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  1. PainDealer

    Music Recommendations

    Lately I've been very much into ZZ Top and acquired their album "Eliminator" not too long ago. Nice riffs and the overall sound is very good and original. I should practice playing their songs Some songs that I can't quite get enough atm are "Cliffs Of Dover" by Eric Johnson (really nice instrumental) and "Nutshell" by Alice In Chains.
  2. PainDealer

    Anyone else think royal flush stinks?

    I'm a bit confused with the Chem Base mission in Royal Flush. After I've called in the specialists I don't get any hints of which direction the two so called fugitives got off in their UAZ. I've zigzagged through the woods and gone deep North to find nothing
  3. PainDealer

    Hezbollahs Games !? WTF !?

    they have the same right to make games as everyone else.
  4. PainDealer

    Another "FRIENDLY" fire incident

    Admirable talent... Is it the lack of training or what raising the friendly fire numbers so high
  5. PainDealer

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    My hopes are high but I'm only convinced after I've seen some in-game footage.
  6. PainDealer

    A minor complaint

    I've come to the conclusion that it's better to start saving around 1300€ for a high end 64bit PC with Vista on it. I wouldn't recommend trying to revive an old drag system with one quality part cos some other part will be antique in near future anyway. of course depends on how modern your system is.
  7. PainDealer

    Mafia 2

    damn I hope this one's coming with multiplayer option! would have been great fun with the first game indeed. screens look nice.
  8. PainDealer

    Military Humor

    I'm not sure if this one's any of fun for you but here's something that happened when I was sailing my final on-board practice for OS certificate. I don't exactly remember where we were that time but I was on watch 00 - 04 with the 1st officer and we knew there was some kind of NATO practice nearby. This is (close to) what we heard on the VHF. "Warship 343... this is... Warship 340... over" "Warship 340 this is Warship 343" "Warship 343... this is... Warship 340... go to channel 69... over" "Roger" So we switched to 69 as well. And after a long silence... "Warship 340 this is Warship 343" "Warship 343... this is... Warship 340... over" By this time we were a bit confused and another quite long silence followed, until... "Warship 340 this is Warship 343, I believe YOU called us first" We bursted into laugh and tears as we realised the OOW of "Warship 340" was a total idiot. Like I said, don't know if you guys find any fun in that but it was hilarious when I experienced it live at scene.
  9. PainDealer

    Boris Yeltsin dies

    I'm kinda surprised he lived that long after that bypass, everyone here kinda expected him to die within 5 years. anyway, respect and may he rest in peace
  10. PainDealer


    I don't know bout other locations but over here (in Finland) going commando kinda means what is being presented in that winning pic
  11. PainDealer

    The Average American?

    the geographic part of the film has to be something like 95% accurate. no offense to anyone but imo average americans generally don't know locations outside their country.
  12. PainDealer

    "Sanitize" - just plain wrong

    even if you command the squad yourself the other squad offers no help on the other side. they are there to just get killed instantly. like derfalpha said, plain awful best describes this one.
  13. PainDealer

    'RPG' Elements

    I'd be most interested in seeing mental development. like getting used to the bullets flying by. stress reactions make one shaky and stuff
  14. PainDealer

    Health system

    for Game2 I'd like to see some advanced medic action, like actually treating the wounds, not just making dance moves above the wounded. values and randomization sounds good, some parts of the body bleed like hell, some don't, sometimes you're lucky and sometimes very unlucky. but one thing I won't give up on is that we need bleeding and we need it done the right way!
  15. PainDealer

    Health system

    it's quite common among those who decide to do it the "pistol in the mouth" way. some people who try it with smaller calibers might be saved by the recoil causing the bullet to go through the neck or something. heard that one when I last visited the mental health center. believe me, they do know their shit cos they are the ones to meet those unlucky bastards who survive finally, what I tried to say earlier was that some kind of blood loss should be included cause most of the wounds actually DO BLEED. easiest way (IMHO the most suitable way for a game) would be to add three simple levels: mild bleeding (no special attention needed), moderate bleeding (any other soldier could take care of it with some bandages, ---> evac) and severe bleeding (self explanatory).