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  1. About: This addon is based on the troopers of the New Californian Republic (NCR) as seen in the Fallout world, I've not created any opposistion forces or any other unit's yet, though I will hopefully create some Raiders or Feral Ghouls for them to fight. http://i54.tinypic.com/13zbpz4.jpg Features: Four variations of NCR troopers and an Officer, found under West>NCR> A Flag for the New California Republic, to get in game place a Flag and add this into the Init line: this setflagtexture "\FO_NCR\NCR.jpg" Three weapons based on weapons used by the NCR in Fallout: New Vegas -The Service Rifle - Weapon: NCRRifle - Mag: NCRRifleMag -Caravan Shotgun - Weapon: CShotgun - Mag: CShotgunShell -Trail Carbine - Weapon: TCarbine - Mag: TCarbineMag Troop Class names - NCRConscript1, NCRConscript2, NCRConscript3, NCRConscript4 NCROfficer Download NCR Troops v1.0 (OFPR.info) Download NCR Troops v1.0 (Mediafire) Credits: Sanctury - For providing the base Soldier model on which I created these troops John J. Rambo - Service Rifle base model Gavin - For the Trail Carbine model Bethsda - For providing a depiction of the NCR troops for me to base this addon upon Bohemia Interactive - For Creating OFP! --------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a while since any update though I lost all of the progress I made last year when my harddrive went on my computer, I've only recently had the willpower to start up again and I've made an update for the NCR troops as well as some Caesars Legion troops for them to fight against, I haven't made any death textures yet and the weapons need alot of tweaking in terms of accuracy still, I've added a First Recon Sniper to the NCR and also added badges to the caps, there are four different Caesars Legion troops at the moment (Explorer, Legionary, Recruit & Veteren) I still need to make throwing spears and a few other things. Thanks to ProfT for letting me use models from his mod as the bases for Caesars troops. NCR Troopers v1.1 + Caesars Legion v1.0 Download (Mediafire) Screenshot:
  2. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    I've released an updated version of the NCR troops and also added the Caesars Legion troops I made, they're just beta atm will be updating this periodically. Not sure whether to make it a fallout mod or not yet at the moment as there are alot of thing's I'd like to do (Making an island and such)
  3. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    I wasn't going to give them any melee weapons as such as they'd just get slaughtered against guns, I was however going to give them throwing spears, there was a mod a while ago which had well implemented throwing spears and I was going to look at the config and see how they'd done it. Yeah I'm using a couple of ProfT's models as bases for the legion troops.
  4. POPKA

    Veni Vidi Vici Mod beta 1.0

    cool stuff going to have a go making a mission
  5. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    Sorry for leaving this so long, had an absolute nightmare about a year ago the harddrive went on my laptop and I had none of the work backed up (which at the time included Raiders, Finished NCR troops/rangers, Vault dwellers & Khans as well as lots of objects) and I didn't have the willpower to start pretty much from scratch after what I released here, though I thought I'd leave a post here to say that I'll be updating the NCR troops soon and adding a few units of Legion troops for them to fight against too. Not sure If I will do anything past that though at the moment.
  6. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    I've been lazy the past few days though I'll compress the updated NCR troopers and vault security and upload them tommorow. Still trying to work on some raiders and a regular vault dweller, haven't been happy with the models I've done so far.. Also need to get back to my desktop PC in manchester where I have a working version of 3DS Max, o2 is a right pain in the arse. I'll try and upload what's done tommorow so far if im not too hungover, have a good weekend everyone :) :beeeers:
  7. POPKA

    Legen Of Madness Open Beta Release

    I managed to install it though when I try and load it, both through the .bat file and through a seperate shortcut it freezes on the loading screen where it says "The Countdown Begins..." The installer also tried to replace the default world wrp files, I didn't let it though as I want to keep my default ofp "clean" has anyone managed to get this working?
  8. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    yeah, just modeled one still needs lod's though:
  9. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    Yeah definatly going to make some destroyed buildings, static objects are my fortay really. I just want to see how they've done it in the 40k mod, Im not sure im skilled enough to make a super mutant model might be worth a go though, will have to try my hand at some power armor too. I made a vault security guard this afternoon, still needs some texture's brushing up and the vault numbers are not definate yet:
  10. POPKA

    WWII MP Released!

    Half the addon's hosted on ofpr.info use material from other games in one way or another (even those great mods released in the Hayday of flashpoint), It's not really fair to penalise one guy for doing so unless they're directly converting the data into OFP and claiming it as original work.
  11. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    Just a quick update, made a test Vault Dweller (and a quick 357. Revolver) though I think im going to completely re-do the model as I balls'd it up a bit stretching the model around, as you can see from the shoulder in this picture: will make the texture more akin to Fallout 1 & 2 vault outfit's so more blue etc. As for vault number's I was going to go with vault 13 for old time sake's though I might throw together a quick fallout themed map with a new vault number or a few different vault numbers. Also going to make a Vault Security guard model. I've mostly been concentrating on the NCR troops at the moment, I've added wound texture's to all the units with the exception of the ranger, I may need to try and get in touch with gavin again and ask about it as his models are different from the regular BIS/WW4 mod's ones. Thinking alot about enemies too, definatly raider's though might do some powder ganger's too (although im starting to lean towards more Fallout 1 & 2 style rather than New Vegas) Wasn't sure about super mutant's as Im not a fantastic modeler, Im thinking of looking at the Ork's in the Warhammer 40k mod and seeing how they've been implemented and whether it would be possible to make a super mutant model in a similar way. As for Ghouls still need to look into the zombie mods :) There are a number of pretty good Wasteland type maps already about in OFP which would be suited e.g. Ylass which was included in the CarWars mod is almost perfect for a fallout type setting or the ruined Starlight City map I think? which gave quite a nice decayed urban environment. Will try and get a public release out over easter though if anyone want's to beta test what I've done so far drop me a message and I'll upload it somewhere.
  12. POPKA


