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    F/a-18x black wasp

    Congrats BO1 on the upcoming DLC. It's been a little while but I think I'll have a reson to devote some days to Arma again soon. Thank you.
  2. pathetic_berserker

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Now this is something to follow. Keep it up.
  3. pathetic_berserker

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Oh now that is sweet! This really has me inspired to bring my Mi24-A Krokodil over to A3. And CUPs documentation looks like it could really help in this regard, unfortunately I'd still need to find the time. That frigate interior is also looking top notch. Keep up the good work CUP!
  4. pathetic_berserker

    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    All the info you need is in the readme but I'll reiterate that apart from A2/OA the required addons are only for the Lingor, Moltatian and Red Dawn versions, and these versions are still accessible in vanila A2\OA as empty vehicles with out any error messages. And those versions and some other extra skins are in the folder called 'Optional stuff' UPDATE! v_03 is finally here! Tweaked flight model to bring it closer to the in game BIS Mi-24 Better Ai detection Tougher Armour cheers, enjoy! download is ~117meg http://www.filefactory.com/file/3jdirbxao297/PAF_Mi-24A_v_03.7z Mirrors v_03 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16615 readme under spoiler.
  5. pathetic_berserker

    Infinity Battlescape

    The graphics and the art style is actually one of things that appeal to me. Not only do I like the style but the level of fidelity may actually be friendly for hobby level modding. Modding for other recent space games are either 'out of bounds' or in the case of Star Citizen require too much work. Besides pretty isn't so important in a dog fight and Star Citizen doesn't do atmo' yet. And both Elite and Star Citizen have issues with their idea of Newtonian flight models which this game appears to have avoided. Most of all I appreciate the game play premise, basically CTI over a whole solar system. Mind blowing compared to ArmA geography, yet intimate compared to Start Citizen or Elite. I hope it does well
  6. pathetic_berserker

    Australia Version 5.09 Release

    Ha!, funny thing about multitasking, I cant. Should have said 1.00 mark. Ah.. ya got me, coz I bet you do so know what I'm talking about.
  7. pathetic_berserker

    Australia Version 5.09 Release

    Hey Aus, have you checked out the new Tanoa trailer yet. Especialy note whats going on @ the 1.42 mark. hint. hint.
  8. pathetic_berserker

    Australia Version 5.09 Release

    Had a chance to look now, awsome work! Get a 'cannot load texture color_00.paa' and noticed some road miss alignment, a 'T' section, and a building sunk into the ground about 1 meter at Melbourne Airport, both @ grid 115.308. Been having too much flying about to notice anything else
  9. pathetic_berserker

    Australia Version 5.09 Release

    Congrats on the release mate. So good to see this finally released. Cant wait to get home tonight and check it out.
  10. Got in while it was still on kickstarter and never believed it would gain this sort of momentum. 60mil is a crazy arse figure. I put it down to the fact that there was a starving market out there just begging for some one of Chris Roberts talent to make a game for them. And I'm not really seeing any real feature creep that makes me think think the project will fail. They never put a timeline or order on the features and they seem to be going for engine features and the SP campagain first and expanding the public universe later, as they should. Also looking how the last few million has only promised a ship a piece, it seems they are keeping plenty in the kitty for contingencies. I actualy went and saw the FPS reveal live, those sorts of things dont happen in my neck of the woods very often. The FPS stuff itself was a bit,,,, um how you say WIP but CIG have always made a piont of keeping its community informed, so the early state isn't that surprising. I noticed the guys from Illfonic mentioned ArmA and Delta Force amonst thier inspiration, as well as a Farcry3 style cover system so I'm confident they are aiming higher than the recent presenation. Pretty sure its just a matter of time before we see a solid shooter aspect. Reality is, they have untill the SQ42 release to get it right and thats still about a year out. WIth such a gorgous spaceship component already inplace, the promise of an expanded 64bit cryengine, SP campaign alone is enough to get me rezed.
  11. pathetic_berserker

