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  1. Pitti

    RHS release 4

    nice stuff ... respect RHS how many release coming ? 10 ?
  2. Pitti

    Germany 1985

    i think and hope we can take this part of the project. NVA - Mod
  3. Pitti

    William Porter's Blog

    Blog complete in french ? here --> http://www.armedassault.fr/william/ Blog complete in german ? here --> http://www.1msd.com/willi/ thanks to cappa and Karl^Napp from BIS-Ingame.net !!! And thanks to the french Blog translators for the idea.
  4. Pitti

    NVA-Mod (Nationale Volksarmee)

    Happy new year to all We have released a new version of our island. This is new in version 0.9: * a smal island in northwest * more ground on head island * a few new villages * a new airport (smal) * a factory You need Sniping Jack´s Texturen Set. It´s better you have all Mapfact Addons (secure you have the english ofp.info site ) also you need the "Minol Gas Station" here some pics of the island: Ok ... and now the download link: Press here for DL DDR-Insel 0.9!!! Staff suggestions, excitements and criticism please here or in our forum. thanks for your attention :hug:
  5. hi and welcome the NVA-Mod search also for >>> YOU <<< we make a modification of the east german army "national peoples army" and we need anyone for creating the original cars like W50, LO an P3. You are but we can only pay in east german marks
  6. Pitti

    Armed Assault trailer

    one more mirror: go to NVA-Mod - The East-German-Army Mod and get it I change the Content-Picture later
  7. Pitti

    Arma czech previews

    one more mirror: go to NVA-Mod - The East-German-Army Mod and get it
  8. Pitti

    NVA-Mod (Nationale Volksarmee)

    oh....thanks, great links here a fine picture: i think i must rework the cammo  but before i make the Trabi i make that "Stuffhund" a little bit lightness, i think its near the original ;) and a new icon:
  9. Pitti


    the cammo is nice !
  10. Pitti

    NVA-Mod (Nationale Volksarmee)

    no  at the moment i make the Trabant Kübel a little bit lightness the textur on the Pictures is to dark  but the L410 is ok ... the original picture is an old picture and the colors a little bit pale, i think the camo from CSLA Mod we must not reworked, why a great work change ? but the number is on a differnt place  we work on it  Â
  11. Pitti

    Red Hammer Studios

    i hope it also .... but the GAZ is a nice car and the Infantry looks very good ... great job Â
  12. Pitti

    NVA-Mod (Nationale Volksarmee)

    at the moment only retexturing....but the comoflage of the L410 we don´t need reworked, that´s the same in the NVA i wish we can make addons from zero .... but at the moment we can not ... sorry  thanks to RHS and CSLA Team for here great work !!! <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>(sorry, my english is not the best ;) )</span>
  13. Pitti

    NVA-Mod (Nationale Volksarmee)

    thank you .... the gas station is my first work
  14. Pitti

    NVA-Mod (Nationale Volksarmee)

    Today we want to report what we are doing now. Fortunately the most weapons and vehicles of the NVA were from the soviet production so we only had to change the Addons from our partners from RHS and CSLA Team. So to see at the L410 A very good Addon, we are allowed to use. Thanks to MAA from CSLA! We are also still working on our island. Soon we will release version 0.2 BETA with GDR specific buildings, for example a “Minol†fuel-station. Not yet finished but hopefully ready soon. The bus-stop. More buildings will come soon… We are also thinking about a campaign. Who has got ideas, is welcome to tell it us in our special thread in the NVA-Mod forums. The English part of our site are also still in progress. Now you are up to date. Your NVA-Mod Team
  15. Pitti

    Your banner

    here here here