probably not the issue here, it seems to be the lack of precision of the calculations. So it's an engine problem, not content problem if I am correct.