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  1. Yeah happened to me to on my addon. Went throught the patch notes and did not seem to find anything relevant. Anyone knows something about this?
  2. Hi guys, sorry to dig up maybe an old thread but this one was kinda relevant to my problem. Im getting this undefined var problem too but only about 50 percent of time i play the mission. here is the script that causes it: --------------------------- private ["_soldiers", "_number", "_i", "_xx", "_yy", "_zz", "_man"]; _soldiers = +(list vsichniCiv); _number = (count _soldiers) - 0.01; _i = 0; while {_i < _number} do { _xx = 20 - (random 40); _yy = 20 - (random 40); _zz = random 20; _man = _soldiers select _i; _man setVelocity [_xx,_yy,_zz]; _man setDir (random 360); _i = _i + 1; }; sleep 0.1; {_x setDamage 1} forEach _soldiers; -------------------------- I am using this script to create the feeling that there was a battle before with random bodies lying all around, it takes all the guys under the trigger "vsichniCiv" and one by one sets them random velocity, then kills them. It looks very good with the bodies totally random every time you arive on the scene, but half of the time it just produces the "undefined variable error" and the people are still running around happily. The problem is that I cant tell why, because it is not reproducible, even if i dont touch the mission and run it 10 times, about 5times it will work and about 5 times it wont :(
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, I know the bodies dont disappear right after you respawn, because sometimes im able to recover my own gear, they may however disappear after you respawn for the second time, not sure about that, but looks like it. I will probably use the eventhandler just to create a loot pile from the corpses. But one would think that this kind of setting should be somewhere... Thanks
  4. Anyone? It is really frustrating. (Also shameless selfbump :)
  5. Hi, I have made a deathmatch scenario, everything works smoothly except the annoying fact that sometimes the corpses of players / AIs in playable slots disappear litarally 2 seconds after you kill them. Is there a way to define the lenght of corpses staying on the battlefield? I am not using any cleaning scripts or anything and the bodies sometimes stay quite long, sometimes they disappear right away (the descent to ground / hide body animation), it seems pretty random. (I have searched all over the internet for half a dy but cant find anything like this). Thanks
  6. Hello, here is the first version of my SP mission pack. Currently it contains 3 missions. There are no addons required. These are all quick infantry skirmishes, mainly based on the good ol stuff from OFP/ARMA. There will also be a link to download them in editable form if you need that for whatever reason. Instalation: Just unzip the "PJ" folder into your missions folder in the games root. In case of those editable, you need to put the three folders into your profile (in documents/arma3) missions folder. SP version: http://uloz.to/xSpwjPPv/pj-zip Editable version: http://uloz.to/xStiLccE/pj-editable-zip -edit- Armaholic mirror: (thanks for hosting guys) - PJ´s SP mission pack [ALPHA] Have fun :P Known bugs: In the infantry mission beginning the inserting lilbird is apperantly driven by a moron who randomly decides to kill your whole squad, i tried to fix that but so far no luck :(. Any suggestions and bug reports are welcome in this thread.
  7. Hi, you are looking for eventhandlers, simply add a "killed" eventhandler to every player and you should be able to get your data. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addEventHandler
  8. pj[cz]

    GTX 570 users experience

    Oh, now i see my sig is outdated, i actually have Phenom2 x4 945BE @ 3.7GHz. Yes i tried generating a new config by deleting it and reruning the game. And yes it really sounds like a HDD issue but i have it installed on my new SSD and while benchmarking it shows results at least 5 times better than the old sata 7200rpm drive it was installed before (HDD bench not arma one). Ill try shuffling with the memory settings but can some1 with a gtx 570 card who doesnt have these issiues post what driver are you using?
  9. Hi, I recently upgraded my computer a bit and I was kind of disappointed that Arma started stuttering. The upgrade involved GTX275->GTX570 graphics, a new OCZ Vertex SSD 120Gb drive and going from 4 to 8 Gb of DDR2. Also i uninstalled and reinstalled the whole Arma2 + OA + BAF+ PMC thing on the SSD as it was reported that SSDs help. However when i fire up OA + BAF+ PMC the game stutters like hell no matter what settings, i can set everything on max and lose approx 5 FPS. And this is not about the FPS, the game seems running okay, but every second or so it kinda freezes for half a second. I have tried three versions of the drivers also. The ones included with the GFX were 263.99 i believe and Arma was running bad, than i tried 270.61, 275.27Beta and 275.33. The 270.61 were the best of them but the stutter is still unbearable. My whole rig is in the signature. Im especially interested in gtx 570 users, what drivers are you using and what settings? Please enlighten me. PS.: it seems that the game actually runs whorse on the gtx 570 than on my old gtx 260 :( all the other games took like 40%+ increase but Arma took it for the worse :( And for the other games I really dont give a ****
  10. pj[cz]

    What's the sign you play too much ArmA?

    - when you refer to a forest as a "tree at 12 o clock" - when you got a flat tire on our car you shout franticly "need repairs" into your cellphone - when buying soda you choose the package based on its volume per inventory slot - when giving something away you insist on putting it on the ground where the can collect it - when there is a wall you still try to step over it in case it has bugged geometry
  11. pj[cz]

    Tank damage modelling in OA?

    The hitpoint system may seem obsolete, but BIS did some nice upgrades to it in OA and statements like "I can throw 20 million rocks in the editor with my rock supply script to knock out a T90 MBT" are really stupid if you ask me, because in the heat of the battle you dont have time to make "exploits" like that work, because after the first hit by -insert name of a weapon not designed to kill tanks-, the tank will get extremely pissed at you and BBQ your A**. OpF/ARMA was never meant to be a strict tank simulator and you cant expect it to calculate the dents a T34s main gun does to your Abrams hull to eventually add up and kill your crew. Im not saying there isnt room for improvement but i find the current system really good except few obvious bugs e.g. HEAT rounds not evaporating a taskitani bicycle in one hit :)
  12. pj[cz]


    Hi, regarding this "issue" I am all for the paid DLC way to bring some uber campaign gameplay. It wont devide the comunnity as the content will stay the same but for us the "singleplayer junkies" a 40 mission epic campaign will be more than worth, lets say 15$. And in this topic i must remember that not only campaigns but also epic single scenarios need to be mentioned. I think that BIS can make a lot of good with producing single missions like Ambush from OFP or Blood Sweat and Tears from Arma1 as free downloadable content for their newest games
  13. pj[cz]

    failed mission erases all your saves

    He is talking about the campaign and i can confirm I had my own share of frustration using that unmanned flying egg, However I ended up using a cheat to skip that mission as the UAV was more and more out of control and completely useless in the end...
  14. pj[cz]

    [OA]A few guns need zeroing....

    Hi, the m16 family had many variants in basic arma2 as they were the main armament for the USMC. In Arrowhead the army uses mainly the SCAR, So if ou want the m16s ranging from the ironsighted A2s to fully tuned ACOG/M203 A4s you will have to buy vanilla ARMA2 or go the combined operations way :)
  15. pj[cz]

    IR Strobes works?

    Hi, if you want to put the strobe into your west to mark yourself, i guess you will have to wait for the A.C.E. team to make their magic happen as they made it possible in arma 2 to put chemlights into our west