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    The Iraq thread 3

    Surely there are worse shitholes in africa not to mention that Baghdad was not the best place to live before the occupation either.. Just a reminder, back in the 60s Baghdad was a real jet-set destination. Very exotic, expensive, luxurious.
  2. Pipski

    Guess the name of the game

    Remember DID's original `F29 Retaliator'? I had it on the Amiga, good fun with the infinite ammo cheats running. Fully zoomed out satellite view + backwinder missiles = win! They released a demo for an addon that never appeared which was set in the arctic and involved UFOs. The demo was really good, very atmospheric, shame it never appeared.
  3. Pipski

    Religion gone wrong

    Duelling banjos at 10 o' clock. I recommend immediate retaliation - all other states should make it illegal to be a redneck fascist with the intellectual agility of a packet of crisps.
  4. Pipski

    Next time you think sci-fi, think again

    What a crock! As if there isn't an inherently high chance of mission failure when flinging a probe across millions of miles of empty space and down onto the surface of a different planet! Dickheads. All they needed to do was look at the history of Mars exploration to see how high the risks were. Oh well, in that case hang the b***ards! So what's their f**k*** problem?
  5. Pipski

    Apache havoc

    This is an outstanding sim. Can't help with that prob but I have a different one. Since I got a new PC running XP every time I start up A:H or C:H my view tilts vertically upwards and won't come back down. Recalibrating my stick makes no difference at all. If anyone has managed to solve this prob I'd love to know how.
  6. Pipski

    Next time you think sci-fi, think again

    Seems a bit of a shame to name the first 9 (well, except Earth I s`pose) after Roman gods and then get all Eskimo for the 10th. If it's going to be an official planet then they should rechristen it. They could name it after Nike (Roman goddess of victory) and get it sponsored!
  7. Pipski

    Guess the name of the game

    lol, didn't think anyone would remember it, even with the name of the pic! gj!
  8. Pipski

    Guess the name of the game

    How about this one? Â Best game ever. Â Was featured on a Johnny Ball programme way back in the day. <img src="myweb.tiscali.co.uk/diesel72/ c64/fractalus.gif" border="0"> This is the C64 version, was also available on Atari. EDIT: Nuts, link is fried.
  9. Pipski

    Haiti president have left the building/haiti

    Great article. This link will die in a few days when the story is archived and then you have to pay to retrieve them. Get it while it's hot. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2099-1025783,00.html
  10. Pipski

    Guess the name of the game

    Without looking at the pic I'm guessing Empire Earth? (The link gives out that info if you hover on it.)
  11. Pipski

    Ride through chernobyl

    If you can find the relevant thread in the SA forums (under GBS iirc) I think a couple of people mirrored it on their sites in case it went down. Happy huntin'!
  12. Pipski

    Explosion in madrid

    Sure is scary. I had to travel through London yesterday and I found myself looking around the main concourse at Kings Cross, trying to work out if anyone was about to shout `Allahu Akbar' and blow us all to pieces. Whereas on the underground I just have this paranoia about getting pushed in front of a train. Hmmm. Maybe I'm just too paranoid full stop.
  13. Pipski

    Mi5 jobs for brits

    MI5 recruitment page Here you go, it seems to have gone up a bit. (This is the starting salary for graduates and equivalent not involved in specialist areas such as e.g. electronics etc.)
  14. Pipski

    Ride through chernobyl

    lol! What a supremely cool site. Like it a lot.
  15. Pipski

    Caption time!

    "Lemme see your war face!"