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  1. yeah, simply took the vest of the SLA Sniper model and the lower part of the US sniper model. Took me about five minutes as I only edited the first lod at the moment. Edit: Another quickie. Don't think I'll ever be able to "finish" them. I'm struggeling already with simple edits of already existing models...
  2. Just hacked together from models I found online. I can't model a damn thing so this is propably as far as it will go...
  3. Peanut

    swiss face pack.

    do what Puma said, or get the updated version of the face pack which lets you choose the faces ingame.
  4. Peanut

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Wow GoOB. Those pics are awesome. I really, really like them
  5. Peanut

    Skaven's Mercenaries

    Those look very nice Skaven. May I suggest using subdued medic patches though. His fellows will still be able to identify him but he wont be a sniper bait anymore
  6. Peanut

    Warfare Designs

    Some new screenshots and news VXR added new LAND125 kneepads to the SASR Troopers. We are still playing around with the normal maps to make it look better. The vest will also be edited. <a href="http://members.home.nl/martijn.wagtmans/SASR-003.jpg" target="_blank"> </a> <a href="http://members.home.nl/martijn.wagtmans/SASR-004.jpg" target="_blank"> </a> <a href="http://members.home.nl/martijn.wagtmans/SASR-005.jpg" target="_blank"> </a> The Australian Infantry will also get a new vest and a higher resolution AUSCAM texture. <span style='color:red'>We are looking for a experienced mission designer able to create realistic missions, briefings, simple scripts and cutscenes. The mission designer is given the BETA versions of our addons for creating demomissions and missionpacks (MP Co-op etc.) If interested, PM me or VXR. You will be asked to send a mission to check out.</span>
  7. Peanut

    FDF sound pack v1.0

    I had that bug as well, it was caused by another addon somehow conflicting with this one. It was one of my own so I can't tell you which addon you need to get rid off (Although my addon has everything tagged and was done before this came out, it still somehow conflicted with the FDF pack). Just use the "old" method of moving all the addons out and then moving them back in one by one. Start up the game after each addon to see if the sound pack is working correctly.
  8. Peanut

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Lee_H._Oswald What machine do you have to get 299 fps? I usually have around twenty when I play Nice screens everyone.
  9. Peanut

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    It doesn't matter that it is a PNG, but it does matter that that pic is 1528.19 KB big.....
  10. Peanut

    EBUD's SF Reskins

    I did have a problem with one of my own addons somehow conflicting with others. I have no idea how and why that was since it was just a new sound for the barrett and a slightly altered config. But I tagged almost everything there was to tag. I found out which addon was causing the error by inserting them one by one and starting up the game to see if something is wrong. So what you should try is to start ArmA with just EBUDs units and the entry tools in your mod folder. If they work then, put your other addons in one by one and see if the units still work. I know you say you have the same addons as your buddy and the units work for him, but I suggest you try it non the less.
  11. Peanut

    International Sahrani Force

    ..huh? ISAF = International Security Assistance Force ---------------------------------------- I suggest IAFS = International Assistance Force Sahrani
  12. Peanut

    Mapfact releases MAP_Misc

    Using 1.02 also breaks the game, I'm getting the same errors as by deleting it. Putting it into a modfolder has the same effects. I'd like to get rid of it but it seems I would have to reinstall the whole game. I guess I just keep it because everything runs ok when the Map_Misc 1.01 is in the addon folder.
  13. Peanut

    Mapfact releases MAP_Misc

    I have an even weirder problem. When I read that the Map_misc stopped working I deleted it from my addons-folder and started the game. I got all sorts of errors when a unit was loaded and I couldn't play ArmA. With the Map_Misc.pbo everything seems to be working normal. - I have the Map_Misc 1.01 installed in the Addons-Folder - I have the German version and updated it from V 1.02 to 1.05 - Screens http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/395/error1uq3.jpg http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/5173/error2bv1.jpg http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/851/error3vb3.jpg
  14. Peanut

    Harrier from 1.05

    WinAmp also plays it just fine. Btw. Nice videos. Makes me feel good, although I am more of an infantry kinda guy.
  15. Peanut


    then look at your controls what you assigned as a button to switch firemodes. Default would be "f" but it seems you reassinged that one.