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  1. Great addons keep up the awesome work I44 Team!
  2. Tracking the unknown Unlucky Three Tracker Vs Predator
  3. Choctaw Warrior mantracking in Vietnam 1969. Buck fever Death from above
  4. Native American Tracker attached to SF unit somewhere in the Lowlands, Vietnam 1968. Goodnight Vietnam Tracked and hunted down NVA soldiers.
  5. Baskis

    whats your favorite mod?

    Unsung & I44
  6. Baskis

    Stealth Kills?

    Lakota style! haha. (Photoshopped)
  7. Baskis

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Very purty looking mortar! I've been waiting for a WWII Pacific mod since the OFP days I wish your team the best. Cheers.
  8. Downloading right now...hopefully we can get some screens.
  9. I've had a lot of great memories playing on this map, thanks for everything!
  10. Baskis

    live stream of Gulf oil leak

    Hell take as much as he wants. haha
  11. Baskis

    live stream of Gulf oil leak

    They need to get that solved damn it, it's been a month now.
  12. Baskis

    Red Dead Redemption

    I've been thinking about getting a PS3 along with this game. Is it worth it for those who have played?