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  1. Can anyone recommend a CTI mission for Tanoa that is relatively bug free with the bonus of working well as a coop mission? The one I currently have only works with real players on both sides.
  2. perineum

    User Mission Request Thread

    I hope someone can help me with this multiplayer Kart idea. My idea is based on a motorcycle race map from Nogova in Flashpoint: Resistance. Everyone starts the mission in a kart at the start line in Feres on South East Altis. The race follows the major highway that is orange colored on the map; From Feres into Pyrgos over past the International Airport, East past Aglos Dionyslos and around the big loop on the west coast coming back the way we came, but instead of turning South past the airport you continue east and finish at the Northeast tip in Molos. This would be a complete island tour race. There are lots of gas stations along the way. The details of my idea would be that each racer would be an engineer so they could repair their kart if needed. Also if they died or the kart became stuck they could respawn right back in a new kart, right near where they died. Maybe they could have grenades to kill themselves (or throw at other racers). Maybe have a 20 second respawn delay, or something. Also, checkpoints along the way to keep everyone on track. Is this possible? Would someone help me with it? Or maybe this already exists in some form? I'm figuring this out for myself one step at a time. Anyone know how to do a mission start countdown timer? Like if want a 3, 2, 1, GO!!! before anyone can move? Or, how to end the mission when someone reaches the last waypoint? Or, how to make an AI driver enter a vehicle after they respawn?
  3. perineum

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    There is no error message. For example, if I try to buy a MAR10 and a Titan launcher, all I end up with is the launcher and no MAR10. I can create template that shows all the gear being there but I don't actually get it when I "buy." If I buy the MAR10 by itself, then try to buy a launcher I lose all my default gear, like the map, radio, compass and GPS. I was wondering if that's just how BI intended these weapons to be used. All of the smaller weapons, like the MK14 and EMR work fine. Update: After Sari said he didn't have the same problem I had, I tested again and found that it's the medic slot that seems to get handicapped when trying to buy a heavy weapon and a launcher.
  4. perineum

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Is anyone who plays Sari's version having trouble buying gear? Trying to buy the new weapons gets kind of funny. Sometimes they don't work with backpacks, or launchers. And other times all the default equipment like the map, radio, compass and GPS go away and I can't buy them back. Is it an intentional restriction? Like you can't hold a launcher and a heavy machine gun at the same time? I don't see anything in the config that looks like that's what's going on. I can buy the launcher, drop it on the ground, then buy the rifle and pick the launcher up off the ground. That works, but is a pain the butt to repeat every time I die. OK, after playing awhile, all the gear works fine as long as you don't try to buy a heavy weapon, like the new machineguns or the MAR10, with a launcher. Sari, or anyone who knows, what do I edit to make it possible to buy both of these weapons. Does it have something to do with CTI_TYPE_RIFLE2H?
  5. perineum

    AC130 Gunship

    I have no idea how to make a join in progress map. The only reason I ask is because I added this addon to the Benny Edition Warfare map. Dropping out and coming back in isn't really an option just to see the guns on the vehicle you just bought
  6. perineum

