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    Arma 1.09  news

    there is no damn reason why it should take this long to come out with this 1.09 patch! how long have they been talking about it? i mean... holy fu.................. please just release the thing already. doesnt really matter if it's complete or not. give us what you got now and then come out with a new one later as well. LOL... come on, i'm freak'n begging here
  2. PMD

    Doolittle CTI

    just threw up beta 17 on 88th server
  3. PMD

    Insurgent Idea

    only use MSN messenger showoff_2004@hotmail.com
  4. PMD

    Insurgent Idea

    I'm in the U.S Marines, MOS is 0811 (cannoneer/m198 howitzer, but we are currently moving to 0814/HIMARS operator) like i said, if you want some ideas then hit me up. but i still will probably shoot a guy on sight if i see one of those faces
  5. PMD

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    US UPDATE: http://www.gamespot.com/pc....summary Release Date: Sep 28, 2007 UK UPDATE: http://uk.gamespot.com/pc....summary Release Date: Sep 28, 2007 but thats the only site i found that has dates for US though... so...
  6. PMD

    Insurgent Idea

    that rob thing is called a dishdasha or as we called it over there a "fucking man-dress"! these things stunk to high heaven. they wipe their nose with the towel on their head, and a few of them don't have anything under that man dress now imagine patting them down for weapons! http://www.doubletongued.org/index.php/dictionary/man_dress/ someone asked if i could help them out with this... i don't know shit about scripting/modding/editing/etc... i can give ideas if you wish though Â
  7. PMD

    Block certain cheat users

    I'm with rundll.exe on this one DL. the addon works like a dream, just make sure your careful who you give it to DL Â EDIT: a asshole could also just rent a server, log in with DL on the server and then they could get it. so ya need to watch out man but i'm sure you already thought of this
  8. PMD

    Doolittle CTI

    *double post, sorry about that! can a mod delete please?*
  9. PMD

    Doolittle CTI

    beta12 is bugged to holy fuck and back D  AI just run to the vehicles, go to gear, and thats it. we didnt even play past that point. and sometimes you get an ERROR message on the top right of the screen (the black box with white text) US ai move to vehicles, RACS move to vehicles, SLA dont even move at all. unplayable      then again... if you dont use ai... hmm. maybe i should still test it out huh? lol
  10. PMD

    Doolittle CTI

    Why did you change these? Those made your map stand out from ordinary CTI in my view. Â Can you please elaborate Doolittle. Â Wasnt that the goal in the first place lol. i thought the same too hey... i've always liked destroying the enemy base more then capturing all the towns, but do we still have that option to capture the towns for a win? and as always, beta 12 is currently on the 88th server great work Doolittle
  11. PMD

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    "don't judge a book by its cover" anyone? anyone? ok... lets keep judging lol cover does look like ass but then again i wont be looking at the box once i install the game its the 25th! 3 more days till its supposed to be out!
  12. PMD

    question about antipiracy protection

    i know 1 guy that bought the game off of ebay and he was banned from half the servers even though he used the CD key that came with the book then again... i had to rebuy OFPgoty (desert got ot it) off of Ebay and i wasnt banned anywhere 50/50 chance you get a good one or a bad one.
  13. PMD

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    I'm sure OFP wasn't perfect when it first came out, there are bugs in the game but its still playable. i'll be buying QG as soon as it hits the BestBuy or Walmart near me. i still have faith in ArmA
  14. PMD

    Insurgent Idea

    i know when i was in iraq i saw more black and white rags then red if i see a rag head face mask my training might kick in and i'll problably blow him away make the mod, i'll have fun blowing up the nasties nice faces though
  15. PMD

    ArmA Competition Ladder Now Open

    yes, Doolittle is currently working on his take on CTI nicknamed "DLcti" its almost near completion and we'll need some other squads out there to help get this map out there *its currently a favorite on 88th server* Binkster might start working on his version of MFCTI since mike malvin wants to take forever finishing up his own mission... its taking some time converting the missions over to ArmA but THEY ARE being converted i know CTITC is wanting to start up in arma but they dont have a proper map yet for CTI. we're all just waiting on cti i guess