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  1. privatenoob

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Conflict is a fun mode, havent had this fun online in a long time, maybe back in VBS1 days, however, the endless crashing needs to get fixed but the future looking great. (graphics looking great too, look at water and tree in close up, insane graphics. Thanks BIS for a good job.
  2. Pure gold in the second video and why Im looking forward to this game, the MP part is gonna be awesome. Bring on the pain, see ya on the battlefield. :)
  3. Yes but SKYRIM will be the only true sandbox RPG this year. 11-11-11 Goodbye world Im goin away.
  4. privatenoob

    Mount & Blade: PC RPG.

    Yea but it was some problem with one of the bigger mods, think it was 1257 AD or Europe 1200, just crashed on me. Dunno if has something to do with Win 7.
  5. privatenoob

    Mount & Blade: PC RPG.

    But the best thing this is: GO SWEDEN GO! Oh this is going to be epic, Mount and blade warband SP is really fun, although I cant get the mods I want to work with it. I think I tried the demo twice before getting into the game, at first I was like "wtf is this" but now Im loving it. Here is another preview: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/reviews/previews/8587-Preview-Mount-Blade-With-Fire-and-Sword
  6. privatenoob

    IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

    There is no confusion, it IS the new game. sry,....flightsim. :P Definitely going for the collectors edition on this one.
  7. Ok this is good news but this is even better: NEW ENGINE! http://twitter.com/nickbreckon/status/14015054991069184
  8. Beating Black ops is hardly an achievement but nice topic. :p Too "bad" it looks like a long wait for Ro2 to come but yea its my highest looking forward gametitle in years to come. Its gonna be..........epic!
  9. M O R R O W I N D And after that...the rest...nuff said.
  10. privatenoob

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    Well that is right, if one is new to flightsims a cheap joystick is the way to go, at least in the beginning, in case you dont get into it. I started with a logitech joystick too lol. A whole deal is about immersion, I wouldn't play a racing game without wheel and pedals either.
  11. privatenoob

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    Yes HOTAS + TrackIR/FreeTrack. I wouldnt personally even consider flying a flightsim without those. There will be training tutorials that look really helpful. Just check out the start up video.
  12. New video? Released thursday. Looks like fallen heroes map. Yea fun but small map. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/pax-10-red-orchestra/704271 Waiting till 2011 is going to be hard! well Red Orchestra and particular the DH mod on 29th server(free download at steam) is gonna keep me busy anyway. If you havent played DH on 29th server you dont know what you are missing. Great maps, great people to play with usually. One thing overall I like with Red Orchestra is that players use VOIP alot, which by the way works flawless, no need for a third-party program or that you are required to have or use a headset + mick + that everybody can hear it obviously.
  13. privatenoob

    Crusades/Medieval Mod

    Wow this looks really excellent so far! :notworthy:
  14. privatenoob

    Project Reality Development

    If PR can bring, not only teamwork but also some what correct military procedures in MP then Im all for it. I have given up playing on public servers in Arma for a while now. I mean, whats the point of having this military simulator-game, with all these features that aims for realism when people play it in a non-military way!? Many public servers, particular PVP servers are a silent kindergarden with people running around like it was some sort of singelplayer MMO, its such a turn off I cant play it anymore. Yes me, Im talking about me and want I want, nothing more. Atleast with PR I hope the ones that want military team-work will have a place to go and know it without having to join a squad. If PR will change this(Pls do!), then I hope they will deliver because ArmaII Multiplayer needs you!
  15. privatenoob

    A.A. Drive by on Insurgents

    Probably but hey, lets be anti-american just for the principle.