    AC130 Gunship

    I hope this project isn't dead. I made a quick multiplayer map, a friend and I joined, I could see the guns but he couldn't? Any ideas?
  7. Has anyone seen a Chernarus map with the Utes island on the same map? Like the AEC island did back in flashpoint days?
  8. Can someone help me or maybe tell me if they have this problem too? I have an athlon X4 640 and it runs soooo bad. Anytime AI gets going the game falls completely apart. I usually play Benny Warfare coop with a friend of mine on my dedicated server which runs on an i5 2500k. The game runs super at the start when nothing is going on, but as soon as we activate the first town its all over. I drop down to single digit fps. The last update made it so much worse. I know the game isn't great on quad core processors, but does anyone know a workaround? I gave my old dual core to my friend and his game runs great. Do I have to downgrade to play Arma?
  9. I usually run 4000 view distance (which is actually only 2000 in game) with no noticeable drop in fps for most of the game. When the fps falls into the single digits the first thing I do is turn the view distance down to about 800 and that doesn't help at all. If you guys are familiar with the warfare game play then you'll understand what I'm talking about when the enemy AI starts making planes and fly's over the towns turning them all on, then decides to attack one of our large occupied towns resulting in a huge battle. That's when my computer falls apart. The old dual core doesn't at all. The last game we played when the performance went to hell, I just played on the other side of the map and that seemed to help a bunch. As if being closer to where the AI activity is worse. I appreciate your ideas about swapping machines for the server. That will be worth a try. I don't know what it will tell me as one is an intel and the other amd, but maybe just having a lot more mhz will fix the problem. It would be funny if you had to get over 4ghz on a quad core just to match 3ghz on a 4 year old dual core. I originally bought the 640 athlon II for the server but the server fps dropped as low as 8 when a lot of towns were activated and AI were engaged in large town battles with planes flying around. At that fps it's hard to fight because stuff starts warping around and disappearing. With the i5 overclocked to 4.6ghz the server has gotten down to 24fps but usually stays well above 40. I should mention we play with 2 human players vs. 16 AI that can make 10 man squads each. We couldn't do that with the 640 as the server. I don't know, maybe the 640 runs really good at a medium load but falls apart at high loads. Anyone else have a newer processor and play warfare with the number of AI turned way up? As in the resistance difficulty set to impossible, occupation set to impossible or hard and town size set to large or full? Im referring to Benny Edition warfare.
  10. All 3 of those setting were set to normal. I can try to turn the shadow quality up, but I'm not thinking that would account for a 90% drop in frame rate. I have read that Arma 2 doesn't use all 4 cores, but only 2. Maybe that is why the old processor I passed on doesn't get such a big hit when there is a lot of AI activity. I thought about that Maverick96, but I was thinking that the stronger CPU should be used for the dedicated server to take the load off the client computers.
  11. I run everything set to normal except I turn resolution up to 1680x1050 and anisotropic/antialiasing up to high. I disable post processing. I'm pretty sure it's a processing problem, and not a gpu problem. Thanks for asking though. Anyone else using a quad core? The ghz are the same between the processor I kicked down and the new 640 at 3ghz.
  12. I just setup an i5 dedicated server and I think it's working great. I play Benny Edtion Warfare coop with a buddy on LAN. The server fps is steady about 40 but gets as low as 20fps when a lot of stuff is going on, which is normally still really good, at least playable. The problem is my computer I play on drops down to single digit fps where it's normally in the 30-50 range. What the hell? I just got an Athlon II 640 for my game computer and kicked down my old athlon 64 x2 6400+ to my buddy. His fps drops a little but usually never below 20. In benchmarks my new 640 way out performs the old dual core 6400+ so why does my computer die when the server is under load and his stays totally playable? Anyone know what's going on? Here are my specs. Any ideas appreciated. Athlon II 640 Radeon 5850 MSI 880GM-P51 AM3 AMD 880G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard 8 gigs of DDR3 1600 RAM (absolutely no improvement over 4 if anyone was wondering) Window7 ultimate 64 bit The server is an i5 2500k overclocked to 4.6 ghz 8 gigs of 1600 ddr3 ram (same as above) ASRock P67 EXTREME4 Motherboard windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
  13. perineum

    Does ARMA II OA have this gun?

    Your post was exactly needed Jedra. Most people don't take the time to properly explain the answer to a question especially when dealing with someone who has no in depth knowledge of editing of the game basics. Thanks. The way most people answer questions leads me to believe that if the person asking understood the answer, they wouldn't have needed to ask.
  14. perineum

    Cheytac M200

    This is probably too old to matter, but if you're paying attention Ithilien, do you have the standalone version of Arrowhead or the Combined Ops version? Maybe the addon needs some Arma 2 core files that Arrowhead doesn't have.
  15. perineum

    Defence towers V1.0

    This isn't exactly a static weapon that can be placed in the editor is it? It's built with various pieces so it can only be placed by manually adding it into the mission.sqm? I wanted to add it to my build-able defenses in my edited Benny Edition Warfare game. Can that be done?