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    Depends if the Knight had a lance.....Actualy no.... the knight probably wins with his steel fist because we all know that western knights are related to C.N. Considering the nature of the conversation I'd say a great first post. Welcome!
  12. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    Good question and good points. Though my initial target your thinking of was 40-50fps Give me a moment and I'll post up some specs, and settings etc. Edit. BTW I’ve never said anything about the game running perfectly. I’ve said that I’ve seen A3 utilize some of the resources others state it doesn’t. And that I can get playable frames but I have issues with MP. I’ve never passed any quality comment or judgement. Mostly because I felt the thread was too far gone to bother, not to mention the poor opener. In terms of my personal preference for frame rates I think 40-50 frames is quite acceptable and would be my preference, more is always good but 60 is probably a bit ambitious. In all honesty I only notice a bit of graininess when I pivot quickly @ 25-30 frames. @ 20-25 frames there’s a sharpness to the run and things start becoming unbearable. So to a point, and this applies to A3 only, if I had no fps counter to watch I’d probably be OK with dips to 30fps. Others have commented on this before. Anecdotally, I think other games can still be prone to spikes even when at reasonably high frames that get worse as they go down while A3 is still a pretty smooth and consistent delivery at lower frames. In terms of seeing it utilise multi core CPUs and SLI. I can see why there may be some confusion here. If I was to throw a few units down in editor or stick to stock Dom/Evo multiplayer then I would probably only see ArmA leaning on the first core while my remaining 5 cores bubbled along @10-15%. If I start getting around 100 AI down in editor then I I’ll notice A3 leaning on at least 3 cores. Interestingly it s in the SP campaign that I see the most consistent use of the resources. It still fluctuates as the engine sees fit but there is more regular use of at least 3 cores and I notice my GPU’s hitting 90% plus during cut scenes or night operations utilising dynamic lights. It seems the point isn’t so much that the engine doesn’t use them, but how and when. Its seems to me that BIS may have left a bit of head room on those resources for particular tasks. Tasks that maybe the general multiplayer and mission designer don’t address. My specs Asus Sabretooth P77, I7- 3930k, Win7, GTX690, OS and game running on separate SSDs , 3x 27 inch monitors and a 24 inch accessory screen My settings My frames SP campaign. In the early stages of the second episode I noticed 32-50 frames but mostly sitting comfortable in the low to mid 40 most of the time. A satisfactory result MP, a standard Dom, tonight ping around 32 I was seeing 35-22 frames. A problem, definately. But I find the worst moments are generally short lived so I’ll still play MP if I don’t have a fps counter to watch. Editor 1 – Opfor and Blufor with 2 infantry squads each totalling 32 AI set to search and destroy in the centre of the large town Neochori. Me as a civ trying to stay as close to action as possible but alive. 30-40 frames. Not great but like I said if wasn’t watching the counter I’d probably be happily playing, none the wiser. Editor 2 – Opfor and Blufor with 2 inf squads, 1 mech team , and 1 Armour section each . Set to search and destroy in the centre of the large town Neochori. Me as a civ trying to stay as close to action as possible but alive. 21-30 frames. Yeh, bit on the nose , the same group of units on the salt flats yielded 35 -45 frames. Editor 3 – Opfor and Blufor with 4 inf squads, 2 mech teams , and 2 Armour sections each . Set to search and destroy in the centre of the large town Neochori. Me as a civ trying to stay as close to action as possible but alive. 19-27 frames. Not much to say about that final one really. But it kind of brought home to me the thread title and the OP. And made me wonder if BIS wasn’t so ambitious would I have a sandbox made by any other where I could slap down hundreds of units just to see what would happen. I don’t really know if the OPs condition is particularly common and I’d be interested to know if people with this kind of issue are in some heightened state of anxiety. Decades of martial arts and and fencing have taught me a few things about myself and my vision. Under stress the mind is capable of prioritising vision to the point that it overrides the processing delay, people will report that they saw a person’s mouth move before they heard the speech, being able to process visual nuances they wouldn’t normally notice and the like. Fascinating stuff. But is his condition really enough to warrant an accusation of excessive ambition by BIS, and what followed in the rest of this thread. I don’t think so. As for A3 performing poorly or not I’m still inclined to look at each side with a degree of scepticism. Because its such a large ambitious sand box it truly is a case by degrees and circumstance, for example, just how many AI should be considered enough. Though there’s no doubt that MP still has way to come.
  13. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    Me sensitive, not at all but, I was trying air some thoughts and see what comes back. But if your going to level accusations at me for being vague. Maybe we should also look at the tone of this entire thread . Consider how throwing provocative remarks about, deliberately not accepting peoples explanations, and not addressing specs and settings only muddies the waters and makes this whole thread a mess of finger pointing and disconnected ideas. There is no search in this discussion, just a belief that there is a right a wrong. So its not a discussion, and hasn't been since the first post. It just aimless argument. My mention of MP was coming from standpoint of someone who does see A3 utilising all hardware as it should (not as some techno rev head who wants all his lights on) and pinpointing MP as the ONLY issue from my stand point. In my view that should be BISs priority. And all this 'i know MP is not "the game" for you but yea....' is reading too much into it because you don't know shit about my game play habits. This 'you know what I mean' is reading too much into it because I don't This about telling me what I wrote means ,in a different way is pointless because the translation isn't what I wrote. And that's reading too much into it. Maybe what ever you do in your life will give you plenty of time to chew that bone and pull it apart. But I've got other things to do and this is one day I'm not getting back. Maybe your reply will help buoy whoever still considers thread relevant. But now I really am going back to my sewing Chao
