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  1. Parker Hale

    Sorry for my absence

    Just wanted to explain why I have been away for so long. It is difficult to put into words at this time but my sister Lisa commited suicide in South Africa some time ago and I have been over there trying to find an answer as to why. Everything has had to take a back seat while I try and figure this out and not sure how long it will take. Not sure what else I can say at the moment. Parker Hale
  2. Hi Silent N Deadly, Thanks for posting the screenshots as I do not have a clue how it is done. I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to reading instructions and such Parker Hale Ps Still haven't got an avatar yet
  3. Parker Hale


    Hi Mattew, Don't get me wrong on this as Ravenshield was a damn good game but in my opinion the best and, in some ways far more realistic for an urban combat game, has to be Swat 3. The sheer depth of the game and the interaction of the characters puts this firmly on top. The game did have many problems but so does any other these days. I am not sure how good OFP could be made in a true urban combat situation but with good scripting and a few adjustments it may be possible to simulate the scenario. Parker Hale
  4. Parker Hale

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    Hi Marss911, Don't worry there mate, as some of us have a great respect for your contribution to the mod. I remember that you were one of the first great addon makers and I still use them even today in many scenarios. A great looking GUI as well if I may say so. Thanks Mars Parker Hale
  5. Just got back today and downloaded these amazing new units from the ww2 alliance. The faces pack is a sheer work of art in itself. A must download in my opinion if you like ww2 scenarios. Note: this is a beta pack. Parker Hale Edit: forgot to mention that it is at http://www.flashpoint.ru/
  6. Parker Hale

    Pukf dpm pack 1.0

    Well done there chaps, glad you got that bayonet bug sorted as it drove me mad Now being a brit myself I have to be biased and say that I love the units (very authentic indeed) but have to say that the SA80 has never been a favorite weapon of mine (just a personal thing0. I got almost everything needed except for an island to represent Gibralter Parker Hale
  7. Parker Hale

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    Hi Grabarz^^, Great work you are doing for the zombie scenarios and you work very fast indeed. You have some good ideas and have a good eye for detail. I say keep it up but don't burn yourself out mate LOL. Parker Hale
  8. Parker Hale

    CV-22 Osprey

    Hi Sole, In all the years that OFP has been around I have always wondered why this amazing feat of engineering has never been made (I know one was being made by a mod group but heard nothing more about it, maybe it was the difficulties in creating a realistic rendition of it that ended the production), but anyway this is an great addon and hopefully someone will take up the challenge of finishing it for you. Parker Hale
  9. Parker Hale

    Christopher Reeve Dead

    I was very shocked to hear the news of Chris's sudden death this morning. It saddens my heart to know that a man with such a zest for life can suddenly lose it. His brave and optimistic view of one day being able to walk again stands as a monument to the human spirit. I had the fortune of meeting Chris a couple of years ago and he told me then of his determination to rid himself of the bonds of disability as an act of sheer defiance at those who would not believe him. His selfless crusade to speak up for the disabled and campaign to bring about new (if somewhat controvesial) medical issues also stands as a testiment to the courage of this real superman. R.I.P Christopher Reeve Parker Hale P.S i'm not very good at putting my feelings into words but I am sure that all thos who read these words will understand.
  10. Just been looking at the new screenshots of Marfy's PzKpfw IV Ausf.D. Here is the link: http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?sekce=news What a gorgeous looking thing she is (unless you're on the receiving end of that gun LOL). I have to say that there really is a plethora of top quality addons being produced out there, not just graphically but in terms of innovation, playability and creativness. We the community have never had it so good. Parker Hale
  11. Parker Hale

    Secret Aircraft

    Yes the SU-47 Berkut is a good addon but it has no cockpit textures at the moment and i'm sure that Naoyuki will be releasing a new version soon. Cassandra's X-31A Concept Helicopter was an amazing heli (although fictional) it just felt great to fly and had some awesome firepower to go with it. Parker Hale
  12. Parker Hale

    At last....at last

    Hi tankieboy, Stunning work from Seb Muller and i am glad that you found something you had not known existed. Parker Hale
  13. Parker Hale

    At last....at last

    Hi again Shadow NX, I would use it for my artic base I am trying to put together using addons like Mapfact barracks etc. There will always be a need for the old style vehicles why just earlier I found that someone was making a mod for Battlefield 1942 (not one of my favorite games) and it contains a NKL 26. Here is the link for anyone who is interested: http://forgottenhope.bf1942files.com/vehicles-russian.html Hope I am not going off topic with this. Parker Hale
  14. Parker Hale

    At last....at last

    Hi Shadow NX, Thanks for the info as I was about to burst into tears Six hours I spent today looking for the pics then I suddenly found a website and loads of pics of the NKL-26. It was worth every minute of stress to find it as well. I sent Raedor a PM earlier asking for info so I hope that RHS don't think that I am being pushy LOL. I would beg for a release soon as it is difficult to get a 12 man squad of MVD onto an orange 2-man skidoo LOL Parker Hale
  15. Parker Hale

    At last....at last

    Hi FerretFangs, Have you got a link to it or any info at all? I would owe you big time for it. Parker Hale