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  1. Nice Mod, but help me is there a mpmission out now?! greets
  2. putinix77


    The mission is still at test, we will update the mission every day!
  3. putinix77


    Check out the server mission with my Soeldners v1.1! Info on the top!!!
  4. putinix77


    Please remove the old version 1.0 from ur site to prevent any complications! THX forward PutiNix77
  5. putinix77


    BCM_ADDON v1.1 is updated now! Rebuild as RES Unit: BCM_ADDON v1.1
  6. putinix77


    Fantastic model, great work realy. i am very proud to see this german goods here in arma!!! Now we need a small sherman tank for chow Großartig einer der besten custom Arbeiten überhaupt!!!
  7. putinix77

    German FLAK 38-20 mm

    wow this looks great!!! gib ihm gib ihm feuer feuer!! Â
  8. putinix77

    New WEAPONS Models

    by all respect Jonny but who need that small shit^^ Â
  9. putinix77

    F-117 Nighthawk

    THX for the INFOS guys i have sent it to PEP maybe we can see some updates in the future. Question from PEP to Jackal326: jackal how can he convert all two sets of 3-edge faces into squared' 4-edge faces??? please maybe you have a example for this option!
  10. putinix77

    F-117 Nighthawk

    PEP made this model by himself without construction plan and without existing model or copy. He had only a plastic model on his desk^^ You see its realy good work AND i have never seen a perfect model like this in OFP. The wheels and the cockpit are from the harrier fighter! This model have a bomb cargo!!! "EMSI" what are u talking about, is that the way you give him respect for this work?
  11. putinix77

    F-117 Nighthawk

    He cut the most of the vertices out, the rest is too important to remove! Please specify your idea a little bit, maybe its a option in oxygen2 we dont know! Points: 22494, Faces: 39595
  12. putinix77

    F-117 Nighthawk

    My clan member PEP work on the F-117 Nighthawk, here are some pics for u guys. Look at this! Maybe there is someone how can help him a bit? he found a problem and we cant handle it! I hope this big community can help to realise this project! Can Anyone help? Sent me a mail over the flashpoint forum!
  13. putinix77


    I am wondering why they are change my mercenaries in this look, i dont realy like it, also i can't remember that anyone notes me about it? also i cant see me in credits? use the addon ok but dont change my textur please this drives me crazy. u can remove the id card or what ever.. but this? http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=addons&id=43 http://97626.homepagemodules.de/t12f21-ADDON-UNITS.html
  14. putinix77

    Sakakah Al Jawf

    Ahh this is ur project, nice work looks pretty real!
  15. putinix77

    My desert dream island!

    Thanks Aussie! If i could do this what u did, i would not ask for help.. Still need help for the map!!