    great stuff, perticularly interested to see the destroyed one!
  13. Can anyone recommend me a decent PBO compiler for OFP. Im at my wit's end with WinPBO now, It crashes 9/10 times when im trying to compile a large file. Is there an Arma one or something that works with OFP too? I don't really want to use MakePBO, it's reliable and never crashes though the files usually end up being alot bigger than WinPBO and it takes alot longer. Or maybe is there another good one I've missed for OFP?
  14. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    I hadn't really decided yet, they're still very much in the planning stage though I imagine they'll probably just be some generic dirty looking wasteland types with old weapons, Im not sure about adding Women soldier's, I'll give it a try and switch round a few head models and such to see if it look's ok. I've made alot of improvements over the past couple of day's: I've fixed all the weapon bug's, i've added a First Recon sniper with a scoped hunting rifle (Based on Sanctuary's WW4 M24 model, though still need to work on the texture more to make it appear much more gritty and worn), made a new texture for the Caravan Shotgun replacing the Kozlice textures, added badge's to both the officers and snipers beret, adding a couple of pistol's too, probably a 10mm one and a colt sixshooter most likely and a few misc objects relating to the NCR. Here's a pic: Those soldiers are pretty much bug free now, just going to make some wound textures and that should be it for them. About to start working on a "vault dweller" :)
  15. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    I doubt i'll ever finish the Mafia project, there were too many permission issue's envolved though I have a closed beta uploaded, so message me and I'll send a link. I've been doing some more work on this, ironing out bug's etc.. contemplating turning it into a "Fallout" style mini-mod, making some raiders and did an NCR Ranger today:
  16. POPKA

    NCR Troopers 1.0

    Thanks Rellikki, this is just a beta and their are alot of bugs still with the Muzzle lod's that im ironing out at the moment, thought I'd release this now to give people an initial idea of what I was going for :D The sounds are just temp one's for the moment until I make some new one's, should sound good though once I get on it. Yeah I was thinking of adding other types of magazine (Hollowpoint, Slug, Shell etc) I've made the weapons fairly high disperstion, though could have multiple magazines with different strength, accuracy and so on. Wound textures are under way :)
  17. POPKA

    NCR Troopers

    was bored today and decided to start working on some NCR (New California Republic) troopers as in Fallout New Vegas, I've only made a couple so far, one with the trooper helmet and an officer with a beret. Working on a couple of weapons too: The Caravan Shotgun and the Service Rifle. It's only going to be a small addon pack with about five or six different varients in, might make a feral ghoul based on HP3 or something though hopefully I'll have a beta out next week if anyone's interested. I've built the textures myself using screenshots as a reference apart from the logo's, using one of Sanctuarys ww4 soldier Mlod's as the base model:
  18. POPKA

    NCR Troopers

    Yeah I might do a vault dweller too, Im going to release this soon though once I add a bit more detail to their uniform and maybe some random attachments, ammo pouches, helmet goggles etc. and texture another armor. Using a shortened version of the Kozlice for the caravan shotgun at the moment, I'll atleast give it a nicer texture. I was going to release this as a stand-alone addon, so I don't end up aiming higher than im actually realistically able to do. The texture's look better in game, Im on an ancient computer though so it looks slightly off.
  19. I've been playing far too much Fallout New Vegas recently :bounce3: Will release these sometime soon hopefully if I don't lose interest
  20. POPKA

    Half Life Addon Pack

    People are going to be less likely to download it if there aren't any pictures, some really nice features though, don't know how he added the energy ball effect on the rifle it's very impressive.
  21. that might be asking a bit too much in terms of close ranged combat, OFP just couldn't work that way as it is (unless it was made open source and allowed mod makers to edit the core game codes) Despite this handicap i've always found that OFP give's you ways to create an imersive atmosphere without the need for a gun/sword fight every other minuite. Just as an example; I was recently working on a "Barry Lyndon" campaign for the napoleonic mod though im far too lazy to likely release itl I incorperated sounds from the movie along with similar cut scenes and ever though the combat wasn't up to much the cinematics more than made up for it.
  22. POPKA

    ECP dynamic speaking without ECP?

    the only way I can think of that you can do this is to take the relevent scripts, pbo files, BIN and config adjustments from ECP and placing them in your own mod.
  23. Good luck with this ProfT, looks fantastic. Though obviously there's the age old OFP limitations to take into account, and a mod like this would probably be better suited to Mount and Blade In terms of combat* a decent mission with a good story using this mod and OFP's mission editing flexibility will give it a unique edge rarely seen before in Flashpoint. If I had a wishlist I'd add some custom animations to it, if one of the animators from the Liberation1941 mod had a crack at it the results would be outstanding.. well we can always dream :D Do you have any future plans for your other projects? such as another release for the Napoleonic Mod or WW1 mod? *mount and blade has always seemed very sub par to me in terms of engaging missions
  24. POPKA

    WWII MP Released!

    I noticed this as well, the PBO files seem to have been encrypted. The only thing I can think to recommend is to use either an ARMA or ARMAII PBO utility to try and open them and see if that works Other than that I guess you could use an eventhandler to reset the Glider's health to full once it takes any dammage though I don't think this will work in Multiplayer unfortunately.
  25. POPKA

    Liberation 1941-45 problem

    Libmod creates it's own exe, if you've installed it properly (installers are in russian so you might have put it in the wrong directory) you don't have to add anything to the target properties, just run the libmod.exe.