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  1. Pappy Boyington

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    i have a small question to ask here; granted im not swarthy to all these publisher/creator detail things but if BI is trying to find a publisher in the US and UK; why dont we, as a community, get together with other fellow countrymen; decide on a publisher that we feel would be best suited to bring the game to our land and then collectivly mass-email them. perhaps it might do nothing perhaps it might spike some interest, but its worth a shot.
  2. Pappy Boyington

    Y2K3 Version 7.3

    yeah i have alot of other things going on in my life right now and am unable to provide tech support or patch releases anymore so Y2K3 and its subsiqent patchs are released as-is glad to see its still being enjoyed by some
  3. Pappy Boyington

    Wal*Mart Sign

    just wanted to stop by and agree with this. being what you call an "underpaid person" aka im broke what little money i do have to my name can allow me to afford usualy outragously priced items at a more convient price. hmmm i wonder how much they sell .40 caliber ammo at per box... everywhere else is $15. must look into this! anyway im a walmart shopper. i dont care if they hire illegal immagrants or make people drive to work in the winter, i have no morals or values when shopping, as long as i get a low low price on the exact same crap i can get anywhere else.. im happy! this coming from a guy who watchs his favorite sporting event on a $35 surround sound system purchesed at walmart
  4. Pappy Boyington

    - NICG Pack 1 Released

    thats not a bug. thats how the "walk on deck" feature works. you are ejected then placed 2m above sea level, in this case 1m above the boat. any less and you spawn in the model, get stuck, drown, and die. any higher and you fall down and die. thats the ONLY way to impliment the get out on deck feature
  5. Pappy Boyington

    - NICG Pack 1 Released

    i think i know what your talking about. it spawns at the cutter and bounces off, so you have to retrive it and try again. it seems when you are facing north (0°) this problem happens ALOT less often. not sure exactly how to solve that, wasnt that big of a deal to worry about.
  6. Pappy Boyington

    - NICG Pack 1 Released

    the orginal USCG stuff is required apperntly
  7. Pappy Boyington

    - NICG Pack 1 Released

    in case anyone is wondering, he did in fact ask me for permission to release the retextured versions and i told him it was alright. so he did not steal this or release without permission. they look nice with all those new nogova's out there im sure they will be put to good use. these dont overwrite the orginal USCG stuff do they? you can use both the orginal and nogova stuff together correct? as long as they dont overwrite then i have no complaints or problems
  8. Pappy Boyington

    Amazing new fire and smoke effects by john

    http://tootallinc.atwar.net/download.php?view.16 i have it on my site, reccomended use with Y2K3. theres the link to the file.
  9. Pappy Boyington

    USCG Pack Release

    hmm download extractions HH60 addon. that should solve your helo script error. about the USCG herc.. im prettu sure i removed the flares so there shouldnt be anything to "fire"
  10. Pappy Boyington

    USCG Pack Release

    what do you mean armed USCG units? HH68 has a door gun Block Island has a 40mm deck gun along with small arms "stored" in it USCG Runners in speedboats, have armed assailents and some armed boats. as for an drug island.. sorry but i dont have anything like that in the works. however there is an island for USCG rescue operations. the New Ocean Island has a sister island that is flooded during hightide. to reinact hurrican rescue efforts.
  11. Pappy Boyington

    Nasty Class 80' Vietnam PTF Boat

    i applogise on that.. there isnt a new version this was one of those things we were talking about. last i heard he had fixed it.. but like all good projects they get sidetracked so thats why theres been no new news about this
  12. Pappy Boyington

    Nasty Class 80' Vietnam PTF Boat

    actualy i believe klink solved that, and the updated version was fixed. so the version you download should have that solved... i think. i dont remember because it was so long ago
  13. Pappy Boyington

    CBF Projects - Tristar

    actualy. the unathorized release of hawks C130, the very very very first release. was a KC-130, and when the fuel hoses were extended you were able to refuel, assuming you were an able bodied pilot that could maintain the same speed as the tanker and stay steady while u try to choose "refuel at C130" from your lil corner menu. if you can handel all that.... then air-to-air refueling IS able to be executed in OFP. the downside is: the only KC plane was hawks orginal C130, in later versions he disabled it for no reason at all
  14. Pappy Boyington

    Y2K3 Version 7.3

    i had to reinstall my website and i lost my "CD Burn Kit" i dont suppose anyone has that saved huh? edit: nevermind i found it hidden somewheres else
  15. Pappy Boyington

    Pony (pink)

    Pink Ponies, Banana Launchers, Kamikaze Watermelon Launchers, Zeeky H Bombs, and finnaly Pengy Nades its turning into the demented cartoon game