  14. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    Like WTF? Are you really are gona just keep reading stuff into what people write till you see some something that justifies some derision?
  15. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    Hey guys re read what I said. I was being speculative as is pretty much everything in this thread, and I don't feel guilty about it. I don't know why the series has always scaled the way it does. My point being that for whatever reason the precedent still stands. The nitpicking has me thinking my name sake belongs to someone else in this thread No one has disputed my other arguments, being: The argument in the original post and its titled are flawed. And his post is completely unproductive without settings. There was no reason to continue this thread, mimic the original post and churn it into a morass of unproductive whaaa And I don't see many of the issues that folk flippantly mention. I see A3 progressively utilise 6 cores as it requires it. I see SLI working well. I get playable frames on a triple head setup. And I like that I don't see A3 trying to over heat my system and burn out my hardware doing nothing. Like some other games do on so called 'optimised' engines (looking at you MWO). I do have fps issues with MP. But I don't see anything in the topic or original post, and very little since that points to MP at all. If you have issue with how A3 performs look for a thread that posts useful shit like specs and settings. And I'm sorry I got dragged into it. I'm going back to my sewing.
  16. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    Tat's what I said. BIS CANT do it. But from what I've heard from the horses mouth its not uncommon for devs to try and allow for wiggle room based on the direction of current tech. Just sometimes that direction doesn't take hold.
  17. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    [/color] Hmm I suppose if it appears I'm taking sides here its probably because the topic is on a problem I don't have short of MP (sometimes). I cant deny things could always be better, but I have a problem with the start of this thread and its premise. The fact that it has lead to a conversation already cloned many times over only highlights the divergent views on the issue. And I think you and Pufu and roshnak could be correct in saying there is a flaw in my 'future' argument, though I still find by comparison to many other games that the net effect of what scaling ArmA can utilise on my hex core is a positive one. However the actual reasons for RVs scaling as a general precedent has probably changed over the decade of development of the RV engine. As BIS cant necessarily predict future hardware with absolute certainty. But as a 'fan' the OP should at least be aware of the precedent. I may have been a bit of a generalist but nothing I said disputes what you linked. I'm aware of some of the science, and some of the psychology, the issue of game frames I think should stay within the realm of what we can do to effectively create the illusion required.
  18. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    Well if he really had been a fan since OFP days he would know that the entire series has always scaled a generation of computers ahead. So his point is in the title, a complaint pure and simple. I have SandyE, GTX690, and have everything on SSD but I'm still not silly enough to expect to play with every thing maxed @10k view distance (for me triple head don't help much either). The range in settings made available to us is so individuals can tweak to personal tastes. I can certainly get a good playable experience, unique to ArmA, and better than any other FPS type game I can think of. And I even had the game running on an old Q9650, GTX285 though by my standards only just. No matter how much he spent on his machine its still only half the equation without settings. As for the 60fps issue , bottom line it was self imposed, for all the reasons already stated but mostly as I saw it, because it seemed to be a great marketing ploy. It also seemed the optimal level where spikes in frame rates on console harware became mostly unnoticeable. Reality is the general population don't in fact see the difference over 25 - 30 frames. But they may notice the spikes. Hence animation and video production got away with these sort of figures for decades, because it was consistent. But when gaming the hardware has to deal with the unpredictability of human movement and the movement is often extreme. So the gaming problem is a bit different to simply running an animation. But if you can get your gaming hardware to out put at say 40-50 frames with really high consistency the issues fade away. There have been some really interesting discussion panels involving industry leaders just this last year that have touched on the subject and they seem to concede that the 60fps benchmark (which was set before it was achieved) may be becoming a bit limiting. Some implying that they would love to throw the concept away and make the games they want to make and hopefully the hardware will catch up. As DM said most games achieve the 60fps mark by reducing the unpredictability, and stripping away the substance. Hence the industry has painted itself into a corner and we still get the ever present corridors (widening slightly) broken up with cut scenes. Lucky for us BIS really do make the games they want to make. If the OP had taken the time to find out about what the settings do and the point where his settings provide the smoothest ride, maybe even resort to a frame lock, then he probably wouldn't feel able to reasonably complain that the game has failed in some way. Sure we will always want more and I appreciate the passion people have on the subject but I think its a bit unreasonable to imply that BIS is not already approaching the issue with the same passion. Sometimes we just have to sit back and weigh up the difference between scope of gameplay and eye candy.
  19. pathetic_berserker

    Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high.

    -Sigh- Cant believe this community still takes the bait. Topic = Bohemia Interactive's ambitions are always set too high. Started by a whinger who thinks spending £2000 on a system guarantees instant satisfaction. He claims he's been into this stuff since OFP. But as much as I don't want to get personal, I'm calling him out for a noob. He doesn't seem to be aware of why a segment of the gaming industry started the 60fps min call in the first place. And he didn't even post his settings I think maybe its his expectations that are too high.
  20. pathetic_berserker

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I think it would work in a number of ways for BIS actually. As a game engine developer it would prove they can keep up with environment creation. And from a game play perspective it would enable them to create environments that are more believable and provide a consistent level of fidelity. It kind of limits the scope of environments you can do well when rivers and lakes are not available. Imagine F.A.T.A as it should be and tell me working rivers and lakes are not worth the effort. Even arid areas suffer without the ability to create a contrasting oasis as water is of strategic importance.
  21. pathetic_berserker

    Development Blog & Reveals

    We've already had some great snow maps we know they'll work and the community can do them. But we've yet to see a true jungle/pacific map, I'd like to see BIS figure out how to create one without the sort of compromises the community has had to make with jungles. Whatever BIS does in this area though, its great news.
  22. pathetic_berserker

    Female Soldiers 0.1 Alpha / Modders Resource

    Great , now to see how functional they'll be.
  23. Hmm when I got my GTX 690 I also considered the extra heat and power required by not just the opposing cards, but also what it would take to counter that extra heat during summer with AC. Over the long term that 'tax' didn't look so bad for a premium product.
  24. pathetic_berserker

    The Outerra Engine

    I think Outerra is certainly the future of something , but what and when are a little hard to determine just yet. I think people need to be reminded that the current release of Outerra is more an alpha release of a game engine, not really a game. If you purchased it, it will eventually become a sandbox game but its going to take time. And many game ideas are going to be on hold until we can effectively populate and create assets for environments that large without using overly repetitive elements or excessive numbers of man hours. Concur, I'd quite like the idea of forgoing the hundreds of systems most space adventure games go for if it meant getting a few really high quality ones. The range of play styles it could lend its self to is staggering.
  25. pathetic_berserker

    No women at all

    Um yeah sure. The beauty of BIS supporting modding is that we can create additions for the game, not to complete it. Keeping my fingers crossed we get the DayZ females. I'll forgive them waiting till after the DayZ release.